Rocky Point Scrapbook

I've never even really been to Rocky Point. I was four when it closed, but recently one of my friends from Warwick drove me to the place where it used to be. There is this presence about the land...a history; a legacy. Stories from this place will be passed down for generations and that is something that should be preserved. Although I have never had the personal opportunity to experience Rocky Point, I wish that I had. Because as a Rhode Islander, I feel that it is a part of my personal history.

Alice Dumas, Johnston, RI

I worked hard over the years to secure $2.25-million in federal funding that together with state and local funds made possible the acquisition of 41 acres at Rocky Point. We must continue doing everything we can to preserve this open space and ensure that future generations of Rhode Islanders have public access to the land, shore, and scenic views of Rocky Point.

U.S. Senator Jack Reed

Just to be able to take a stroll down Rocky Point Beach again would bring back so many memories. Will they open it up for the public for a few hours again and if they do, when will they do it? If this is public property , why can't the public go through the gates?? [editor: because the access road is on the property controlled by the court receiver, the property we hope to acquire.]

Mandy Floodman, Cranston, RI

If you really want to know how I feel about rocky point, go to and check out the MY ROCKY POINT video, it was my senior thesis. RISD 2003 FAV. FYI, it came out before the other RP docu. :)

Dani Pontus, Houston, TX

I am longing to walk my dog in the park that I hope will be accessible in the near future. We have been denied access for far too long to the beautiful shore line. I worked at the Windjammer and the Palladium for 5 years in the late 70's and early 80's when the park was bustling and I always took a moment on the way into work to look at the water. I miss that view. I will send a financial contribution in the next few weeks. Gook Luck on your quest.

Karen Pigeon, Warwick, RI

Please save this wonderful place.

Tim Boulay, Sebring, FL

Went to Rocky Point all my life.

Noreen Clancy, Foster, RI

I grew up going to Rocky Point every year as a child and have amazing memories even as an adult! I would love if my children could have the same opportunity to make their memories at Rocky Point!!

Sherry Smith, North Kingston, RI

Rocky Point offers access to the Bay, links to our past, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore and open one of the most beautiful and dramatic stretches of Rhode Island's coastline for the enjoyment of future generations. Save The Bay will work side by side with the Rocky Point Foundation and others in their efforts.

Jonathan Stone, Executive Director, Save the Bay

I think this land is a gem in Warwick and we need it for an escape as the airport keeps gettingbigger and eating up our homes. This area would be great for fishing, relaxing, community gatherings. We could re-open the Shore Dinner Hall and bring much needed jobs and revenue to Warwick again as RIAC eats up our tax base, this would help! There is not a RI'er who does not have fond memories of going to Rocky Point for fun, concerts, family days, chowder and clam cakes. This needs to be preserved by State or City and should not allowed to go to some greedy developer! Preserve Preserve Preserve!

Bette Spinale, Warwick, RI