Rocky Point Scrapbook

Save the property for public use!

John Bigonette, Lincoln, RI

Please save this wonderful place.

Tim Boulay, Sebring, FL

Save the park!

Melissa Kisinitz, Cranston, RI

Rocky Point is a special place on this State's landscape and in the memories of many Rhode Islanders. I look forward to a continued partnership with Warwick Mayor Avedisian, the city council, federal delegation and other partners in an effort to preserve this land for use and enjoyment by all.

W. Michael Sullivan, former Director, RI Department of Environmental Management

I remember going to Rocky Point as a kid when I lived in Rhode Island. It holds lot of fond memories for me.

Andreia Mourato, Douglas, WY

Rocky Point is a treasure and should be preserved as a beautiful and natural sanctuary to be enjoyed by people who appreciate it.

Alan and Jacquelyn Marshall, Warwick, RI

Rocky Point offers access to the Bay, links to our past, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore and open one of the most beautiful and dramatic stretches of Rhode Island's coastline for the enjoyment of future generations. Save The Bay will work side by side with the Rocky Point Foundation and others in their efforts.

Jonathan Stone, Executive Director, Save the Bay

So many memories so sad to see it gone =( I loved you Rocky Point!

Tracy Weisensee, North Kingstown, RI

I just want to say that I support Rocky Point Foundation. I want to be able to experience memories of what was the best Amusement Park in RI. I know we can do it!

Gislen Frias, Providence, RI

My first recollection of Rocky Point was back in the '50's.' My Mother use to tell me about having wonderful picnics down on the Rhode Island Shore with my Grand Mother and Grand Father. We were from Boston (Hyde Park). Back in the 1920's it was a five hour ride by car to Rocky Point. My Mother had one sibling (Aunt Dot) who also loved going down to the Rhode Island Shore on a hot summer day. She would tell me that they left in the dark and came home in the dark. Yes, it was a long day, but both my mother and her sister waited with anticipation for a fun day filled with food, drink, swimming, amusements and fresh salt air. During the 1960's (65-68) I was stioned at Quonset Point Naval Air Station. I married a women from Warwick, lived in Warwick, and had two son's. My boys both worked at Rocky Point during the '80's' on their summer vacation. This was a great learning experience for the kids and I was sadened when the Park closed. When my Grandmother was not feeling well and fading in 1968 My Mother and my Aunt Dot asked her if there was any place she would like to visit. Yes! She replied 'Rocky Point!'

Daniel Campagna, Charlestown, RI