Rocky Point Scrapbook

I would need a full page to describe my days at Rocky Point. My parents would take out the boat and go to the park, have chowda and clam cakes. We would go the Midway for rides, Tango (my mother’s favorite) and stay late for special entertainment or fireworks. You just could not beat Rocky Point for family fun. We need this area if not for the rides, but for the heritage my parents gave to us kids when we were young. Also my husband and I would go for cakes and sit by the water and later would fish from the rocks. What a day and a tradition was created. Our conversation would always be about what we did, the rides we went on and the fun at the Windjammer for local bands. Please help us to give this tradition to our children to pass on the stories and fun at Rocky Point. I am in favor of bringing back the waterfront again to the people of RI.

Linda Cesario, Chepachet, RI

So many memories so sad to see it gone =( I loved you Rocky Point!

Tracy Weisensee, North Kingstown, RI

I moved to RI in the fall of 2002 to be with my future husband. I have heard so many stories from him and other about Rocky Point. Now that I live on Warwick Neck, I really hope the people's wishes will be met and this area becomes a public park. I think it will be a wonderful addition to the city of Warwick AND the state of Rhode Island.

Robynne Cote, Warwick, RI

Too much of our beautiful Rhode Island coastline has been lost to the bulldozer, and to private concerns. Once lost, it will be gone forever......Rocky Point, with all of it's natural beauty and rarity, needs and deserves to be preserved for all to enjoy, now and for generations to come. The exchange of stories and memories of Rocky Point Park will fade in time, but if preserved it will be coveted for it's natural beauty and uniqueness, with new and different memories to share.

Kathleen T. Pavlakis, Prudence Island,, RI

Like everybody else who grew up around there, Rocky Point means alot to my family. My Dad's fist job was waiting tables in the Shore Dinner Hall before WWII. And my folks and my Grandma who lived in Apponaug took us kids there just about every summer. It was magic.Its still a magic place to take in the amazing view of the bay. Hope it remains a public space forever. Thanks to all who have worked to make that happen!

Bill Poutray, Milford, CT

Growing up, in our family Spring began on Easter with our annual family trip to Rocky Point. We didn't miss a year for as long as I can remember.

Donna Marold, Warwick, RI

I am a native RIslander and remember many, many fun times at this landmark. If and when it ever is open again, you can be sure that I will go when I come up to RI to visit.

Kathleen Pierson, Venice, FL

I just want to say that I support Rocky Point Foundation. I want to be able to experience memories of what was the best Amusement Park in RI. I know we can do it!

Gislen Frias, Providence, RI

I worked there for about 5 years in the food department managing some of the food stands. This place has great memories.

Dan Vallier, Cranston, RI

The beauty of our State is why many of us choose to live here. Such a beautiful spot is meant to be preserved for all to enjoy!

Maria and Cliff Bergman, Warwick, RI