Rocky Point Scrapbook

A very good friend of mine made me aware of your organization. Thank you for all of your efforts on this very worthy project. YES to Rocky Point!

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Warwick, RI

I grew up going to this park and would love to bring my kids to this shoreline for them to develop their own memories of Rocky Point!

Allison Pike, Norwood, MA

I first came to RI in 1967 when I was in the Seabees at Quonset. I remember going to Rocky Point when I was dating my wife. We went on a few of the rides and had diner at the Shore Dining Hall.

Charles Van Patten, Warwick, RI

Back in the early 1970s, my Uncle Ted used to take my cousin David and me to Rocky Point almost every weekend. I was 8 years old then and it was by far the greatest thing in the world. I liked the park so much, I bought one of the Sky Liner ride chairs on Ebay and made a swing out of it in my backyard.

Paul Sitko, Blackstone, MA

I grew up in RI and although I was very young I can remember bits and pieces of visiting Rocky Point. I think it is an absolute shame that it was driven into the ground and nothing was done to save it. I think something should be done to bring it back. There is so much history there that needs to be restored.

Alexis Hartness, Augusta, KS

My memories of Rocky Point started as a young child going in the late afternoon for clam cakes and chowder. Then started working there when I was sixteen in the Windjammer, Palladium, Shore Dinner Hall, and the amusement park. I remember the men working hard over the chowder vats to keep it coming for everyone in the cafeteria. Then having to carry the heavy chowder in the silver buckets with a bowl on top holding the clam cakes. Remembering all the good times with the wait staff at the end of a busy night at the Palladium – hanging out doing silverware and sharing stories, then leaving to find a spot for drinks and cards to wind down after a long day/night. I remember the entry sign the most – as it got old as time went on, but still held it’s charm. This is a special landmark that the Foundation can hopefully save and use to regenerate the old special times - make it a RI theme setting – it is a beautiful spot to keep us all from missing – create all that makes RI special – park, small shops with our special items here in RI to help keep funds raised, small food areas, somewhere to go, sit, eat and relax and for a lot of us – go back in time.

Donna DeFusco, Jamestown, RI

I grew up in Warwick Neck and have very fond memories of Rocky point. I think it is important to preserve the land there for public use.

Lauren Pendergast, Warwick, RI

Bring back our childhood memories so we can share them with our children.

Brandon Sherlock, North Kingstown, RI

My first trip to Rocky Point as a child was in 1961 with my family. Twenty years later I brought my own children. Sometimes we'd just sit on the shore and share a bag or 2 of the famous "Rocky Point Clam Cakes" and have some very interesting conversations. It's amazing what children will talk about when in a relaxed setting like that! My prayers..let this peaceful place continue so I can share it with my grandchildren!

Muriel Glose, Pacoag, RI