Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have many fond memories of Rocky Point beginning as a little girl in the 60s when my Aunts too me there - they lived in Warwick and I was from North Attleboro then. With my teenage friends we spent some great summer evenings there in the 70s. After I was married we took our own niece in the 80s. I remember the Shore Dinner Hall fondly...My Mom's side of the family is from the area and she dearly loved the shores of Rhode Island. She would be happy to know of your efforts, as am I.

Katherine Davies, Galway, Ireland

I am a former rhode islander, who grew up in hoxie. as a child, we had many happy memories of swimming in the frog pond. when the city of warwick allowed the hoxie cleaners to dump its' waste water into that pond it wasn't long after before it was no longer usable for swimming, fishing etc. what a terrible thing that was for us. I hope that problem is being resolved so th children in that part of warwick will be able to swim there again. I took my skills as a teacher to northern, n.y. where my children could enjoy clean lakes. my memories of rocky point are many and pleasant. my children were able to stuff themselves with chowder and clamcakes. we actually had a chowder fest and clamcake pigout here in northern, vt last weekend. in the 1940's and 1950's warwick was a wonderfull a place to grow in. Is it now?

John Durant, Richmond, VT

I grew up in Warwick Neck and have many fond memories of Rocky Point. I spent one summer working at Rocky Point as well as many summers enjoying the rides, pool, and clamcakes. I fully support public access to and use of the entire Rocky Point property.

Kerri Cardoza, Gainesville, VA

Rocky Point offers access to the Bay, links to our past, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore and open one of the most beautiful and dramatic stretches of Rhode Island's coastline for the enjoyment of future generations. Save The Bay will work side by side with the Rocky Point Foundation and others in their efforts.

Jonathan Stone, Executive Director, Save the Bay

We can all save this beautiful piece of property from commercial development.

James Mathews, Warwick, RI

I worked there for about 5 years in the food department managing some of the food stands. This place has great memories.

Dan Vallier, Cranston, RI

Rocky Point was my 1st job! I worked there for 2 summers 1994 & 1995! I have a lot of great memories from there!!

Heather Scotti, Yorkville, IL

I have so many memories growing up in Providence, RI of Rocky Point. It would be nice to see it come back.

Joshua Lufkin, Williamston, SC

I remember going to Rocky Point as a kid when I lived in Rhode Island. It holds lot of fond memories for me.

Andreia Mourato, Douglas, WY

I remember going to Rocky Point in the summer when I was a kid! I was so disappointed when the park closed! Since that time I've always hoped that SOMEDAY the Rocky Point I loved would come back. Unfortunately, I now realize that was a exactly what I thought, a dream! I would love to see something good happen with the property for the City of Warwick Residents so we can still enjoy the wonderful Rocky Point which we all love!

Rachel Leighty, Warwick, RI