Rocky Point Scrapbook

My mom used to take me there every summer when I was younger and then when I was 15 I started going with my friends until 1986 when i got pregnant with my daughter. I always loved it!!! I especially loved the musik express, it was my all time favorite ride and still is when I can find one!!! The only one that I know of nowadays is in NH @ Canobe Lake park. Who knows maybe it's the one that was at Rocky Point.

Lisa Smith, Woonsocket, RI


Mike Pigeon, Warwick, RI

I have many fond memories of Rocky Point beginning as a little girl in the 60s when my Aunts too me there - they lived in Warwick and I was from North Attleboro then. With my teenage friends we spent some great summer evenings there in the 70s. After I was married we took our own niece in the 80s. I remember the Shore Dinner Hall fondly...My Mom's side of the family is from the area and she dearly loved the shores of Rhode Island. She would be happy to know of your efforts, as am I.

Katherine Davies, Galway, Ireland

 I lived in warwick as a child and remember the fun at Rocky Point and the great fishing off the rocks.

Walter Cesario, Chepachet, RI

Good parties on the weekend, that was 1988.

Shawn Snowden, Carbondale, CO

In 1936 when I was 12 years old Mrs. Ellis (who was the manager of the swimming pool and also a friend of my mother) let me clean the lockers at the swimming pool. That is were I learned to swim and dive. I would go to the top of the bleachers and watch the parade of busses bringing in the scores of people for there outings. Great times. 
What happened to the Lions that were at the top of the dock?

Edward Babine, Warwick, RI

Spent many wonderful days at Rocky Point. Chowder House, Pool, Rides and even the Dock. 1974 Proposed to Norma-Jean Gauthier now Annis in a 1965 Ford Station Wagon. We have outlasted Rocky Point, Yes the Station Wagon too. It would be so great to see this land stay public.

James Annis, Bristol, RI

Thank you to all of you that are working so hard to open this land for all of us.

Theresa Lucier, Warwick, RI

I just wanted to add my support. I was at the outing Sunday with another grass roots organization that shares in the same vision: Rocky Point belongs to 'We The People.' I also want to echo the group I was with yesterday, Sunday, that RP needs to re-open as a theme park, with all of it's fanfare and history. Not to mention -- a much needed economic boost to this state and increased tourism. I would like to be in contact so please keep me in mind. Thanks, Matt

Matt Connor, Pawtucket, RI

It would be a shame to have so many years of fond memories of this wonderful park turned into condos. Rocky Point has always been about the common person. Please lets keep it that way!

Matthew J. Ziegler, Riverside, RI