Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have lived in this area for most of my life, and that amusement park was the greatest thing me and my family and friends had. To build another park would be ideal, preserving the area is great as well, but to cover the land with houses or other commercial industry ... i am totally against it.

Whitney Orozco, Warwick, RI

I remember the park well. As a kid I couldn’t wait to go. Now, if some of this area can be kept public (espcially the view to the ocean) then I am all for it.

Mark Calcione, Johnston, RI

Rocky Point is truly the jewel in the center of Narragansett Bay.

Mark McHugh, Warwick, RI

Remember many fun times at Rocky Point as a child and as a young adult. I grew up in Hopkinton, MA...we used to take school field trips there. As an adult we used to pull our boat up to the dock and get chowder & clamcakes. Fun times!!!

Lori Tepere, Woonsocket, RI

Lets all support Rocky Point so that our children may enjoy what is left and what it could be made into.

Kim, Warwick, RI

I have fond memories of my friends and I riding our bikes to the Warwick Neck General Store. Buying a snack or two then riding to Rocky Point, sitting on the rocks and eating our snacks. Let's make this land public again, so that one day my children can do the same.

Sean Sullivan, Warwick, RI

In my teen years...I spent a lot of time at Rocky Point. We loved the place....I will send a donation as soon as possible. I will be visiting my sister soon in RI and would like to visit Rocky Point while I'm there.

William Chaisson, Dauphin, PA

Went to Rocky Point all my life.

Noreen Clancy, Foster, RI

That park should belong to the Rhode Islanders to enjoy.

Rosetta Desrosier, Warwick, RI

This is a great cause. We need to make Rocky Point a public place.

Mark Putnam, Warwick, RI