Rocky Point Scrapbook

If you really want to know how I feel about rocky point, go to and check out the MY ROCKY POINT video, it was my senior thesis. RISD 2003 FAV. FYI, it came out before the other RP docu. :)

Dani Pontus, Houston, TX

Rocky Point is a place that should be preserved and open to public use once again. Too much of the coastline has been privatized and a place like Rocky Point has many more memories to create.

Brian Gendreau, Lincoln, RI

What great news!!! I wish you GREAT success!!! If you need volunteers, I would be happy to lend some time.

Carol Mann, Warwick, RI

My views on Rocky Point? lol I grew up there. the thrill of all the light going and a place where teens could go and have fun. the park was yes in debt however me and I am sure tons of other people wondered why not leave the park running and have it state run? it would definately give revenue to the state and once again give people a place to go and have fun. Keeping teens out of trouble and families to spend time together. I hate driving so far to Six Flags and really do not understand with all the problems with the land why it cannot just be a state owned and run amusement park?

Deb, West Warwick, RI

As a child, I rode my first roller coaster at Rocky Point with my father. My family went to enjoy the festivities at Rocky Point every summer. Making good, public use of the land would be wonderful. There are beautiful views and fond memories going to waste!

Amy Crossley, Hope Valley, RI

I just wanted to add my support. I was at the outing Sunday with another grass roots organization that shares in the same vision: Rocky Point belongs to 'We The People.' I also want to echo the group I was with yesterday, Sunday, that RP needs to re-open as a theme park, with all of it's fanfare and history. Not to mention -- a much needed economic boost to this state and increased tourism. I would like to be in contact so please keep me in mind. Thanks, Matt

Matt Connor, Pawtucket, RI

Rocky Point was my first real job. I was the kid who ran the can smash game. So many awesome memories :)

Jonathan Stark, Providence, RI

Thanks for all your efforts to do something wonderful for the residents of the city of Warwick for now and for generations to come.... Good luck!

Rhoda-Ann Northrup, Naples, FL

I think everyone that lives in Warwick worked at Rocky Point at one time or another and I was no exception. It was a fun job and the people I worked with were great.

Noreen Baxter, Warwick, RI