Rocky Point Scrapbook

Save the park!

Melissa Kisinitz, Cranston, RI

Remember many fun times at Rocky Point as a child and as a young adult. I grew up in Hopkinton, MA...we used to take school field trips there. As an adult we used to pull our boat up to the dock and get chowder & clamcakes. Fun times!!!

Lori Tepere, Woonsocket, RI

 I helped sign up Friends of Rocky Point at the Flower Show.

Greta S., Warwick, RI

I <3 Rocky Point.

Charlene Moniz, Wood River Junction RI

I strongly support public access to Rocky Point, a RI landmark.

Karlo Berger, Providence, RI

Growing up in Providence in the 50's, I have fond memories of Rocky Point. My parents would take us for Chowder and Clam Cakes at the Shore Dinner Hall and we would love going on the rides. When my husband and I were dating it was one of our favorite places to go just to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. After we were married, we moved to Warwick ( a couple of miles from the park) where our children grew up spending a lot of time at Rocky Point going on the rides or swiming in the pool. One of our daughters got her first job selling clam cakes and chowder at the walk up window and my husband and son spent many days fishing off the dock. I support an open and accessible Rocky Point. Good Luck!

Dolores Plante, Cape Cod, MA:

I support the preservation of rocky point as open space accessible to the public.

Sharon Picard, Warwick, RI

 I enjoyed every time I went to Rocky Point as a kid and a teen. It was sad to see it close. As a parent, I wish I could take my kids there and build memories for them like I had the opportunity to make. Bring back Rocky Point!!

Deb Stephenson, Warwick, RI

I used to bring my kids when they were little to Rocky Point. They loved the rides (and so did I) but I loved walking to a large rock to appreciate the ocean. Let's save this beautiful area for all.

Stephen Zuehlke, Portsmouth, RI

I used to work at Rocky Point!

Brenda Browe, Midland, MI