Rocky Point Scrapbook

I would like to thank the folks who have put their efforts into this project. I truly believe this will greatly affect the future generations of the state.

Walter, Warwick, RI

I'm glad to be a Friend of Rocky Point. It's a beautiful place that should be available to everyone. I have memories of fun visits to the Park when I was a kid growing up in Warwick. I also remember many hours waitressing at the Shore Dinner Hall. Thank you for organizing this effort to save Rocky Point.

Jennifer Martin, Baltimore, MD

I grew up in RI and although I was very young I can remember bits and pieces of visiting Rocky Point. I think it is an absolute shame that it was driven into the ground and nothing was done to save it. I think something should be done to bring it back. There is so much history there that needs to be restored.

Alexis Hartness, Augusta, KS

Just to be able to take a stroll down Rocky Point Beach again would bring back so many memories. Will they open it up for the public for a few hours again and if they do, when will they do it? If this is public property , why can't the public go through the gates?? [editor: because the access road is on the property controlled by the court receiver, the property we hope to acquire.]

Mandy Floodman, Cranston, RI

Bring it back !!!!!!!

Joshua DeAngelis, Providence, RI

The state complains that all the money drives though Rhode Island to Conn and Mass. Well if we had Rocky Point here they stop and spend money even in the hard times we have. Now is when we could use it the most.

Roger Gosselin, Warwick, RI

My first recollection of Rocky Point was back in the '50's.' My Mother use to tell me about having wonderful picnics down on the Rhode Island Shore with my Grand Mother and Grand Father. We were from Boston (Hyde Park). Back in the 1920's it was a five hour ride by car to Rocky Point. My Mother had one sibling (Aunt Dot) who also loved going down to the Rhode Island Shore on a hot summer day. She would tell me that they left in the dark and came home in the dark. Yes, it was a long day, but both my mother and her sister waited with anticipation for a fun day filled with food, drink, swimming, amusements and fresh salt air. During the 1960's (65-68) I was stioned at Quonset Point Naval Air Station. I married a women from Warwick, lived in Warwick, and had two son's. My boys both worked at Rocky Point during the '80's' on their summer vacation. This was a great learning experience for the kids and I was sadened when the Park closed. When my Grandmother was not feeling well and fading in 1968 My Mother and my Aunt Dot asked her if there was any place she would like to visit. Yes! She replied 'Rocky Point!'

Daniel Campagna, Charlestown, RI

Spent many wonderful days at Rocky Point. Chowder House, Pool, Rides and even the Dock. 1974 Proposed to Norma-Jean Gauthier now Annis in a 1965 Ford Station Wagon. We have outlasted Rocky Point, Yes the Station Wagon too. It would be so great to see this land stay public.

James Annis, Bristol, RI

If you really want to know how I feel about rocky point, go to and check out the MY ROCKY POINT video, it was my senior thesis. RISD 2003 FAV. FYI, it came out before the other RP docu. :)

Dani Pontus, Houston, TX