Rocky Point Scrapbook

I remember going to Rocky Point as a child and eating clam cakes and chowder at the dinner hall. I remember going there with my friends and riding the corkscrew. I want to be able to take my kids thru there so they can see what a great location it was.

Kevin Fera, Warwick, RI

I was part of the August 2009 tour of the park and it hit me really hard. Please give what you can and save Rocky Point. It belongs to the people of Rhode Island and not to sit there and be wasted. Thank you.

Joe Richard, Attleboro, MA


William Milazzo, Providence, RI

I think this land is a gem in Warwick and we need it for an escape as the airport keeps gettingbigger and eating up our homes. This area would be great for fishing, relaxing, community gatherings. We could re-open the Shore Dinner Hall and bring much needed jobs and revenue to Warwick again as RIAC eats up our tax base, this would help! There is not a RI'er who does not have fond memories of going to Rocky Point for fun, concerts, family days, chowder and clam cakes. This needs to be preserved by State or City and should not allowed to go to some greedy developer! Preserve Preserve Preserve!

Bette Spinale, Warwick, RI

My memories of the wonderful fun I had at Rocky Point will never fade, but it would be really wonderful if we can keep developers from building on it. A park on that stretch of shore would be absolutely AWESOME for people to go and think of what the midway once looked like and to share with others! God, I miss Rocky Point Park!!

Nikki Vanasse, Blackstone, MA

I have many fond memories of the place growing up, and was terribly sad to see it go. I hope the shoreline access can be saved for generations to come, and that it can become the property of the people of the State of Rhode Island, like it should be. While we have the Washington County Fair, which I think is wonderful, Rhode Island no longer has any State Fair since Rocky Hill closed. At the time, unfortunately, this idea did not take off at the old Rocky Point, but now that the land is cleared, this could happen again. Along the shoreline, it would showcase the beauty of the Ocean State. This land is too valuable to be developed into condos for the wealthy. It should go to the people who enjoyed and loved it for over 100 years! Whatever should happen, I think the line from this song is the most fitting tribute we can give to the park: 'Thanks for the memories!'

Dennis Benn, Lexington, KY

This was the place of my first roller coaster, my first meal of chowder & clam cakes, my first true love and my first job. I would love to save whatever we can.

Dawn Oxnard, Bristol, CT

I grew up in Warwick Neck and have many fond memories of Rocky Point. I spent one summer working at Rocky Point as well as many summers enjoying the rides, pool, and clamcakes. I fully support public access to and use of the entire Rocky Point property.

Kerri Cardoza, Gainesville, VA

I can remember going to Rocky Point when i was little. My parents would bring my brother and me to the park during the summers. I used to love looking out at the water, riding the Corkscrew and eating at the Dinner Hall. I would love to be able to go in and walk around the old park and look at the water again. It's a big part of the area's history and is important to a lot of people. To put condos or anything else on it would be a shame and a waste. This land should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. The stories that get passed down from generation to generation would be even better if they were told on the actual grounds where they happened. I really hope that in the future i will be able to walk there with my children and tell them about what it used to be like.

Cassie Lussier, Cumberland, RI

Alway's enjoyed Rocky Point as a Kid! Will alway's remember Rocky Point as being the place for us to be taken for field trips & outings!

Matthew Beausoliel, Woonsocket, RI