Rocky Point Scrapbook

I would need a full page to describe my days at Rocky Point. My parents would take out the boat and go to the park, have chowda and clam cakes. We would go the Midway for rides, Tango (my mother’s favorite) and stay late for special entertainment or fireworks. You just could not beat Rocky Point for family fun. We need this area if not for the rides, but for the heritage my parents gave to us kids when we were young. Also my husband and I would go for cakes and sit by the water and later would fish from the rocks. What a day and a tradition was created. Our conversation would always be about what we did, the rides we went on and the fun at the Windjammer for local bands. Please help us to give this tradition to our children to pass on the stories and fun at Rocky Point. I am in favor of bringing back the waterfront again to the people of RI.

Linda Cesario, Chepachet, RI

I remember going to Rocky Point as a kid when I lived in Rhode Island. It holds lot of fond memories for me.

Andreia Mourato, Douglas, WY

I can remember going to Rocky Point when i was little. My parents would bring my brother and me to the park during the summers. I used to love looking out at the water, riding the Corkscrew and eating at the Dinner Hall. I would love to be able to go in and walk around the old park and look at the water again. It's a big part of the area's history and is important to a lot of people. To put condos or anything else on it would be a shame and a waste. This land should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. The stories that get passed down from generation to generation would be even better if they were told on the actual grounds where they happened. I really hope that in the future i will be able to walk there with my children and tell them about what it used to be like.

Cassie Lussier, Cumberland, RI

Rocky Point is a place that should be preserved and open to public use once again. Too much of the coastline has been privatized and a place like Rocky Point has many more memories to create.

Brian Gendreau, Lincoln, RI

I worked there for about 5 years in the food department managing some of the food stands. This place has great memories.

Dan Vallier, Cranston, RI

The high point of my children’s visits to their grandparents in RI was a trip to Rocky Point. Now I hope my grandchildren will at least be able walk there and climb the rocks.

Elizabeth Behrens, Courtenay, B.C. Canada

Save the point for our children to enjoy as we did, and save the local business in that area.

Karen, Cranston, RI

my family=aunt angie/uncle frank owned the rockets and whip =uncle henry the tumble bug=aunt annie/uncle manny the catapiller and kiddie land=dad joe caruso =was second in command of maint=his= dads last request was to have his ash,s spread there so we did/also uncle pete was the sign paint cousins connie richard(rocker dick caruso) patsey,bobby,jimmy &peter all worked as well as my sisters judith & ann the park at one time or another ==aunt mary book the show,s==the caruso family had deep roots in rocky point=shame what has happened to it joseph f joey caruso/sorry for any miss spell /and poor well === 

Joseph F. Caruso

I have lived in this area for most of my life, and that amusement park was the greatest thing me and my family and friends had. To build another park would be ideal, preserving the area is great as well, but to cover the land with houses or other commercial industry ... i am totally against it.

Whitney Orozco, Warwick, RI