Rocky Point Scrapbook

We can all save this beautiful piece of property from commercial development.

James Mathews, Warwick, RI

Beautiful spot that should be open to all. Spent a great deal of time there when I was young. Very sad to see it in the shape it is in today. So glad to see John Howell and friends stepping up to the plate to preserve this as open space for the future.

Elizabeth Iovino, Warwick, RI

I grew up going to Rocky Point every year as a child and have amazing memories even as an adult! I would love if my children could have the same opportunity to make their memories at Rocky Point!!

Sherry Smith, North Kingston, RI

I miss RP more then words can say. If I had the money I would buy it all and reopen the park as it was years ago.

James Bannister, Pittsfield, MA

I remember as though it were yesterday taking my daughter, now almost 40, and her best friend to Rocky Point those many years ago. They rode The Flume over and over again and loved that I stood at the bottom and got soaked as they ended their ride! A wonderful time was had by all. Don't let this incredible piece of Warwick get away from us.

Beth Googins, Warwick, RI

I met my fiancee there when we both worked at the park.

Eric Fusco, Warwick, RI

Thanks for all your efforts to do something wonderful for the residents of the city of Warwick for now and for generations to come.... Good luck!

Rhoda-Ann Northrup, Naples, FL

We walked thru Rocky point when it was recently reopened to the public what a waste of a beautiful area...we all miss rocky point!

Michelle Camara, Cranston, RI

My views on Rocky Point? lol I grew up there. the thrill of all the light going and a place where teens could go and have fun. the park was yes in debt however me and I am sure tons of other people wondered why not leave the park running and have it state run? it would definately give revenue to the state and once again give people a place to go and have fun. Keeping teens out of trouble and families to spend time together. I hate driving so far to Six Flags and really do not understand with all the problems with the land why it cannot just be a state owned and run amusement park?

Deb, West Warwick, RI