Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have many, many fond memories of Rocky Point, as I was born and raised in Warwick. D.A.R.E dances at the Shore Dinner Hall, birthdays at the park, you name it. Every summer my family and I would go to the park at least once. I miss those days. I fully support your cause and hope that someday we can get Rocky Point back for my children to enjoy, as I so did.

Nicolette Nicolaides, Cranston, RI

Some of my most cherished memories from when I was a child & teen are from Rocky Point. ALL the people of Rhode Island, every generation, should have access to this beautiful site.

Kerrie Waters, Providence, RI

The beauty of our State is why many of us choose to live here. Such a beautiful spot is meant to be preserved for all to enjoy!

Maria and Cliff Bergman, Warwick, RI

My grandfather went there as early as 1895. I would like to see it preserved as open space with a large shore dinner hall like my parents and I enjoyed the dinners there and the view.

Albert Melikian Jr., Cranston, RI

I have many fond memories of the place growing up, and was terribly sad to see it go. I hope the shoreline access can be saved for generations to come, and that it can become the property of the people of the State of Rhode Island, like it should be. While we have the Washington County Fair, which I think is wonderful, Rhode Island no longer has any State Fair since Rocky Hill closed. At the time, unfortunately, this idea did not take off at the old Rocky Point, but now that the land is cleared, this could happen again. Along the shoreline, it would showcase the beauty of the Ocean State. This land is too valuable to be developed into condos for the wealthy. It should go to the people who enjoyed and loved it for over 100 years! Whatever should happen, I think the line from this song is the most fitting tribute we can give to the park: 'Thanks for the memories!'

Dennis Benn, Lexington, KY

I had a friend who liked to eat.  We would get a car load of friends together and go to the Shore Dinner Hall for chowder and clam cakes (the chowder was red, but it was still good.  The clam cakes were the best).  Anyways, as you may recall it was a first come first serve procedure.  You would enter and seat yourself at the first available seat in the row that would at that point be last to be served,  As time went on more people would come after you and the eaters who came in before you would soon be full and leave and the servers would get to you.  And the patrons would move through the hall like a wave at Point Judith.  My friend found great enjoyment in continuing to eat while the patron wave moved away from us.  We'd be sitting there five or six rows away from everyone else.  He would still be eating and the rest of us would be laughing uncontrollably.

Brian O'Donoghue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rocky Point is a treasure and should be preserved as a beautiful and natural sanctuary to be enjoyed by people who appreciate it.

Alan and Jacquelyn Marshall, Warwick, RI

I have so many memories growing up in Providence, RI of Rocky Point. It would be nice to see it come back.

Joshua Lufkin, Williamston, SC

In my teen years...I spent a lot of time at Rocky Point. We loved the place....I will send a donation as soon as possible. I will be visiting my sister soon in RI and would like to visit Rocky Point while I'm there.

William Chaisson, Dauphin, PA


Mike Pigeon, Warwick, RI