Rocky Point Scrapbook

Rocky Point is a major icon in RI history. It deserves to be a heritage site.

Arlene York, Warwick, RI

Thank you to all of you that are working so hard to open this land for all of us.

Theresa Lucier, Warwick, RI

A former Rhode Islander, I remember visiting Rocky Point Park as a teen. One vivid memory was when my grandfather took myself and my cousins to the amusement park and he and I were the only ones brave enough to ride ride the white loopdy-loop roller coaster! I will never forget that day!

Anne Biddle, Miami, FL

I grew up going to this park and would love to bring my kids to this shoreline for them to develop their own memories of Rocky Point!

Allison Pike, Norwood, MA

I grew up in the Rocky Point area and spent many wonderful days there. I also worked at the Shore Dinner Hall - great memories of the park and the salt water pool.

Jane Higginbotham Jones, Bow, NH

I can't think of a better way than to retain this land and protect it from development for future generations. This parcel is a state treasure -- tourism and the natural beauty of Rhode Island is something that people will never tire of, and will keep people visiting the state for years to come.

Aimee White Beazley, Basalt, CO

My mom used to take me there every summer when I was younger and then when I was 15 I started going with my friends until 1986 when i got pregnant with my daughter. I always loved it!!! I especially loved the musik express, it was my all time favorite ride and still is when I can find one!!! The only one that I know of nowadays is in NH @ Canobe Lake park. Who knows maybe it's the one that was at Rocky Point.

Lisa Smith, Woonsocket, RI

my family=aunt angie/uncle frank owned the rockets and whip =uncle henry the tumble bug=aunt annie/uncle manny the catapiller and kiddie land=dad joe caruso =was second in command of maint=his= dads last request was to have his ash,s spread there so we did/also uncle pete was the sign paint cousins connie richard(rocker dick caruso) patsey,bobby,jimmy &peter all worked as well as my sisters judith & ann the park at one time or another ==aunt mary book the show,s==the caruso family had deep roots in rocky point=shame what has happened to it joseph f joey caruso/sorry for any miss spell /and poor well === 

Joseph F. Caruso

Rocky Point was a huge part of my childhood. It makes me sad to know that my son won't be able to experience what I have.

Eric J. Komiega, Riverside, RI