Rocky Point Scrapbook

Spent many wonderful days at Rocky Point. Chowder House, Pool, Rides and even the Dock. 1974 Proposed to Norma-Jean Gauthier now Annis in a 1965 Ford Station Wagon. We have outlasted Rocky Point, Yes the Station Wagon too. It would be so great to see this land stay public.

James Annis, Bristol, RI

Rocky Point is the source of many great childhood memories with my mom and dad - sitting on the shore eating clamcakes on Sunday afternoon was always something I looked forward to. Many great times were had in the park itself!! Come on RI - let's get together and save this place, the children of today need a fun place to make their own memories locally.

Lisa D’Ambra, Warwick, RI

I remember as though it were yesterday taking my daughter, now almost 40, and her best friend to Rocky Point those many years ago. They rode The Flume over and over again and loved that I stood at the bottom and got soaked as they ended their ride! A wonderful time was had by all. Don't let this incredible piece of Warwick get away from us.

Beth Googins, Warwick, RI

This was a place that all ages could enjoy and there is now a huge void and very little left to do in R.I. From the time I was young going on the rides and eating at the chowder hall to attending indoor and outdoor concerts later in life in such a unique,beautiful location for an amusement park.If it wasn't destroyed by the shareholders unnecessary and costly decisions there would definitely still be a huge market for it with no competition in the area as well as more jobs in an area that's lost more jobs than most of the country. It would be nice to have a little walking park there though a big financial backer for a new amusement park would be my preference. Definitely no houses or condo's! Let's all hope it works out!

Scott Van Orden, Johnston, RI

I moved to RI when I was a teen from Germany. I remember going to Rocky Point many times with my friends and having a great time.

Beatrice Van Patten, Warwick, RI

Many fond memories of RP. I lived in Foster 1967-1974. Save the property form condos.... a weekly farmer's market, or a park would be nice.

Jane Jablonski Harper, Kissimmee, FL

My views on Rocky Point? lol I grew up there. the thrill of all the light going and a place where teens could go and have fun. the park was yes in debt however me and I am sure tons of other people wondered why not leave the park running and have it state run? it would definately give revenue to the state and once again give people a place to go and have fun. Keeping teens out of trouble and families to spend time together. I hate driving so far to Six Flags and really do not understand with all the problems with the land why it cannot just be a state owned and run amusement park?

Deb, West Warwick, RI

I have many fond memories of the park. My friends and I rode our bikes to the park at least once a week. spent most of our summer days at or around the park. It is a Rhode Island Icon, and a natural resource that should be preserved and shared with all.

Paul H. Earnshaw, Warwick, RI

I remember going to Rocky Point as a kid when I lived in Rhode Island. It holds lot of fond memories for me.

Andreia Mourato, Douglas, WY

I strongly support public access to Rocky Point, a RI landmark.

Karlo Berger, Providence, RI