Rocky Point Scrapbook

As a child, I rode my first roller coaster at Rocky Point with my father. My family went to enjoy the festivities at Rocky Point every summer. Making good, public use of the land would be wonderful. There are beautiful views and fond memories going to waste!

Amy Crossley, Hope Valley, RI

I was 13 when Rocky Point closed. My childhood is filled with warm memories of the park. If RP can be brought back, even in a minimized state, it would be such a service to all Rhode Islanders. There has been no form of true family entertainment in RI since the park closed. Please bring it back!

Sarah Borges, East Providence, RI

I grew up in Warwick Neck and have many fond memories of Rocky Point. I spent one summer working at Rocky Point as well as many summers enjoying the rides, pool, and clamcakes. I fully support public access to and use of the entire Rocky Point property.

Kerri Cardoza, Gainesville, VA

I grew up going to Rocky Point every year as a child and have amazing memories even as an adult! I would love if my children could have the same opportunity to make their memories at Rocky Point!!

Sherry Smith, North Kingston, RI

Rocky Point was the most amazing place I visited when I first came to RI in 1978....and it was (and still IS) the only place on earth I ever rode on a ferris wheel, a double ferris wheel, no less! I still remember the view, and being scared to death, and also how delicious the food was at the Shore Dinner Hall. The memories must be preserved, and even more important, the beautiful location needs to be protected and made available to Rhode Islanders forever. To all Rhode Islanders of means, I say simply this: there is no better investment you can make in RI than to donate funds for the purchase of ALL of Rocky Point! What a legacy to leave and be rememberd for! Please help!

Sharon Thiel, Warwick, RI

We just want the old rocky point back.... i want my kids to have such good childhood memories as i did... so please OPEN rocky point ...

Lynnann Rougier, Cranston, RI

The ONLY right thing to do with this property is public ownership. Anything else is unthinkable.

Melissa Robb, Warwick, RI

This place meant so much to me, and so many other rhode islanders. it was our home away from home. there isnt many places left that hold such wonderful memories like this land, and it should be preserved. personally i would love to see something similar to the rocky point amusement park, perhaps at a smaller scale even, to keep it maintainable financially. maybe a carousel, and a ferris wheel to start, throw in some go carts or something like that too. either way, this land should belong to us, the people of rhode island.

Brian Bishop, Woonsocket, RI

I grew up in Warwick and a staple of my childhood was Rocky Point Park! I can still remember the butterflies I would get in my stomach as we drove under the Rocky Point arch! As a teen I would meet up with or go with my friends to enjoy the fun or just see who else was there. As a young mother I was fortunate to enjoy the park with my son. I was never so sad as the day the park was closed and then subsequently demolished. If we can't bring the amusement park back I would at least love to be able to enjoy the grounds beautiful water views. I FULLY support public access to this property!

Christine Brooks, Narragansett, RI