Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have many, many fond memories of Rocky Point, as I was born and raised in Warwick. D.A.R.E dances at the Shore Dinner Hall, birthdays at the park, you name it. Every summer my family and I would go to the park at least once. I miss those days. I fully support your cause and hope that someday we can get Rocky Point back for my children to enjoy, as I so did.

Nicolette Nicolaides, Cranston, RI

The prospects for the continued preservation of the former Rocky Point Park land are exciting for me as a Warwick native as well as for the people of Rhode Island. I was happy to help obtain federal funding for this project through the years. For too long the Rocky Point property has been closed to the public but with the hard work of federal, state and city leaders this is beginning to change. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my colleagues and constituents on the work that remains. I am delighted that Rhode Islanders will be able to come to the park and enjoy the beautiful vistas of our most prized natural resource – Narragansett Bay.

Congressman James Langevin

We just want the old rocky point back.... i want my kids to have such good childhood memories as i did... so please OPEN rocky point ...

Lynnann Rougier, Cranston, RI

Rocky Point is the source of many great childhood memories with my mom and dad - sitting on the shore eating clamcakes on Sunday afternoon was always something I looked forward to. Many great times were had in the park itself!! Come on RI - let's get together and save this place, the children of today need a fun place to make their own memories locally.

Lisa D’Ambra, Warwick, RI

My family and I would go there every summer as kids. It was always a lot of fun. Now that I am a parent I wish it was still open so my son could have some summer fun at the park and having lasting memories.

Sandra Taylor, Johnston, RI

I have many fond memories of the park. My friends and I rode our bikes to the park at least once a week. spent most of our summer days at or around the park. It is a Rhode Island Icon, and a natural resource that should be preserved and shared with all.

Paul H. Earnshaw, Warwick, RI

My great uncles Paul and Alfred Castiglioni leased Rocky Point from the Harrington Family from 1919-1938 and ran it as the Rocky Point Amusement Company. They were unable to resume operation after the hurricane. It would be my pleasure to see it again open to the public for all to enjoy.

Felicia Castiglioni Gardella, Warwick, RI

This was the place of my first roller coaster, my first meal of chowder & clam cakes, my first true love and my first job. I would love to save whatever we can.

Dawn Oxnard, Bristol, CT

Rocky Point is a special place on this State's landscape and in the memories of many Rhode Islanders. I look forward to a continued partnership with Warwick Mayor Avedisian, the city council, federal delegation and other partners in an effort to preserve this land for use and enjoyment by all.

W. Michael Sullivan, former Director, RI Department of Environmental Management