Rocky Point Scrapbook

I just wanted to add my support. I was at the outing Sunday with another grass roots organization that shares in the same vision: Rocky Point belongs to 'We The People.' I also want to echo the group I was with yesterday, Sunday, that RP needs to re-open as a theme park, with all of it's fanfare and history. Not to mention -- a much needed economic boost to this state and increased tourism. I would like to be in contact so please keep me in mind. Thanks, Matt

Matt Connor, Pawtucket, RI

Lets all support Rocky Point so that our children may enjoy what is left and what it could be made into.

Kim, Warwick, RI

Rocky Point was a great place to go on a warm summer evening. I remember sitting on the small grass hill near the office, waiting for 4th of July fireworks to start. We need keep this beautiful part of RI open to the public for future generations to enjoy.

Sandy, East Greenwich, RI

Alway's enjoyed Rocky Point as a Kid! Will alway's remember Rocky Point as being the place for us to be taken for field trips & outings!

Matthew Beausoliel, Woonsocket, RI

We can all save this beautiful piece of property from commercial development.

James Mathews, Warwick, RI

The beauty of our State is why many of us choose to live here. Such a beautiful spot is meant to be preserved for all to enjoy!

Maria and Cliff Bergman, Warwick, RI

Walking trails, a view of the bay... a gift to RI, the people, the children of the future.

Barbara McCrae, Smithfield, RI

I was part of the August 2009 tour of the park and it hit me really hard. Please give what you can and save Rocky Point. It belongs to the people of Rhode Island and not to sit there and be wasted. Thank you.

Joe Richard, Attleboro, MA

 I enjoyed every time I went to Rocky Point as a kid and a teen. It was sad to see it close. As a parent, I wish I could take my kids there and build memories for them like I had the opportunity to make. Bring back Rocky Point!!

Deb Stephenson, Warwick, RI

Rocky Point was a mainstay in many hearts, from the amusement rides and fun times (all day long) to the walks along the shore and great food and music! IT IS MISSED A LOT! I hope the shorelines will stay open to the public, for Fishing at least! Please! Let me know, if it does OPEN for Fishing/etc. Thank YOU! Blessings and Peace.

Sheila G., Seekonk, MA