Rocky Point Scrapbook

Rocky Point is a place that should be preserved and open to public use once again. Too much of the coastline has been privatized and a place like Rocky Point has many more memories to create.

Brian Gendreau, Lincoln, RI

Back in the early 1970s, my Uncle Ted used to take my cousin David and me to Rocky Point almost every weekend. I was 8 years old then and it was by far the greatest thing in the world. I liked the park so much, I bought one of the Sky Liner ride chairs on Ebay and made a swing out of it in my backyard.

Paul Sitko, Blackstone, MA

I have lived in this area for most of my life, and that amusement park was the greatest thing me and my family and friends had. To build another park would be ideal, preserving the area is great as well, but to cover the land with houses or other commercial industry ... i am totally against it.

Whitney Orozco, Warwick, RI

I grew up in Warwick and a staple of my childhood was Rocky Point Park! I can still remember the butterflies I would get in my stomach as we drove under the Rocky Point arch! As a teen I would meet up with or go with my friends to enjoy the fun or just see who else was there. As a young mother I was fortunate to enjoy the park with my son. I was never so sad as the day the park was closed and then subsequently demolished. If we can't bring the amusement park back I would at least love to be able to enjoy the grounds beautiful water views. I FULLY support public access to this property!

Christine Brooks, Narragansett, RI

It is shame all that beautiful property, which holds history and memories, sits unused.

Angie Mckiernan, Warwick, RI

Growing up, in our family Spring began on Easter with our annual family trip to Rocky Point. We didn't miss a year for as long as I can remember.

Donna Marold, Warwick, RI

We just want the old rocky point back.... i want my kids to have such good childhood memories as i did... so please OPEN rocky point ...

Lynnann Rougier, Cranston, RI

I am a former rhode islander, who grew up in hoxie. as a child, we had many happy memories of swimming in the frog pond. when the city of warwick allowed the hoxie cleaners to dump its' waste water into that pond it wasn't long after before it was no longer usable for swimming, fishing etc. what a terrible thing that was for us. I hope that problem is being resolved so th children in that part of warwick will be able to swim there again. I took my skills as a teacher to northern, n.y. where my children could enjoy clean lakes. my memories of rocky point are many and pleasant. my children were able to stuff themselves with chowder and clamcakes. we actually had a chowder fest and clamcake pigout here in northern, vt last weekend. in the 1940's and 1950's warwick was a wonderfull a place to grow in. Is it now?

John Durant, Richmond, VT

Rocky Point was the most amazing place I visited when I first came to RI in 1978....and it was (and still IS) the only place on earth I ever rode on a ferris wheel, a double ferris wheel, no less! I still remember the view, and being scared to death, and also how delicious the food was at the Shore Dinner Hall. The memories must be preserved, and even more important, the beautiful location needs to be protected and made available to Rhode Islanders forever. To all Rhode Islanders of means, I say simply this: there is no better investment you can make in RI than to donate funds for the purchase of ALL of Rocky Point! What a legacy to leave and be rememberd for! Please help!

Sharon Thiel, Warwick, RI

Please keep Rocky Point open! I haven't been able to take my kids there due to it's closure. Please do not rob me of the experience of doing what my parents and their parents before then have been able to do, share a beautiful area with their children!

Jessica Ziegler, Riverside, RI