Rocky Point Scrapbook

I, the same as many Rhode Islanders spent many amazing and fun-filled days at Rocky Point, and I have some awesome memories I will never forget, I even recently purchased the Rocky Point picture done by Frank Galasso, as well as the Rocky Point ornament for my tree, I would love to see this land open to the public, even if the park buildings are gone it would still be awesome to be able to revisit my old stomping grounds.

Andrea Casavant, Riverside, RI

Save the point for our children to enjoy as we did, and save the local business in that area.

Karen, Cranston, RI

I grew up at Rocky Point, as did my friends, older siblings, and parents. It holds more wonderful memories for us than I could ever fit in a blog post.

Denise Clark, Warwick, RI

I lived within beach walking distance of Rocky Point. I spent all of my summers there as a kid, spending only about $5 to ride the rides all day. My father and I would go one block over from our house on July 4th to have an unobstructed view of the fireworks from RP. I think it is a shame that the park no longer exists in some form, be it a public park, a Veterans area or something.

Cristina Nemchak, Magnolia, TX

I was 13 when Rocky Point closed. My childhood is filled with warm memories of the park. If RP can be brought back, even in a minimized state, it would be such a service to all Rhode Islanders. There has been no form of true family entertainment in RI since the park closed. Please bring it back!

Sarah Borges, East Providence, RI

Please find a way to keep this location that so many have enjoyed available to be enjoyed by generations to come!!!

Sally Rovane, Warwick, RI

I used to work at Rocky Point!

Brenda Browe, Midland, MI

My views on Rocky Point? lol I grew up there. the thrill of all the light going and a place where teens could go and have fun. the park was yes in debt however me and I am sure tons of other people wondered why not leave the park running and have it state run? it would definately give revenue to the state and once again give people a place to go and have fun. Keeping teens out of trouble and families to spend time together. I hate driving so far to Six Flags and really do not understand with all the problems with the land why it cannot just be a state owned and run amusement park?

Deb, West Warwick, RI

Please keep Rocky Point open! I haven't been able to take my kids there due to it's closure. Please do not rob me of the experience of doing what my parents and their parents before then have been able to do, share a beautiful area with their children!

Jessica Ziegler, Riverside, RI

I used to bring my kids when they were little to Rocky Point. They loved the rides (and so did I) but I loved walking to a large rock to appreciate the ocean. Let's save this beautiful area for all.

Stephen Zuehlke, Portsmouth, RI