Rocky Point Scrapbook

I <3 Rocky Point.

Charlene Moniz, Wood River Junction RI

I really miss Rocky Point was a big part of my childhood...I am sad that MY children will not have a chance to enjoy is also important to preserve as much natural beauty of this Rocky Point area...Best of luck to all involved in the wonderful journey...

Donna Halvorsen, Johnston, RI

This place meant so much to me, and so many other rhode islanders. it was our home away from home. there isnt many places left that hold such wonderful memories like this land, and it should be preserved. personally i would love to see something similar to the rocky point amusement park, perhaps at a smaller scale even, to keep it maintainable financially. maybe a carousel, and a ferris wheel to start, throw in some go carts or something like that too. either way, this land should belong to us, the people of rhode island.

Brian Bishop, Woonsocket, RI

Like everybody else who grew up around there, Rocky Point means alot to my family. My Dad's fist job was waiting tables in the Shore Dinner Hall before WWII. And my folks and my Grandma who lived in Apponaug took us kids there just about every summer. It was magic.Its still a magic place to take in the amazing view of the bay. Hope it remains a public space forever. Thanks to all who have worked to make that happen!

Bill Poutray, Milford, CT

My parents and sister, Ernest, Alice and Constance Betters. When dad was home on leave from the Canadian Air Force in the 1940's. I hope these photos will find a spot in the Rocky Point scrapbook. I remember the drive to Rocky Point from Pawtucket and enjoying the salt water swimming pool. Then onto the midway collecting change falling from the pockets of riders on spinning rides. I don't remember the ride name, but it stood in the center of the midway nearest to the bay.

Joe Betters, Cape Cod

Beautiful spot that should be open to all. Spent a great deal of time there when I was young. Very sad to see it in the shape it is in today. So glad to see John Howell and friends stepping up to the plate to preserve this as open space for the future.

Elizabeth Iovino, Warwick, RI

Bring back our childhood memories so we can share them with our children.

Brandon Sherlock, North Kingstown, RI

I have so many fond memories of Rocky Point Park. I can remember the excitement and joy that would overcome me when my parents would tell us we were going! Entering the park was a thrill on it's own as we passed the Flume! Many day trips to remember. Saving our appetites for the delicious chowder and clam cakes at the Shore Hall, yum! I loved riding the Ferris wheel at night. Being able to see the ocean from the ride was just so spectacular. Also, as a teen going to watch the fireworks by the water, seeing them was so memorable at Rocky Point. What an amazing place with so many happy happy memories. I wish this it was here for my son to enjoy.

Jennifer Martel, Slatersville, RI

Bring back Rocky Point to the people. This place used to be so full of life and laughter and energy. RI needs a place like this for the smile on peoples faces I remember going here as a kid and having so much fun. take care.

Glenn Roia, Warren, RI

I grew up down the street from Rocky Point as did my mother. I have sooo many fond memories, from my earliest memories right up until the park was closed. I would love to see it accessible to the public. I would love to be able to go there and walk the beach again. Thank you for trying to save this treasure.

Kathy Huber Vachon, Cranston, RI