Rocky Point Scrapbook

Rocky Point is a part of my history and my children's history. Happy times, good eating, ocean views - so many moments of joy. Please don't let developers in to ruin the site. It can't ever be recaptured if it is sacrificed to the almighty dollar. Some things are more important than money!

Marsha Leonard, Warwick, RI

Would love to have memories with my kids there as it was such a great place when i was a kid.

Melissa Wagner Pavick, Pascoag, RI

Rocky Point was a huge part of my childhood. It makes me sad to know that my son won't be able to experience what I have.

Eric J. Komiega, Riverside, RI

This a place I miss so much . It would bring me great pleasure just to be able to come and sit on the rocks or picnic table if there were any.

Nancy Cooney, Warwick, RI

I agree we should have access to Rocky Point and not have it developed on for the rich and famous to enjoy. This is for all Rhode Islanders.

A.I. Iadevaia, Warwick, RI

We just want the old rocky point back.... i want my kids to have such good childhood memories as i did... so please OPEN rocky point ...

Lynnann Rougier, Cranston, RI

I remember going to Rocky Point as a kid when I lived in Rhode Island. It holds lot of fond memories for me.

Andreia Mourato, Douglas, WY

Rocky Point was an institution in Rhode Island, and the source of many fond memories for me. It was such a shame that a great landmark had to fall at the hands of mismanagement of funding. It would be great to see the area reopened, and I definitely admire and support what your organization is doing.

Paul Gustavson, Seekonk, MA