Rocky Point Scrapbook

I strongly support public access to Rocky Point, a RI landmark.

Karlo Berger, Providence, RI

I have many, many fond memories of Rocky Point, as I was born and raised in Warwick. D.A.R.E dances at the Shore Dinner Hall, birthdays at the park, you name it. Every summer my family and I would go to the park at least once. I miss those days. I fully support your cause and hope that someday we can get Rocky Point back for my children to enjoy, as I so did.

Nicolette Nicolaides, Cranston, RI

Rhode Islanders are so lucky to live in a wonderfully geographic area and we strongly support open space for all Rhode Islanders, especially coastal space.

Paul and Nancy Swanson, East Greenwich, RI

Just to be able to take a stroll down Rocky Point Beach again would bring back so many memories. Will they open it up for the public for a few hours again and if they do, when will they do it? If this is public property , why can't the public go through the gates?? [editor: because the access road is on the property controlled by the court receiver, the property we hope to acquire.]

Mandy Floodman, Cranston, RI

Lived in Warwick most of my life and enjoyed Rocky Point and I would not like to see it developed.

Laurie A. Micheltti, McAllen, TX

Growing up in Providence in the 50's, I have fond memories of Rocky Point. My parents would take us for Chowder and Clam Cakes at the Shore Dinner Hall and we would love going on the rides. When my husband and I were dating it was one of our favorite places to go just to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. After we were married, we moved to Warwick ( a couple of miles from the park) where our children grew up spending a lot of time at Rocky Point going on the rides or swiming in the pool. One of our daughters got her first job selling clam cakes and chowder at the walk up window and my husband and son spent many days fishing off the dock. I support an open and accessible Rocky Point. Good Luck!

Dolores Plante, Cape Cod, MA:

Rocky Point was my first real job. I was the kid who ran the can smash game. So many awesome memories :)

Jonathan Stark, Providence, RI

Some of my fondest childhood,teenage and family memories are of Rocky Point, as a child the merry go round and watching the cotton candy spin into a delicacy just for me. Playing pitching pennies for goldfish and the greyhound races of which I (at 62) still display a prize I won when I was 6). Skee ball with my father and standing next to 'Are you this tall' to see if I could go on certain rides. As a teenager riding the Catapillar and when the top when up giving my boyfriend a kiss. The House of horrors. Prom at the Palladium. Swimming in the salt water pool. Watching the boys at the batting cages. As and adult... Chowder and clamcakes at the Shore Dinner Hall, watching my children enjoy the rides ( I think their favorite was 'the flume') outings with family and friends, Fireworks on the 4th of July. These are only some of my fondest memories. Just hearing the words Rocky Point makes me smile.

Marie Grogan, Warwick, RI

I moved to RI in the fall of 2002 to be with my future husband. I have heard so many stories from him and other about Rocky Point. Now that I live on Warwick Neck, I really hope the people's wishes will be met and this area becomes a public park. I think it will be a wonderful addition to the city of Warwick AND the state of Rhode Island.

Robynne Cote, Warwick, RI