Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have many fond memories of Rocky Point during my childhood and teen years. These memories will always be a cherished part of my life.

Patty Johnston Martucci, Warwick, RI

The ONLY right thing to do with this property is public ownership. Anything else is unthinkable.

Melissa Robb, Warwick, RI

Many teenage memories growing up at Rocky Point with the bands on Fri nights & ride all the rides. Shore Dinner hall for clam cakes and chowder- delicious. Pulling up to the dock off our boat to get them, or driving down! What a spectacular view and great times!

Kathleen Duchesneau, Warwick, RI

This was the place of my first roller coaster, my first meal of chowder & clam cakes, my first true love and my first job. I would love to save whatever we can.

Dawn Oxnard, Bristol, CT

Rocky Point is one of Rhode Island's great treasures. What a delight it would be to have the upper Bay graced by the beauty of Colt State Park on the east and Rocky Point to the west. Perfect (parantheses) for the waters of the upper bay. A tribute to the protection of open spaces to be enjoyed by all citizens of Rhode Island. My heartiest applause and well wishes on the success of this preservation effort.

Claude Bergeron, Saunderstown, RI

Rocky Point was a mainstay in many hearts, from the amusement rides and fun times (all day long) to the walks along the shore and great food and music! IT IS MISSED A LOT! I hope the shorelines will stay open to the public, for Fishing at least! Please! Let me know, if it does OPEN for Fishing/etc. Thank YOU! Blessings and Peace.

Sheila G., Seekonk, MA

Alway's enjoyed Rocky Point as a Kid! Will alway's remember Rocky Point as being the place for us to be taken for field trips & outings!

Matthew Beausoliel, Woonsocket, RI

It's a great opportunity for the fishing community to gain some access to the bay especially since we've been losing the access battle for a while. I remember as a young boy fishing off that dock and look forward to that opportunity again.

Armand Tetreault, Woonsocket, RI

I used to work at Rocky Point!

Brenda Browe, Midland, MI