Rocky Point Scrapbook

Rocky Point has been a long standing tradition in my family since my great grandfather came to RI, the mess hall, the fireworks, concerts and every little detail will forever be in my heart and memories. Please keep this land for all of its past and future treasures. Thank you.

Jesse Patnaude, Warwick, RI

I grew up down the street from Rocky Point as did my mother. I have sooo many fond memories, from my earliest memories right up until the park was closed. I would love to see it accessible to the public. I would love to be able to go there and walk the beach again. Thank you for trying to save this treasure.

Kathy Huber Vachon, Cranston, RI

Not from RI but I loved this spot and have fond childhood memories. Must save this cultural treasure. I hope my vote can count.

Shirley Murrant, Hartford, CT

My grandfather went there as early as 1895. I would like to see it preserved as open space with a large shore dinner hall like my parents and I enjoyed the dinners there and the view.

Albert Melikian Jr., Cranston, RI

I remember going to Rocky Point as a child and eating clam cakes and chowder at the dinner hall. I remember going there with my friends and riding the corkscrew. I want to be able to take my kids thru there so they can see what a great location it was.

Kevin Fera, Warwick, RI

So many memories so sad to see it gone =( I loved you Rocky Point!

Tracy Weisensee, North Kingstown, RI

The good old days at Rocky Point - etched in your head forever. Let's not forget that salt-water pool!

Carol Schrader, Warwick, RI

Back in the early 1970s, my Uncle Ted used to take my cousin David and me to Rocky Point almost every weekend. I was 8 years old then and it was by far the greatest thing in the world. I liked the park so much, I bought one of the Sky Liner ride chairs on Ebay and made a swing out of it in my backyard.

Paul Sitko, Blackstone, MA

Some of my fondest childhood,teenage and family memories are of Rocky Point, as a child the merry go round and watching the cotton candy spin into a delicacy just for me. Playing pitching pennies for goldfish and the greyhound races of which I (at 62) still display a prize I won when I was 6). Skee ball with my father and standing next to 'Are you this tall' to see if I could go on certain rides. As a teenager riding the Catapillar and when the top when up giving my boyfriend a kiss. The House of horrors. Prom at the Palladium. Swimming in the salt water pool. Watching the boys at the batting cages. As and adult... Chowder and clamcakes at the Shore Dinner Hall, watching my children enjoy the rides ( I think their favorite was 'the flume') outings with family and friends, Fireworks on the 4th of July. These are only some of my fondest memories. Just hearing the words Rocky Point makes me smile.

Marie Grogan, Warwick, RI