Rocky Point Scrapbook

Thank you to all of you that are working so hard to open this land for all of us.

Theresa Lucier, Warwick, RI

I met my fiancee there when we both worked at the park.

Eric Fusco, Warwick, RI

My family and I would go there every summer as kids. It was always a lot of fun. Now that I am a parent I wish it was still open so my son could have some summer fun at the park and having lasting memories.

Sandra Taylor, Johnston, RI

Hi my name is eric pagano and I wanted to say Even though it was sad to see rocky point park in the condition that it is in I enjoyed the chance to see the historic land mark. I would love to see the park rebuilt with rides and attractions and to see the tax payees money go to good of the people and the future of our state and children. I no the cost of making this happen could be out reach but consider the revenue it would bring to the state and what it could do for businesses. I would to see come back for kids and families, there is not a lot to do in rhode island for kids.

Eric Pagano, Warwick, RI

Lets all support Rocky Point so that our children may enjoy what is left and what it could be made into.

Kim, Warwick, RI

Like everybody else who grew up around there, Rocky Point means alot to my family. My Dad's fist job was waiting tables in the Shore Dinner Hall before WWII. And my folks and my Grandma who lived in Apponaug took us kids there just about every summer. It was magic.Its still a magic place to take in the amazing view of the bay. Hope it remains a public space forever. Thanks to all who have worked to make that happen!

Bill Poutray, Milford, CT

Rocky Point is one of Rhode Island's great treasures. What a delight it would be to have the upper Bay graced by the beauty of Colt State Park on the east and Rocky Point to the west. Perfect (parantheses) for the waters of the upper bay. A tribute to the protection of open spaces to be enjoyed by all citizens of Rhode Island. My heartiest applause and well wishes on the success of this preservation effort.

Claude Bergeron, Saunderstown, RI

My memories of the wonderful fun I had at Rocky Point will never fade, but it would be really wonderful if we can keep developers from building on it. A park on that stretch of shore would be absolutely AWESOME for people to go and think of what the midway once looked like and to share with others! God, I miss Rocky Point Park!!

Nikki Vanasse, Blackstone, MA