Rocky Point Scrapbook

Remember many fun times at Rocky Point as a child and as a young adult. I grew up in Hopkinton, MA...we used to take school field trips there. As an adult we used to pull our boat up to the dock and get chowder & clamcakes. Fun times!!!

Lori Tepere, Woonsocket, RI

My parents and sister, Ernest, Alice and Constance Betters. When dad was home on leave from the Canadian Air Force in the 1940's. I hope these photos will find a spot in the Rocky Point scrapbook. I remember the drive to Rocky Point from Pawtucket and enjoying the salt water swimming pool. Then onto the midway collecting change falling from the pockets of riders on spinning rides. I don't remember the ride name, but it stood in the center of the midway nearest to the bay.

Joe Betters, Cape Cod

I wish that Rocky Point will be opened as a public park.

Yuri Panov, Riverside, RI

I have lived in this area for most of my life, and that amusement park was the greatest thing me and my family and friends had. To build another park would be ideal, preserving the area is great as well, but to cover the land with houses or other commercial industry ... i am totally against it.

Whitney Orozco, Warwick, RI

I have very fond memories of Rocky Point when I was a kid. Warwick needs place to walk and have family picnics etc. Please save this land for the Warwick citizens.

Susan Porth, Warwick, RI

Several years ago my daughters a family friend and her daughter stood outside Rocky Point to get people to sign to save some of the park I grew up 2 streets away from there and have many memerioes and pictures from there we also got alot of signuaters that was aired on the news So good luck and maybe this time we will win !!!!!!

Lisa Fiske, Providence, RI

I just wanted to add my support. I was at the outing Sunday with another grass roots organization that shares in the same vision: Rocky Point belongs to 'We The People.' I also want to echo the group I was with yesterday, Sunday, that RP needs to re-open as a theme park, with all of it's fanfare and history. Not to mention -- a much needed economic boost to this state and increased tourism. I would like to be in contact so please keep me in mind. Thanks, Matt

Matt Connor, Pawtucket, RI

I grew up in RI and although I was very young I can remember bits and pieces of visiting Rocky Point. I think it is an absolute shame that it was driven into the ground and nothing was done to save it. I think something should be done to bring it back. There is so much history there that needs to be restored.

Alexis Hartness, Augusta, KS

I first came to RI in 1967 when I was in the Seabees at Quonset. I remember going to Rocky Point when I was dating my wife. We went on a few of the rides and had diner at the Shore Dining Hall.

Charles Van Patten, Warwick, RI