Rocky Point Scrapbook

Close your eyes, sit quietly on the shores of Warwick Neck, if you listen carefully enough you can probably hear the laughter, smell the chowder and clam cakes or feel the excitement coming from the mid-way or palladium. If you can you're a Rhode Islander, welcome to the club. Saving this incredible site, full of it's memories, should be of the utmost importance to preserve it for Rhode Islander's for many generations to come.

Phil Slocum, Warwick, RI

This was the place of my first roller coaster, my first meal of chowder & clam cakes, my first true love and my first job. I would love to save whatever we can.

Dawn Oxnard, Bristol, CT

I was 13 when Rocky Point closed. My childhood is filled with warm memories of the park. If RP can be brought back, even in a minimized state, it would be such a service to all Rhode Islanders. There has been no form of true family entertainment in RI since the park closed. Please bring it back!

Sarah Borges, East Providence, RI

Bring back Rocky Point to the people. This place used to be so full of life and laughter and energy. RI needs a place like this for the smile on peoples faces I remember going here as a kid and having so much fun. take care.

Glenn Roia, Warren, RI

I remember the park well. As a kid I couldn’t wait to go. Now, if some of this area can be kept public (espcially the view to the ocean) then I am all for it.

Mark Calcione, Johnston, RI

Please find a way to keep this location that so many have enjoyed available to be enjoyed by generations to come!!!

Sally Rovane, Warwick, RI

I remember as though it were yesterday taking my daughter, now almost 40, and her best friend to Rocky Point those many years ago. They rode The Flume over and over again and loved that I stood at the bottom and got soaked as they ended their ride! A wonderful time was had by all. Don't let this incredible piece of Warwick get away from us.

Beth Googins, Warwick, RI

I grew up going to this park and would love to bring my kids to this shoreline for them to develop their own memories of Rocky Point!

Allison Pike, Norwood, MA

Spent many wonderful days at Rocky Point. Chowder House, Pool, Rides and even the Dock. 1974 Proposed to Norma-Jean Gauthier now Annis in a 1965 Ford Station Wagon. We have outlasted Rocky Point, Yes the Station Wagon too. It would be so great to see this land stay public.

James Annis, Bristol, RI

I grew up down the street from Rocky Point as did my mother. I have sooo many fond memories, from my earliest memories right up until the park was closed. I would love to see it accessible to the public. I would love to be able to go there and walk the beach again. Thank you for trying to save this treasure.

Kathy Huber Vachon, Cranston, RI