Rocky Point Scrapbook

The high point of my children’s visits to their grandparents in RI was a trip to Rocky Point. Now I hope my grandchildren will at least be able walk there and climb the rocks.

Elizabeth Behrens, Courtenay, B.C. Canada

I remember going to Rocky Point Amusment Park and viewing the great view over the bay. This is one of many great childhood memories.

Jason Cesana, Manville, RI

I have such great memories of my "poppa" taking us there. He enjoyed the clam cakes & chowder so much. I also remember my brother trying to get off the cyclone once it started because he was afraid. I can still remember the smell of the Haunted house.

Donna Tessier, Pawtucket, RI

I would like to thank the folks who have put their efforts into this project. I truly believe this will greatly affect the future generations of the state.

Walter, Warwick, RI

Alway's enjoyed Rocky Point as a Kid! Will alway's remember Rocky Point as being the place for us to be taken for field trips & outings!

Matthew Beausoliel, Woonsocket, RI

I grew up down the street from Rocky Point as did my mother. I have sooo many fond memories, from my earliest memories right up until the park was closed. I would love to see it accessible to the public. I would love to be able to go there and walk the beach again. Thank you for trying to save this treasure.

Kathy Huber Vachon, Cranston, RI

Rocky Point is a treasure. The memories of fun filled days will last a lifetime. The beauty of the location is priceless. Preserving this spot for generations to come is a lasting legacy. I am extremely proud of your efforts. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Michael Gemma, East Greenwich, RI

Rocky Point is a part of my history and my children's history. Happy times, good eating, ocean views - so many moments of joy. Please don't let developers in to ruin the site. It can't ever be recaptured if it is sacrificed to the almighty dollar. Some things are more important than money!

Marsha Leonard, Warwick, RI

Many teenage memories growing up at Rocky Point with the bands on Fri nights & ride all the rides. Shore Dinner hall for clam cakes and chowder- delicious. Pulling up to the dock off our boat to get them, or driving down! What a spectacular view and great times!

Kathleen Duchesneau, Warwick, RI

I have many fond memories of summers at Rocky Point. It is such a shame it lays in waste where as no one can use it. It would be nice to someday take my kids there even just to walk the area and do some fishing...

Ron Monroe, Warwick, RI