Rocky Point Scrapbook

My grandparents had a beach house at rocky point beach. I spent the summers of my youth at the beach and park, I always remember the times at the park going on all the rides, eating chowder and cakes. We had the best view of the fireworks from the cottage deck, and we could even hear the concerts too. we didn't need to always go to the park to get the thrill of the rides and food. We could hear the screams ride operators and music from the cottage or even when we were relaxing on the beach. The summers of my youth at rocky point were the best times of my life. 

Alyssa Cannata, New Britain, CT

A very good friend of mine made me aware of your organization. Thank you for all of your efforts on this very worthy project. YES to Rocky Point!

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Warwick, RI

So many memories with family and friends at Rocky Point. I would LOVE to relive those memories and someday be able to return to the park grounds.

Lee-Ann Desilets, Bristol, RI

I remember Rocky point when i was 10. I am know 25 and am so glad i got to go. I remember i lived in West Warwick at the time and it seemed to take forever to get there. Just seeing the sign as we drove up excitement just took over!!!!

Megan Kudzal, Savannah, GA

The prospects for the continued preservation of the former Rocky Point Park land are exciting for me as a Warwick native as well as for the people of Rhode Island. I was happy to help obtain federal funding for this project through the years. For too long the Rocky Point property has been closed to the public but with the hard work of federal, state and city leaders this is beginning to change. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my colleagues and constituents on the work that remains. I am delighted that Rhode Islanders will be able to come to the park and enjoy the beautiful vistas of our most prized natural resource – Narragansett Bay.

Congressman James Langevin

I have so many fond memories of Rocky Point Park. I can remember the excitement and joy that would overcome me when my parents would tell us we were going! Entering the park was a thrill on it's own as we passed the Flume! Many day trips to remember. Saving our appetites for the delicious chowder and clam cakes at the Shore Hall, yum! I loved riding the Ferris wheel at night. Being able to see the ocean from the ride was just so spectacular. Also, as a teen going to watch the fireworks by the water, seeing them was so memorable at Rocky Point. What an amazing place with so many happy happy memories. I wish this it was here for my son to enjoy.

Jennifer Martel, Slatersville, RI

Rocky Point is truly the jewel in the center of Narragansett Bay.

Mark McHugh, Warwick, RI

The good old days at Rocky Point - etched in your head forever. Let's not forget that salt-water pool!

Carol Schrader, Warwick, RI

My memories of the wonderful fun I had at Rocky Point will never fade, but it would be really wonderful if we can keep developers from building on it. A park on that stretch of shore would be absolutely AWESOME for people to go and think of what the midway once looked like and to share with others! God, I miss Rocky Point Park!!

Nikki Vanasse, Blackstone, MA

I have many fond memories of Rocky Point during my childhood and teen years. These memories will always be a cherished part of my life.

Patty Johnston Martucci, Warwick, RI