Rocky Point Scrapbook

We just want the old rocky point back.... i want my kids to have such good childhood memories as i did... so please OPEN rocky point ...

Lynnann Rougier, Cranston, RI

I met my fiancee there when we both worked at the park.

Eric Fusco, Warwick, RI

I had a friend who liked to eat.  We would get a car load of friends together and go to the Shore Dinner Hall for chowder and clam cakes (the chowder was red, but it was still good.  The clam cakes were the best).  Anyways, as you may recall it was a first come first serve procedure.  You would enter and seat yourself at the first available seat in the row that would at that point be last to be served,  As time went on more people would come after you and the eaters who came in before you would soon be full and leave and the servers would get to you.  And the patrons would move through the hall like a wave at Point Judith.  My friend found great enjoyment in continuing to eat while the patron wave moved away from us.  We'd be sitting there five or six rows away from everyone else.  He would still be eating and the rest of us would be laughing uncontrollably.

Brian O'Donoghue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

The beauty of our State is why many of us choose to live here. Such a beautiful spot is meant to be preserved for all to enjoy!

Maria and Cliff Bergman, Warwick, RI

We can all save this beautiful piece of property from commercial development.

James Mathews, Warwick, RI

My grandparents had a beach house at rocky point beach. I spent the summers of my youth at the beach and park, I always remember the times at the park going on all the rides, eating chowder and cakes. We had the best view of the fireworks from the cottage deck, and we could even hear the concerts too. we didn't need to always go to the park to get the thrill of the rides and food. We could hear the screams ride operators and music from the cottage or even when we were relaxing on the beach. The summers of my youth at rocky point were the best times of my life. 

Alyssa Cannata, New Britain, CT

I just wanted to add my support. I was at the outing Sunday with another grass roots organization that shares in the same vision: Rocky Point belongs to 'We The People.' I also want to echo the group I was with yesterday, Sunday, that RP needs to re-open as a theme park, with all of it's fanfare and history. Not to mention -- a much needed economic boost to this state and increased tourism. I would like to be in contact so please keep me in mind. Thanks, Matt

Matt Connor, Pawtucket, RI

I grew up in Warwick and a staple of my childhood was Rocky Point Park! I can still remember the butterflies I would get in my stomach as we drove under the Rocky Point arch! As a teen I would meet up with or go with my friends to enjoy the fun or just see who else was there. As a young mother I was fortunate to enjoy the park with my son. I was never so sad as the day the park was closed and then subsequently demolished. If we can't bring the amusement park back I would at least love to be able to enjoy the grounds beautiful water views. I FULLY support public access to this property!

Christine Brooks, Narragansett, RI

I remember going to Rocky Point as a child and eating clam cakes and chowder at the dinner hall. I remember going there with my friends and riding the corkscrew. I want to be able to take my kids thru there so they can see what a great location it was.

Kevin Fera, Warwick, RI