Rocky Point Scrapbook

Rocky Point is a major icon in RI history. It deserves to be a heritage site.

Arlene York, Warwick, RI

A gang of us boys from Edgewood would pile into one buddy's car & drive the length of Warwick Ave to work the rides each day in the summer. My best friend & I always got to run the best ride, the skyliner. Friday night was always hopping for us young teenagers. The skyliner was the lovers' ride. Young couples would hold hands & maybe even sneak a kiss if you were lucky. Those were fun times filled with anticipation & excitement over who we were seeing or who we might meet. Then we'd be busy working long days & nights for the remainder of the week with the crowds of families that would come.

Bob Gershkoff, Narragansett, RI

I'm glad to be a Friend of Rocky Point. It's a beautiful place that should be available to everyone. I have memories of fun visits to the Park when I was a kid growing up in Warwick. I also remember many hours waitressing at the Shore Dinner Hall. Thank you for organizing this effort to save Rocky Point.

Jennifer Martin, Baltimore, MD

Close your eyes, sit quietly on the shores of Warwick Neck, if you listen carefully enough you can probably hear the laughter, smell the chowder and clam cakes or feel the excitement coming from the mid-way or palladium. If you can you're a Rhode Islander, welcome to the club. Saving this incredible site, full of it's memories, should be of the utmost importance to preserve it for Rhode Islander's for many generations to come.

Phil Slocum, Warwick, RI

I, the same as many Rhode Islanders spent many amazing and fun-filled days at Rocky Point, and I have some awesome memories I will never forget, I even recently purchased the Rocky Point picture done by Frank Galasso, as well as the Rocky Point ornament for my tree, I would love to see this land open to the public, even if the park buildings are gone it would still be awesome to be able to revisit my old stomping grounds.

Andrea Casavant, Riverside, RI

Rocky Point was a great place to go on a warm summer evening. I remember sitting on the small grass hill near the office, waiting for 4th of July fireworks to start. We need keep this beautiful part of RI open to the public for future generations to enjoy.

Sandy, East Greenwich, RI

This was a place that all ages could enjoy and there is now a huge void and very little left to do in R.I. From the time I was young going on the rides and eating at the chowder hall to attending indoor and outdoor concerts later in life in such a unique,beautiful location for an amusement park.If it wasn't destroyed by the shareholders unnecessary and costly decisions there would definitely still be a huge market for it with no competition in the area as well as more jobs in an area that's lost more jobs than most of the country. It would be nice to have a little walking park there though a big financial backer for a new amusement park would be my preference. Definitely no houses or condo's! Let's all hope it works out!

Scott Van Orden, Johnston, RI

 I lived in warwick as a child and remember the fun at Rocky Point and the great fishing off the rocks.

Walter Cesario, Chepachet, RI

This is a fabulous opportunity to preserve this gorgeous spot for all Rhode Islanders.

Christine Fitzgerald, Warwick, RI

The beauty of our State is why many of us choose to live here. Such a beautiful spot is meant to be preserved for all to enjoy!

Maria and Cliff Bergman, Warwick, RI