Rocky Point Scrapbook

A former Rhode Islander, I remember visiting Rocky Point Park as a teen. One vivid memory was when my grandfather took myself and my cousins to the amusement park and he and I were the only ones brave enough to ride ride the white loopdy-loop roller coaster! I will never forget that day!

Anne Biddle, Miami, FL

Back in the early 1970s, my Uncle Ted used to take my cousin David and me to Rocky Point almost every weekend. I was 8 years old then and it was by far the greatest thing in the world. I liked the park so much, I bought one of the Sky Liner ride chairs on Ebay and made a swing out of it in my backyard.

Paul Sitko, Blackstone, MA

Bring it back !!!!!!!

Joshua DeAngelis, Providence, RI

I grew up down the street from Rocky Point as did my mother. I have sooo many fond memories, from my earliest memories right up until the park was closed. I would love to see it accessible to the public. I would love to be able to go there and walk the beach again. Thank you for trying to save this treasure.

Kathy Huber Vachon, Cranston, RI

I worked hard over the years to secure $2.25-million in federal funding that together with state and local funds made possible the acquisition of 41 acres at Rocky Point. We must continue doing everything we can to preserve this open space and ensure that future generations of Rhode Islanders have public access to the land, shore, and scenic views of Rocky Point.

U.S. Senator Jack Reed

Save the property for public use!

John Bigonette, Lincoln, RI

I'm glad to be a Friend of Rocky Point. It's a beautiful place that should be available to everyone. I have memories of fun visits to the Park when I was a kid growing up in Warwick. I also remember many hours waitressing at the Shore Dinner Hall. Thank you for organizing this effort to save Rocky Point.

Jennifer Martin, Baltimore, MD

Please keep Rocky Point open! I haven't been able to take my kids there due to it's closure. Please do not rob me of the experience of doing what my parents and their parents before then have been able to do, share a beautiful area with their children!

Jessica Ziegler, Riverside, RI

Rhode Islanders are so lucky to live in a wonderfully geographic area and we strongly support open space for all Rhode Islanders, especially coastal space.

Paul and Nancy Swanson, East Greenwich, RI

Not from RI but I loved this spot and have fond childhood memories. Must save this cultural treasure. I hope my vote can count.

Shirley Murrant, Hartford, CT