Rocky Point Scrapbook

We walked thru Rocky point when it was recently reopened to the public what a waste of a beautiful area...we all miss rocky point!

Michelle Camara, Cranston, RI

Rocky Point was a great place to go on a warm summer evening. I remember sitting on the small grass hill near the office, waiting for 4th of July fireworks to start. We need keep this beautiful part of RI open to the public for future generations to enjoy.

Sandy, East Greenwich, RI

The good old days at Rocky Point - etched in your head forever. Let's not forget that salt-water pool!

Carol Schrader, Warwick, RI

I used to bring my kids when they were little to Rocky Point. They loved the rides (and so did I) but I loved walking to a large rock to appreciate the ocean. Let's save this beautiful area for all.

Stephen Zuehlke, Portsmouth, RI

In my teen years...I spent a lot of time at Rocky Point. We loved the place....I will send a donation as soon as possible. I will be visiting my sister soon in RI and would like to visit Rocky Point while I'm there.

William Chaisson, Dauphin, PA

Close your eyes, sit quietly on the shores of Warwick Neck, if you listen carefully enough you can probably hear the laughter, smell the chowder and clam cakes or feel the excitement coming from the mid-way or palladium. If you can you're a Rhode Islander, welcome to the club. Saving this incredible site, full of it's memories, should be of the utmost importance to preserve it for Rhode Islander's for many generations to come.

Phil Slocum, Warwick, RI

It is shame all that beautiful property, which holds history and memories, sits unused.

Angie Mckiernan, Warwick, RI

My memories of the wonderful fun I had at Rocky Point will never fade, but it would be really wonderful if we can keep developers from building on it. A park on that stretch of shore would be absolutely AWESOME for people to go and think of what the midway once looked like and to share with others! God, I miss Rocky Point Park!!

Nikki Vanasse, Blackstone, MA

I grew up in RI and although I was very young I can remember bits and pieces of visiting Rocky Point. I think it is an absolute shame that it was driven into the ground and nothing was done to save it. I think something should be done to bring it back. There is so much history there that needs to be restored.

Alexis Hartness, Augusta, KS

I have many, many fond memories of Rocky Point, as I was born and raised in Warwick. D.A.R.E dances at the Shore Dinner Hall, birthdays at the park, you name it. Every summer my family and I would go to the park at least once. I miss those days. I fully support your cause and hope that someday we can get Rocky Point back for my children to enjoy, as I so did.

Nicolette Nicolaides, Cranston, RI