Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have so many fond memories of Rocky Point Park. I can remember the excitement and joy that would overcome me when my parents would tell us we were going! Entering the park was a thrill on it's own as we passed the Flume! Many day trips to remember. Saving our appetites for the delicious chowder and clam cakes at the Shore Hall, yum! I loved riding the Ferris wheel at night. Being able to see the ocean from the ride was just so spectacular. Also, as a teen going to watch the fireworks by the water, seeing them was so memorable at Rocky Point. What an amazing place with so many happy happy memories. I wish this it was here for my son to enjoy.

Jennifer Martel, Slatersville, RI

We can all save this beautiful piece of property from commercial development.

James Mathews, Warwick, RI

I had a friend who liked to eat.  We would get a car load of friends together and go to the Shore Dinner Hall for chowder and clam cakes (the chowder was red, but it was still good.  The clam cakes were the best).  Anyways, as you may recall it was a first come first serve procedure.  You would enter and seat yourself at the first available seat in the row that would at that point be last to be served,  As time went on more people would come after you and the eaters who came in before you would soon be full and leave and the servers would get to you.  And the patrons would move through the hall like a wave at Point Judith.  My friend found great enjoyment in continuing to eat while the patron wave moved away from us.  We'd be sitting there five or six rows away from everyone else.  He would still be eating and the rest of us would be laughing uncontrollably.

Brian O'Donoghue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Beautiful spot that should be open to all. Spent a great deal of time there when I was young. Very sad to see it in the shape it is in today. So glad to see John Howell and friends stepping up to the plate to preserve this as open space for the future.

Elizabeth Iovino, Warwick, RI

Some of my most cherished memories from when I was a child & teen are from Rocky Point. ALL the people of Rhode Island, every generation, should have access to this beautiful site.

Kerrie Waters, Providence, RI

Rocky Point was a huge part of my childhood. It makes me sad to know that my son won't be able to experience what I have.

Eric J. Komiega, Riverside, RI

I met my fiancee there when we both worked at the park.

Eric Fusco, Warwick, RI

I used to work there I had the pleasure of making the Chowder there. then I would work the winter at the Windjammer & Palladiun. I knew Conrad Ferla very well & always respected him he was a charecter. making the Chowder for thousands of people every week & sometimes daily was mass production at it's best. I can remember looking at the list of outing's for the week & looking at the numbers & shaking my head & saying how the heck are we going to be able to do this but we did. I could tell you some numbers but you would not believe me. I miss not being able to go there & sit & watch the boats go by. It is a damm shame the shape it is in right now I think somebody should be ASHAMED of themselves THANK YOU

Bob Barton, Warwick, RI

Just saw the article concerning the purchase of the balance of the Rocky Point land. This could be an opportunity to create a real grass roots movement to try and save a tremendous piece of Rhode Island history. It's unfortunate that while most Rhode Islanders have strong memories of Rocky Point there seems to be a feeling of helplessness pertaining to preserving what is left. However I am grateful that at least a group exists that maybe can make a difference. I am still saddened by the demolition of the old farmers market in Providence as well as the circular Gulf station but these pale in comparison to our beloved Rocky Point.

Lynelle Merolla, Cranston, RI

Whenever I give presentations on Rhode Island and mention Rocky Point, there is an audible 'breath' taken by the audience that makes us all alike for a moment in our remembrance of a truly enjoyable, memorable, and superior part of Rhode Island. Making the park open for the public to use will keep this monumental park's memory alive, but it also serves to show off the beauty of Rhode Island's coastline and the determined consciousness and caring of Rhode Island citizens.

Roberta Mudge Humble, Westerly and Warwick, RI