Rocky Point Scrapbook

Rocky Point was a huge part of my childhood. It makes me sad to know that my son won't be able to experience what I have.

Eric J. Komiega, Riverside, RI

So many memories so sad to see it gone =( I loved you Rocky Point!

Tracy Weisensee, North Kingstown, RI

One of the last of Warwick's delightful spots should be saved for both its historic/cultural significance and its natural beauty.

Ira Schaeffer, Warwick, RI

 I enjoyed every time I went to Rocky Point as a kid and a teen. It was sad to see it close. As a parent, I wish I could take my kids there and build memories for them like I had the opportunity to make. Bring back Rocky Point!!

Deb Stephenson, Warwick, RI

I would like to thank the folks who have put their efforts into this project. I truly believe this will greatly affect the future generations of the state.

Walter, Warwick, RI

A gang of us boys from Edgewood would pile into one buddy's car & drive the length of Warwick Ave to work the rides each day in the summer. My best friend & I always got to run the best ride, the skyliner. Friday night was always hopping for us young teenagers. The skyliner was the lovers' ride. Young couples would hold hands & maybe even sneak a kiss if you were lucky. Those were fun times filled with anticipation & excitement over who we were seeing or who we might meet. Then we'd be busy working long days & nights for the remainder of the week with the crowds of families that would come.

Bob Gershkoff, Narragansett, RI

I lived within beach walking distance of Rocky Point. I spent all of my summers there as a kid, spending only about $5 to ride the rides all day. My father and I would go one block over from our house on July 4th to have an unobstructed view of the fireworks from RP. I think it is a shame that the park no longer exists in some form, be it a public park, a Veterans area or something.

Cristina Nemchak, Magnolia, TX

I am a former rhode islander, who grew up in hoxie. as a child, we had many happy memories of swimming in the frog pond. when the city of warwick allowed the hoxie cleaners to dump its' waste water into that pond it wasn't long after before it was no longer usable for swimming, fishing etc. what a terrible thing that was for us. I hope that problem is being resolved so th children in that part of warwick will be able to swim there again. I took my skills as a teacher to northern, n.y. where my children could enjoy clean lakes. my memories of rocky point are many and pleasant. my children were able to stuff themselves with chowder and clamcakes. we actually had a chowder fest and clamcake pigout here in northern, vt last weekend. in the 1940's and 1950's warwick was a wonderfull a place to grow in. Is it now?

John Durant, Richmond, VT

I have so many fond memories of Rocky Point Park. I can remember the excitement and joy that would overcome me when my parents would tell us we were going! Entering the park was a thrill on it's own as we passed the Flume! Many day trips to remember. Saving our appetites for the delicious chowder and clam cakes at the Shore Hall, yum! I loved riding the Ferris wheel at night. Being able to see the ocean from the ride was just so spectacular. Also, as a teen going to watch the fireworks by the water, seeing them was so memorable at Rocky Point. What an amazing place with so many happy happy memories. I wish this it was here for my son to enjoy.

Jennifer Martel, Slatersville, RI