Rocky Point Scrapbook

Many teenage memories growing up at Rocky Point with the bands on Fri nights & ride all the rides. Shore Dinner hall for clam cakes and chowder- delicious. Pulling up to the dock off our boat to get them, or driving down! What a spectacular view and great times!

Kathleen Duchesneau, Warwick, RI

I can remember going to Rocky Point when i was little. My parents would bring my brother and me to the park during the summers. I used to love looking out at the water, riding the Corkscrew and eating at the Dinner Hall. I would love to be able to go in and walk around the old park and look at the water again. It's a big part of the area's history and is important to a lot of people. To put condos or anything else on it would be a shame and a waste. This land should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. The stories that get passed down from generation to generation would be even better if they were told on the actual grounds where they happened. I really hope that in the future i will be able to walk there with my children and tell them about what it used to be like.

Cassie Lussier, Cumberland, RI

If you really want to know how I feel about rocky point, go to and check out the MY ROCKY POINT video, it was my senior thesis. RISD 2003 FAV. FYI, it came out before the other RP docu. :)

Dani Pontus, Houston, TX

This was the place of my first roller coaster, my first meal of chowder & clam cakes, my first true love and my first job. I would love to save whatever we can.

Dawn Oxnard, Bristol, CT

We must save this cultural treasure for future generations. It has so much rich history and should always be preserved for past , present , and future Rhode Islanders.

Brenda Burke, Warwick, RI

I really do hope that no one comes in at the last moment and scarfs up the land for apartments. I'd just cry if that happened.

Allen Wolf, Neenah, WI

Please save this wonderful piece of land for the public use.

Gerry Berard, Woonsocket, RI

Close your eyes, sit quietly on the shores of Warwick Neck, if you listen carefully enough you can probably hear the laughter, smell the chowder and clam cakes or feel the excitement coming from the mid-way or palladium. If you can you're a Rhode Islander, welcome to the club. Saving this incredible site, full of it's memories, should be of the utmost importance to preserve it for Rhode Islander's for many generations to come.

Phil Slocum, Warwick, RI

Save the property for public use!

John Bigonette, Lincoln, RI

This place meant so much to me, and so many other rhode islanders. it was our home away from home. there isnt many places left that hold such wonderful memories like this land, and it should be preserved. personally i would love to see something similar to the rocky point amusement park, perhaps at a smaller scale even, to keep it maintainable financially. maybe a carousel, and a ferris wheel to start, throw in some go carts or something like that too. either way, this land should belong to us, the people of rhode island.

Brian Bishop, Woonsocket, RI