Rocky Point Scrapbook

Hi my name is eric pagano and I wanted to say Even though it was sad to see rocky point park in the condition that it is in I enjoyed the chance to see the historic land mark. I would love to see the park rebuilt with rides and attractions and to see the tax payees money go to good of the people and the future of our state and children. I no the cost of making this happen could be out reach but consider the revenue it would bring to the state and what it could do for businesses. I would to see come back for kids and families, there is not a lot to do in rhode island for kids.

Eric Pagano, Warwick, RI

My father, aunts, and uncles literally grew up in the Park as my grandfather was caretaker in the 30's and 40's and they lived in the "Rock Cottage" on the hill behind the Shore Dinner Hall. After moving from there they lived in the houses right outside of the Park entrance, my aunt in the house outside the gate, and my grandparents in the large house on Palmer Ave. My parents met when my mother was a lifeguard at the pool. Rocky Point holds so many wonderful memories for so many people, it cannot be left to fall further in to ruin.

Barbara Denise Creati, Pawtucket, RI

Rhode Islanders are so lucky to live in a wonderfully geographic area and we strongly support open space for all Rhode Islanders, especially coastal space.

Paul and Nancy Swanson, East Greenwich, RI

I was part of the August 2009 tour of the park and it hit me really hard. Please give what you can and save Rocky Point. It belongs to the people of Rhode Island and not to sit there and be wasted. Thank you.

Joe Richard, Attleboro, MA

I've never even really been to Rocky Point. I was four when it closed, but recently one of my friends from Warwick drove me to the place where it used to be. There is this presence about the land...a history; a legacy. Stories from this place will be passed down for generations and that is something that should be preserved. Although I have never had the personal opportunity to experience Rocky Point, I wish that I had. Because as a Rhode Islander, I feel that it is a part of my personal history.

Alice Dumas, Johnston, RI

Rocky Point is one of Rhode Island's great treasures. What a delight it would be to have the upper Bay graced by the beauty of Colt State Park on the east and Rocky Point to the west. Perfect (parantheses) for the waters of the upper bay. A tribute to the protection of open spaces to be enjoyed by all citizens of Rhode Island. My heartiest applause and well wishes on the success of this preservation effort.

Claude Bergeron, Saunderstown, RI


Mike Pigeon, Warwick, RI

I remember going to Rocky Point Amusment Park and viewing the great view over the bay. This is one of many great childhood memories.

Jason Cesana, Manville, RI

I am a former rhode islander, who grew up in hoxie. as a child, we had many happy memories of swimming in the frog pond. when the city of warwick allowed the hoxie cleaners to dump its' waste water into that pond it wasn't long after before it was no longer usable for swimming, fishing etc. what a terrible thing that was for us. I hope that problem is being resolved so th children in that part of warwick will be able to swim there again. I took my skills as a teacher to northern, n.y. where my children could enjoy clean lakes. my memories of rocky point are many and pleasant. my children were able to stuff themselves with chowder and clamcakes. we actually had a chowder fest and clamcake pigout here in northern, vt last weekend. in the 1940's and 1950's warwick was a wonderfull a place to grow in. Is it now?

John Durant, Richmond, VT