Rocky Point Scrapbook

I have lived in this area for most of my life, and that amusement park was the greatest thing me and my family and friends had. To build another park would be ideal, preserving the area is great as well, but to cover the land with houses or other commercial industry ... i am totally against it.

Whitney Orozco, Warwick, RI

Went to Rocky Point all my life.

Noreen Clancy, Foster, RI

I grew up going to Rocky Point every year as a child and have amazing memories even as an adult! I would love if my children could have the same opportunity to make their memories at Rocky Point!!

Sherry Smith, North Kingston, RI

Thanks for all your efforts to do something wonderful for the residents of the city of Warwick for now and for generations to come.... Good luck!

Rhoda-Ann Northrup, Naples, FL

Some of my fondest childhood,teenage and family memories are of Rocky Point, as a child the merry go round and watching the cotton candy spin into a delicacy just for me. Playing pitching pennies for goldfish and the greyhound races of which I (at 62) still display a prize I won when I was 6). Skee ball with my father and standing next to 'Are you this tall' to see if I could go on certain rides. As a teenager riding the Catapillar and when the top when up giving my boyfriend a kiss. The House of horrors. Prom at the Palladium. Swimming in the salt water pool. Watching the boys at the batting cages. As and adult... Chowder and clamcakes at the Shore Dinner Hall, watching my children enjoy the rides ( I think their favorite was 'the flume') outings with family and friends, Fireworks on the 4th of July. These are only some of my fondest memories. Just hearing the words Rocky Point makes me smile.

Marie Grogan, Warwick, RI

Rocky Point is a place that should be preserved and open to public use once again. Too much of the coastline has been privatized and a place like Rocky Point has many more memories to create.

Brian Gendreau, Lincoln, RI

I lived on the corner of RiverVue and Tidewater and I used to just open my bedroom window to see fireworks! Friends and I walked the beach right up to the park when it was low tide and we have many family films of swimming pool days! The traffic to the park drove by our house...if they knew the "shortcut" so we always knew when something great was going on and we joined in. There are SO many memories at Rocky Point for SO many was a true Wonderland for us. I'd love nothing more than to see it preserved in some wondrous way!

Sheila Bonner Brownhill, Bradford, RI

Rocky Point is one of Rhode Island's great treasures. What a delight it would be to have the upper Bay graced by the beauty of Colt State Park on the east and Rocky Point to the west. Perfect (parantheses) for the waters of the upper bay. A tribute to the protection of open spaces to be enjoyed by all citizens of Rhode Island. My heartiest applause and well wishes on the success of this preservation effort.

Claude Bergeron, Saunderstown, RI