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Paul and Nancy Swanson, of East Greenwich RI:
Rhode Islanders are so lucky to live in a wonderfully geographic area and we strongly support open space for all Rhode Islanders, especially coastal space.

Susan Porth, of Warwick RI:
I have very fond memories of Rocky Point when I was a kid. Warwick needs place to walk and have family picnics etc. Please save this land for the Warwick citizens.

Elizabeth Behrens, Courtenay, B.C. Canada: The high point of my children’s visits to their grandparents in RI was a trip to Rocky Point. Now I hope my grandchildren will at least be able walk there and climb the rocks.

Marsha Leonard, Warwick RI: Rocky Point is a part of my history and my children's history. Happy times, good eating, ocean views - so many moments of joy. Please don't let developers in to ruin the site. It can't ever be recaptured if it is sacrificed to the almighty dollar. Some things are more important than money!

Sally Rovane, Warwick RI: Please find a way to keep this location that so many have enjoyed available to be enjoyed by generations to come!!!

Chuck and Wendy Consentino, North Attleboro MA: There are very few natural sites that seem far away but are close to the hustle and bustle of the cities. This land is very much worth preserving as open space for the public.

Brenda Burke, Warwick RI: We must save this cultural treasure for future generations. It has so much rich history and should always be preserved for past , present , and future Rhode Islanders.

Arlene York, Warwick RI: Rocky Point is a major icon in RI history. It deserves to be a heritage site.

Maria and Cliff Bergman, Warwick RI: The beauty of our State is why many of us choose to live here. Such a beautiful spot is meant to be preserved for all to enjoy!

Melissa Robb, Warwick RI: The ONLY right thing to do with this property is public ownership. Anything else is unthinkable.

Jane Higginbotham Jones, Bow NH: I grew up in the Rocky Point area and spent many wonderful days there. I also worked at the Shore Dinner Hall - great memories of the park and the salt water pool.

Karlo Berger, Providence RI: I strongly support public access to Rocky Point, a RI landmark.

Joe Betters, Cape Cod: My parents and sister, Ernest, Alice and Constance Betters. When dad was home on leave from the Canadian Air Force in the 1940's. I hope these photos will find a spot in the Rocky Point scrapbook. I remember the drive to Rocky Point from Pawtucket and enjoying the salt water swimming pool. Then onto the midway collecting change falling from the pockets of riders on spinning rides. I don't remember the ride name, but it stood in the center of the midway nearest to the bay.

Paul H. Earnshaw, Warwick RI: I have many fond memories of the park. My friends and I rode our bikes to the park at least once a week. spent most of our summer days at or around the park. It is a Rhode Island Icon, and a natural resource that should be preserved and shared with all.

Carol and Richard Fredette, Warwick RI: Please open Rocky Point to the public. We miss it very much. So nice to sit by the water in the summer and so much wasted space people could be enjoying.

Ira Schaeffer, Warwick RI: One of the last of Warwick's delightful spots should be saved for both its historic/cultural significance and its natural beauty.

Matthew J. Ziegler, Riverside RI: It would be a shame to have so many years of fond memories of this wonderful park turned into condos. Rocky Point has always been about the common person. Please lets keep it that way!

Jessica Ziegler, Riverside RI: Please keep Rocky Point open! I haven't been able to take my kids there due to it's closure. Please do not rob me of the experience of doing what my parents and their parents before then have been able to do, share a beautiful area with their children!

Kerri Cardoza, Gainesville VA: I grew up in Warwick Neck and have many fond memories of Rocky Point. I spent one summer working at Rocky Point as well as many summers enjoying the rides, pool, and clamcakes. I fully support public access to and use of the entire Rocky Point property.

Mark Putnam, Warwick RI: This is a great cause. We need to make Rocky Point a public place.

Paul Sitko, Blackstone MA: Back in the early 1970s, my Uncle Ted used to take my cousin David and me to Rocky Point almost every weekend. I was 8 years old then and it was by far the greatest thing in the world. I liked the park so much, I bought one of the Sky Liner ride chairs on Ebay and made a swing out of it in my backyard.

Jennifer, Woonsocket,RI:
I loved Rocky Point as a child and wished I could have shared the joy with my own children. Maybe I still can very soon.

Karen Pigeon, Warwick RI: I am longing to walk my dog in the park that I hope will be accessible in the near future. We have been denied access for far too long to the beautiful shore line. I worked at the Windjammer and the Palladium for 5 years in the late 70's and early 80's when the park was bustling and I always took a moment on the way into work to look at the water. I miss that view. I will send a financial contribution in the next few weeks. Gook Luck on your quest.

Gerry Berard, Woonsocket RI: Please save this wonderful piece of land for the public use.

Melissa Kisinitz, Cranston RI: Save the park!

Sheila Bonner Brownhill, Bradford RI: I lived on the corner of RiverVue and Tidewater and I used to just open my bedroom window to see fireworks! Friends and I walked the beach right up to the park when it was low tide and we have many family films of swimming pool days! The traffic to the park drove by our house...if they knew the "shortcut" so we always knew when something great was going on and we joined in. There are SO many memories at Rocky Point for SO many was a true Wonderland for us. I'd love nothing more than to see it preserved in some wondrous way!

Matthew Beausoliel, Woonsocket, RI: Alway's enjoyed Rocky Point as a Kid! Will alway's remember Rocky Point as being the place for us to be taken for field trips & outings!

Kathy Huber Vachon, Cranston, RI: I grew up down the street from Rocky Point as did my mother. I have sooo many fond memories, from my earliest memories right up until the park was closed. I would love to see it accessible to the public. I would love to be able to go there and walk the beach again. Thank you for trying to save this treasure.

Alan and Jacquelyn Marshall, Warwick, RI: Rocky Point is a treasure and should be preserved as a beautiful and natural sanctuary to be enjoyed by people who appreciate it.

Muriel Glose, Pacoag, RI: My first trip to Rocky Point as a child was in 1961 with my family. Twenty years later I brought my own children. Sometimes we'd just sit on the shore and share a bag or 2 of the famous "Rocky Point Clam Cakes" and have some very interesting conversations. It's amazing what children will talk about when in a relaxed setting like that! My prayers..let this peaceful place continue so I can share it with my grandchildren!

Barbara McCrae, Smithfield, RI: Walking trails, a view of the bay... a gift to RI, the people, the children of the future.

Andrea Casavant, Riverside, RI: I, the same as many Rhode Islanders spent many amazing and fun-filled days at Rocky Point, and I have some awesome memories I will never forget, I even recently purchased the Rocky Point picture done by Frank Galasso, as well as the Rocky Point ornament for my tree, I would love to see this land open to the public, even if the park buildings are gone it would still be awesome to be able to revisit my old stomping grounds.

Michael Padula, Riverside, RI: the park was a inexpensive way to enjoy summer nites with friends and family

Sandra Taylor, Johnston, RI: My family and I would go there every summer as kids. It was always a lot of fun. Now that I am a parent I wish it was still open so my son could have some summer fun at the park and having lasting memories.

Amy Crossley, Hope Valley, RI: As a child, I rode my first roller coaster at Rocky Point with my father. My family went to enjoy the festivities at Rocky Point every summer. Making good, public use of the land would be wonderful. There are beautiful views and fond memories going to waste!

Lisa Fiske, Providence, RI: Several years ago my daughters a family friend and her daughter stood outside Rocky Point to get people to sign to save some of the park I grew up 2 streets away from there and have many memerioes and pictures from there we also got alot of signuaters that was aired on the news So good luck and maybe this time we will win !!!!!!

Donna Tessier, Pawtucket, RI: I have such great memories of my "poppa" taking us there. He enjoyed the clam cakes & chowder so much. I also remember my brother trying to get off the cyclone once it started because he was afraid. I can still remember the smell of the Haunted house.

Elizabeth Iovino, Warwick, RI: Beautiful spot that should be open to all. Spent a great deal of time there when I was young. Very sad to see it in the shape it is in today. So glad to see John Howell and friends stepping up to the plate to preserve this as open space for the future.

Jennifer Martel, Slatersville, RI: I have so many fond memories of Rocky Point Park. I can remember the excitement and joy that would overcome me when my parents would tell us we were going! Entering the park was a thrill on it's own as we passed the Flume! Many day trips to remember. Saving our appetites for the delicious chowder and clam cakes at the Shore Hall, yum! I loved riding the Ferris wheel at night. Being able to see the ocean from the ride was just so spectacular. Also, as a teen going to watch the fireworks by the water, seeing them was so memorable at Rocky Point. What an amazing place with so many happy happy memories. I wish this it was here for my son to enjoy.

Carol Mann, Warwick, RI: What great news!!! I wish you GREAT success!!! If you need volunteers, I would be happy to lend some time.

Carol Schrader, Warwick, RI: The good old days at Rocky Point - etched in your head forever. Let's not forget that salt-water pool!

Cassie Lussier, Cumberland, RI: I can remember going to Rocky Point when i was little. My parents would bring my brother and me to the park during the summers. I used to love looking out at the water, riding the Corkscrew and eating at the Dinner Hall. I would love to be able to go in and walk around the old park and look at the water again. It's a big part of the area's history and is important to a lot of people. To put condos or anything else on it would be a shame and a waste. This land should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. The stories that get passed down from generation to generation would be even better if they were told on the actual grounds where they happened. I really hope that in the future i will be able to walk there with my children and tell them about what it used to be like.

Tim Boulay, Sebring, FL: Please save this wonderful place.

Mark McHugh, Warwick, RI: Rocky Point is truly the jewel in the center of Narragansett Bay.

Jennifer Girard, Medway, MA: such fond memories of the 1st time my parents let me go 'alone' with my friends to the park, the flea markets, the clam cakes and of course learning to drive a stick shift car in the parking lot ... i only wish my children could have experienced it.

Ron Monroe, Warwick RI: I have many fond memories of summers at Rocky Point. It is such a shame it lays in waste where as no one can use it. It would be nice to someday take my kids there even just to walk the area and do some fishing...

Sandy, East Greenwich RI: Rocky Point was a great place to go on a warm summer evening. I remember sitting on the small grass hill near the office, waiting for 4th of July fireworks to start. We need keep this beautiful part of RI open to the public for future generations to enjoy.

Edward Babine, Warwick RI: in 1936 when I was 12 years old Mrs. Ellis (who was the manager of the swimming pool and also a friend of my mother) let me clean the lockers at the swimming pool. That is were I learned to swim and dive. I would go to the top of the bleachers and watch the parade of busses bringing in the scores of people for there outings. Great times.
What happened to the Lions that were at the top of the dock?

Christine Fitzgerald, Warwick RI: This is a fabulous opportunity to preserve this gorgeous spot for all Rhode Islanders.

Sherry Smith, North Kingston RI: I grew up going to Rocky Point every year as a child and have amazing memories even as an adult! I would love if my children could have the same opportunity to make their memories at Rocky Point!!

Alice Dumas, Johnston RI: I've never even really been to Rocky Point. I was four when it closed, but recently one of my friends from Warwick drove me to the place where it used to be. There is this presence about the land...a history; a legacy. Stories from this place will be passed down for generations and that is something that should be preserved. Although I have never had the personal opportunity to experience Rocky Point, I wish that I had. Because as a Rhode Islander, I feel that it is a part of my personal history.

Michael Jolicoeur, Warwick RI: I envision public access for kayaking, hiking trails, community gardens, a Farmer's Market & wind turbines whirring overhead. Sheep grazing in pastures w/ their wool processed locally for Rocky Point Blankets & Sweaters. The turbines would provide enough power for the site with the eccess energy sold to "The Grid" & the proceeds used to bolster Warwick's bottom line.

Lauren Pendergast, Warwick RI:
I grew up in Warwick Neck and have very fond memories of Rocky point. I think it is important to preserve the land there for public use.

Daniel Campagna, Charlestown RI: My first recollection of Rocky Point was back in the "50's". My Mother use to tell me about having wonderful picnics down on the Rhode Island Shore with my Grand Mother and Grand Father. We were from Boston (Hyde Park). Back in the 1920's it was a five hour ride by car to Rocky Point. My Mother had one sibling (Aunt Dot) who also loved going down to the Rhode Island Shore on a hot summer day. She would tell me that they left in the dark and came home in the dark. Yes, it was a long day, but both my mother and her sister waited with anticipation for a fun day filled with food, drink, swimming, amusements and fresh salt air. During the 1960's (65-68) I was stioned at Quonset Point Naval Air Station. I married a women from Warwick, lived in Warwick, and had two son's. My boys both worked at Rocky Point during the "80's" on their summer vacation. This was a great learning experience for the kids and I was sadened when the Park closed. When my Grandmother was not feeling well and fading in 1968 My Mother and my Aunt Dot asked her if there was any place she would like to visit. Yes! She replied "Rocky Point"!

Aimee White Beazley, Basalt CO: I can't think of a better way than to retain this land and protect it from development for future generations. This parcel is a state treasure -- tourism and the natural beauty of Rhode Island is something that people will never tire of, and will keep people visiting the state for years to come.

Rachel Leighty, Warwick RI: I remember going to Rocky Point in the summer when I was a kid! I was so disappointed when the park closed! Since that time I've always hoped that SOMEDAY the Rocky Point I loved would come back. Unfortunately, I now realize that was a exactly what I thought, a dream! I would love to see something good happen with the property for the City of Warwick Residents so we can still enjoy the wonderful Rocky Point which we all love!

Claude Bergeron, Saunderstown RI: Rocky Point is one of Rhode Island's great treasures. What a delight it would be to have the upper Bay graced by the beauty of Colt State Park on the east and Rocky Point to the west. Perfect (parantheses) for the waters of the upper bay. A tribute to the protection of open spaces to be enjoyed by all citizens of Rhode Island. My heartiest applause and well wishes on the success of this preservation effort.

Mark Calcione, Johnston RI: I remember the park well. As a kid i couldn’t wait to go. Now, if some of this area can be kept public (espcially the view to the ocean) then I am all for it.. Mark C.

Nikki Vanasse, Blackstone MA: My memories of the wonderful fun I had at Rocky Point will never fade, but it would be really wonderful if we can keep developers from building on it. A park on that stretch of shore would be absolutely AWESOME for people to go and think of what the midway once looked like and to share with others! God, I miss Rocky Point Park!!

Dani Pontus, Houston TX:
If you really want to know how I feel about rocky point, go to and check out the MY ROCKY POINT video, it was my senior thesis. RISD 2003 FAV. FYI, it came out before the other RP docu. :)

Dan Vallier, Cranston RI: I worked there for about 5 years in the food department managing some of the food stands. This place has great memories

Mike Pigeon, Warwick RI: MAKE IT PUBLIC

Phil Slocum, Warwick RI: Close your eyes, sit quietly on the shores of Warwick Neck, if you listen carefully enough you can probably hear the laughter, smell the chowder and clam cakes or feel the excitement coming from the mid-way or palladium. If you can you're a Rhode Islander, welcome to the club. Saving this incredible site, full of it's memories, should be of the utmost importance to preserve it for Rhode Islander's for many generations to come.

Lynelle Merolla, Cranston RI: Just saw the article concerning the purchase of the balance of the Rocky Point land. This could be an opportunity to create a real grass roots movement to try and save a tremendous piece of Rhode Island history. It's unfortunate that while most Rhode Islanders have strong memories of Rocky Point there seems to be a feeling of helplessness pertaining to preserving what is left. However I am grateful that at least a group exists that maybe can make a difference. I am still saddened by the demolition of the old farmers market in Providence as well as the circular Gulf station but these pale in comparison to our beloved Rocky Point.

Nicolette Nicolaides, Cranston RI: I have many, many fond memories of Rocky Point, as I was born and raised in Warwick. D.A.R.E dances at the Shore Dinner Hall, birthdays at the park, you name it. Every summer my family and I would go to the park at least once. I miss those days. I fully support your cause and hope that someday we can get Rocky Point back for my children to enjoy, as I so did.

Joe Richard, Attleboro MA: I was part of the August 2009 tour of the park and it hit me really hard. I put up some of the pictures on my myspace page: please give what you can and save Rocky Point. It belongs to the people of Rhode Island and not to sit there and be wasted. Please contact me first if you want to use my photos. Thank you.

Diane Grechoski, Warwick RI: I live in the community of Warwick Neck, and was employed as a administrative assistant for Rocky Point Amusement Park... I would like to advocate for public ownership as this historical piece of land here in Warwick Neck... Please let me know what I can do to help

Bob Gershkoff, Narragansett RI: A gang of us boys from Edgewood would pile into one buddy's car & drive the length of Warwick Ave to work the rides each day in the summer. My best friend & I always got to run the best ride, the skyliner. Friday night was always hopping for us young teenagers. The skyliner was the lovers' ride. Young couples would hold hands & maybe even sneak a kiss if you were lucky. Those were fun times filled with anticipation & excitement over who we were seeing or who we might meet. Then we'd be busy working long days & nights for the remainder of the week with the crowds of families that would come.

Patty Johnston Martucci, Warwick RI: I have many fond memories of Rocky Point during my childhood and teen years. These memories will always be a cherished part of my life.

Irene Alexander, Warwick RI: Many fond memories boating over to the park from the East side of the bay. We need time and places to relax from our hectic world today! what a wonderful spot to enjoy!

Deb, West Warwick RI: my views on Rocky Point? lol I grew up there. the thrill of all the light going and a place where teens could go and have fun. the park was yes in debt however me and I am sure tons of other people wondered why not leave the park running and have it state run? it would definately give revenue to the state and once again give people a place to go and have fun. Keeping teens out of trouble and families to spend time together. I hate driving so far to Six Flags and really do not understand with all the problems with the land why it cannot just be a state owned and run amusement park?

Brian O'Donoghue, Fort Lauderdale, Fl:   I had a friend who liked to eat.  We would get a car load of friends together and go to the Shore Dinner Hall for chowder and clam cakes (the chowder was red, but it was still good.  The clam cakes were the best).  Anyways, as you may recall it was a first come first serve procedure.  You would enter and seat yourself at the first available seat in the row that would at that point be last to be served,  As time went on more people would come after you and the eaters who came in before you would soon be full and leave and the servers would get to you.  And the patrons would move through the hall like a wave at Point Judith.  My friend found great enjoyment in continuing to eat while the patron wave moved away from us.  We'd be sitting there five or six rows away from everyone else.  He would still be eating and the rest of us would be laughing uncontrollably

Mark C. Clark, Mystic CT: I remember Rocky Point as a boy and my last visits were in 1970 at age ten and in 1972. I remember riding that Rocky Point Express during my last visit with my family and this spanish woman with her child were on this train sitting behind us and she thought some how that train was going up that water flume and come down it as the train passed near the flume and my grandmother told her that it was going to be ok and that the train was not going to go down that flume. That sky liner really gave nice views of the Bay from when you reached the top of that hill and came back down. and acourse the house of Horrors was another favorite of mine as a kid back then. This is a great worth while project and to preserve a little memory for us all of that beautiful view. Best Wishes and keep me posted with the latest developments.

Lori Tepere, Woonsocket RI: Remember many fun times at Rocky Point as a child and as a young adult. I grew up in Hopkinton, MA...we used to take school field trips there. As an adult we used to pull our boat up to the dock and get chowder & clamcakes. Fun times!!!

Joshua DeAngelis, Providence RI:
Bring it back !!!!!!!

Walter, Warwick RI: I would like to thank the folks who have put their efforts into this project. I truly believe this will greatly affect the future generations of the state.

Jennifer Martin, Baltimore MD: I'm glad to be a Friend of Rocky Point. It's a beautiful place that should be available to everyone. I have memories of fun visits to the Park when I was a kid growing up in Warwick. I also remember many hours waitressing at the Shore Dinner Hall. Thank you for organizing this effort to save Rocky Point.

Rhoda-Ann Northrup, Naples FL:
Thanks for all your efforts to do something wonderful for the residents of the city of Warwick for now and for generations to come.... Good luck!

John Durant, Richmond VT: I am a former rhode islander, who grew up in hoxie. as a child, we had many happy memories of swimming in the frog pond. when the city of warwick allowed the hoxie cleaners to dump its' waste water into that pond it wasn't long after before it was no longer usable for swimming, fishing etc. what a terrible thing that was for us. I hope that problem is being resolved so th children in that part of warwick will be able to swim there again. I took my skills as a teacher to northern, n.y. where my children could enjoy clean lakes. my memories of rocky point are many and pleasant. my children were able to stuff themselves with chowder and clamcakes. we actually had achowder festg and clamcake pigout here in northern, vt last weekend. in the 1940's and 1950,s warwick was a wonderfull a placeto grow in. Is it now?

Charles Van Patten, Warwick RI: I first came to RI in 1967 when I was in the Seabees at Quonset. I remember going to Rocky Point when I was dating my wife. We went on a few of the rides and had diner at the Shore Dining Hall.

Eric J. Komiega, Riverside RI: Rocky Point was a huge part of my childhood. It makes me sad to know that my son won't be able to experience what I have..

Bill Poutray, Milford CT: Like everybody else who grew up around there,Rocky Point means alot to my family. My Dad's fist job was waiting tables in the Shore Dinner Hall before WWII. And my folks and my Grandma who lived in Apponaug took us kids there just about every summer. It was magic.Its still a magic place to take in the amazing view of the bay. Hope it remains a public space forever. Thanks to all who have worked to make that happen!

Anne Biddle, Miami FL: A former Rhode Islander, I remember visiting Rocky Point Park as a teen. One vivid memory was when my grandfather took myself and my cousins to the amusement park and he and I were the only ones brave enough to ride ride the white loopdy-loop roller coaster! I will never forget that day!

Cristina Nemchak, Magnolia TX: I lived within beach walking distance of Rocky Point. I spent all of my summers there as a kid, spending only about $5 to ride the rides all day. My father and I would go one block over from our house on July 4th to have an unobstructed view of the fireworks from RP. I think it is a shame that the park no longer exists in some form, be it a public park, a Veterans area or something.

Beatrice Van Patten, Warwick RI: I moved to RI when I was a teen from Germany. I remember going to Rocky Point many times with my friends and having a great time.

Rosetta Desrosier, Warwick RI: That park should belong to the Rhode Islanders to enjoy.

Stephen Zuehlke, Portsmouth RI: I used to bring my kids when they were little to Rocky Point. They loved the rides (and so did I) but I loved walking to a large rock to appreciate the ocean. Let's save this beautiful area for all.

Roberta Mudge Humble, Westerly and Warwick RI: Whenever I give presentations on Rhode Island and mention Rocky Point, there is an audible "breath" taken by the audience that makes us all alike for a moment in our remembrance of a truly enjoyable, memorable, and superior part of Rhode Island. Making the park open for the public to use will keep this monumental park's memory alive, but it also serves to show off the beauty of Rhode Island's coastline and the determined consciousness and caring of Rhode Island citizens.

Vicki Lague, Homestead FL: Formerly of West Warwick and Coventry.

Marie Grogan, Warwick RI:
Some of my fondest childhood,teenage and family memories are of Rocky Point,as a child the merry go round and watching the cotton candy spin into a delicacy just for me. Playing pitching pennies for goldfish and the greyhound races of which I (at 62)still display a prize I won when I was 6). Skee ball with my father and standing next to "Are you this tall" to see if I could go on certain rides. As a teenager riding the Catapillar and when the top when up giving my boyfriend a kiss. The House of horrors. Prom at the Palladium. Swimming in the salt water pool. Watching the boys at the batting cages. As and adult... Chowder and clamcakes at the Shore Dinner Hall, watching my children enjoy the rides ( I think their favorite was "the flume") outings with family and friends, Fireworks on the 4th of July. These are only some of my fondest memories. Just hearing the words Rocky Point makes me smile.

A.I. Iadevaia, Warwick RI: I agress we should have access to Rocky Point and not have it developed on for the rich and famous to enjoy. This is for all Rhode Islanders.

Yuri Panov, Riverside RI: I wish that Rocky Point will be opened as a public park.

Denise Clark, Warwick TI: I grew up at Rocky Point, as did my friends, older siblings, and parents. It holds more wonderful memories for us than I could ever fit in a blog post.

Dolores Plante, Cape Cod MA: Growing up in Providence in the 50's, I have fond memories of Rocky Point. My parents would take us for Chowder and Clam Cakes at the Shore Dinner Hall and we would love going on the rides. When my husband and I were dating it was one of our favorite places to go just to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. After we were married, we moved to Warwick ( a couple of miles from the park) where our children grew up spending a lot of time at Rocky Point going on the rides or swiming in the pool. One of our daughters got her first job selling clam cakes and chowder at the walk up window and my husband and son spent many days fishing off the dock. I support an open and accessible Rocky Point. Good Luck!

James Mathews, Warwick RI: We can all save this beautiful piece of property from commercial development.

Noreen Baxter, Warwick RI: I think everyone that lives in Warwick worked at Rocky Point at one time or another and I was no exception. It was a fun job and the people I worked with were great.

Alyssa Cannata, New Britain CT: my grandparents had a beach house at rocky point beach. i spent the summers of my youth at the beach and park, i always remember the times at the park going on all the rides, eating chowder and cakes. we had the best view of the fireworks from the cottage deck, and we could even hear the concerts to. we didnt need to always go to the park to get the thrill of the rides and food. we could hear the screams ride operators and music from the cottage or even when we were relaxing on the beach. the summers of my youth at rocky point were the best times of my life.

Theresa Lucier, Warwick RI: Thank you to all of you that are working so hard to open this land for all of us.

Nancy Cooney, Warwick RI: This a place I miss so much . It would bring me great pleasure just to be able to come and sit on the rocks or picnic table if there were any.

Sharon Picard, Warwick RI: I support the preservation of rocky point as open space accessible to the public.

Jonathan Stark, Providence RI:
Rocky Point was my first real job. I was the kid who ran the can smash game. So many awesome memories :)

Kathleen T. Pavlakis, Prudence Island, RI:
Too much of our beautiful Rhode Island coastline has been lost to the bulldozer, and to private concerns. Once lost, it will be gone forever......Rocky Point, with all of it's natural beauty and rarity, needs and deserves to be preserved for all to enjoy, now and for generations to come.The exchange of stories and memories of Rocky Point Park will fade in time, but if preserved it will be coveted for it's natural beauty and uniqueness, with new and different memories to share.

Karen, Cranston RI:
Save the point for our children to enjoy as we did, and save the local business in that area.

02-21-10_1215Greta S., Warwick RI: I helped sign up Friends of Rocky Point at the Flower Show.

Noreen Clancy, Foster RI: Went to Rocky Point all my life.

Jeanette, Coventry RI: The FLUME rocked! It was the best ride every! And after the Flume the Music Express to dry off! :) I still miss that place...

Felicia Castiglioni Gardella, Warwick RI:
My great uncles Paul and Alfred Castiglioni leased Rocky Point from the Harrington Family from 1919-1938 and ran it as the Rocky Point Amusement Company. They were unable to resume operation after the hurricane. It would be my pleasure to see it again open to the public for all to enjoy.

Donna DeFusco, Jamestown, RI: My memories of Rocky Point started as a young child going in the late afternoon for clam cakes and chowder. Then started working there when I was sixteen in the Windjammer, Palladium, Shore Dinner Hall, and the amusement park. I remember the men working hard over the chowder vats to keep it coming for everyone in the cafeteria. Then having to carry the heavy chowder in the silver buckets with a bowl on top holding the clam cakes. Remembering all the good times with the wait staff at the end of a busy night at the Palladium – hanging out doing silverware and sharing stories, then leaving to find a spot for drinks and cards to wind down after a long day/night. I remember the entry sign the most – as it got old as time went on, but still held it’s charm. This is a special landmark that the Foundation can hopefully save and use to regenerate the old special times - make it a RI theme setting – it is a beautiful spot to keep us all from missing – create all that makes RI special – park, small shops with our special items here in RI to help keep funds raised, small food areas, somewhere to go, sit, eat and relax and for a lot of us – go back in time.

Shawn Snowden, Carbondale CO: Good parties on the weekend, that was 1988.

Beth Googins, Warwick RI: I remember as though it were yesterday taking my daughter, now almost 40, and her best friend to Rocky Point those many years ago. They rode The Flume over and over again and loved that I stood at the bottom and got soaked as they ended their ride! A wonderful time was had by all. Don't let this incredible piece of Warwick get away from us.

Robynne Cote, Warwick RI: I moved to RI in the fall of 2002 to be with my future husband. I have heard so many stories from him and other about Rocky Point. Now that I live on Warwick Neck, I really hope the people's wishes will be met and this area becomes a public park. I think it will be a wonderful addition to the city of Warwick AND the state of Rhode Island.

Eric Fusco, Warwick RI: I met my fiancee there when we both worked at the park.

Kathleen Duchesneau, Warwick RI: Many teenage memories growing up at Rocky Point with the bands on Fri nights & ride all the rides. Shore Dinner hall for clam cakes and chowder- delicious. Pulling up to the dock off our boat to get them, or driving down! What a spectacular view and great times!

Jason Cesana, Manville RI:
I remember going to Rocky Point Amusment Park and viewing the great view over the bay. This is one of many great childhood memories.

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Warwick RI: A very good friend of mine made me aware of your organization. Thank you for all of your efforts on this very worthy project. YES to Rocky Point!

Kevin Fera, Warwick IR: I remember going to Rocky Point as a child and eating clam cakes and chowder at the dinner hall. I remember going there with my friends and riding the corkscrew. I want to be able to take my kids thru there so they can see what a great location it was.

Mandy Floodman, Cranston RI:
Just to be able to take a stroll down Rocky Point Beach again would bring back so many memories. Will they open it up for the public for a few hours again and if they do, when will they do it? If this is public property , why can't the public go through the gates?? [editor: because the access road is on the property controlled by the court receiver, the property we hope to acquire.]

Donna Halvorsen, Johnston RI: I really miss Rocky Point was a big part of my childhood...I am sad that MY children will not have a chance to enjoy is also important to preserve as much natural beauty of this Rocky Point area...Best of luck to all invovlved in the wonderful journey...

James Bannister, Pittsfield MA: I miss RP more then words can say. If I had the money I would buy it all and reopen the park as it was years ago.

Allen F. Wolf, Neenah WI: I Worked at Rocky Point in the mid 80's as a ride operator for 4 years.My last year there was 1986.i ran two of the rides..the Rock & Roll plus the House of Horrors. im hoping that if you get to reopen the park once more,it would be nice to see those rides put back in. as i don't have an e-mail address..could you send info on what..if any rides you plan on putting back into the park? i would come all the way from wisconsin to see the grand re-opening. i was also promoted to breakman in my last year there.i would go around the park and give all the other ride operators thire breaks while i ran the rides. best wishes from a former Rocky Point Ride Operator!!!!!!!

Joseph F. Caruso: my family=aunt angie/uncle frank owned the rockets and whip =uncle henry the tumble bug=aunt annie/uncle manny the catapiller and kiddie land=dad joe caruso =was second in command of maint=his= dads last request was to have his ash,s spread there so we did/also uncle pete was the sign paint cousins connie richard(rocker dick caruso) patsey,bobby,jimmy &peter all worked as well as my sisters judith & ann the park at one time or another ==aunt mary book the show,s==the caruso family had deep roots in rocky point=shame what has happened to it joseph f joey caruso/sorry for any miss spell /and poor well ===

Michelle Camara, Cranston RI: We walked thru Rocky point when it was recently reopened to the public what a waste of a beautiful area...we all miss rocky point!

Bette Spinale, Warwick RI:I think this land is a gem in Warwick and we need it for an escape as the airport keeps gettingbigger and eating up our homes. This area would be great for fishing, relaxing, community gatherings. We could re-open the Shore Dinner Hall and bring much needed jobs and revenue to Warwick again as RIAC eats up our tax base, this would help! There is not a RI'er who does not have fond memories of going to Rocky Point for fun, concerts, family days, chowder and clam cakes. This needs to be preserved by State or City and should not allowed to go to some greedy developer! Preserve Preserve Preserve!

Kathleen Gerber, Ramat Beit Shemesh Israel: Formerly of Warwick, Rhode Island.

Jane Jablonski Harper, Kissimmee FL: Many fond memories of RP. I lived in Foster 1967-1974. Save the property form condos.... a weekly farmer's market, or a park would be nice.

Megan Kudzal, Savannah, GA: I remember Rocky point when i was 10. I am know 25 and am so glad i got to go. I remember i lived in West Warwick at the time and it seemed to take forever to get there. Just seeing the sign as we drove up excitement just took over!!!!

John Bigonette, Lincoln RI: Save the property for public use!

Armand Tetreault, Woonsocket RI: It's a great opportunity for the fishing community to gain some access to the bay especially since we've been losing the access battle for a while. I remember as a young boy fishing off that dock and look forward to that opportunity again.

Deborah Ladd, Providence RI:
Thanks for all you are doing. I definitely support you in all your efforts and would love to have access to Rocky Point again.

Donna Marold, Warwick RI: Growing up, in our family Spring began on Easter with our annual family trip to Rocky Point. We didn't miss a year for as long as I can remember.

Angie Mckiernan, Warwick RI: It is shame all that beautiful property, which holds history and memories, sits unused.

Christine Brooks, Narragansett RI: I grew up in Warwick and a staple of my childhood was Rocky Point Park! I can still remember the butterflies I would get in my stomach as we drove under the Rocky Point arch! As a teen I would meet up with or go with my friends to enjoy the fun or just see who else was there. As a young mother I was fortunate to enjoy the park with my son. I was never so sad as the day the park was closed and then subsequently demolished. If we can't bring the amusement park back I would at least love to be able to enjoy the grounds beautiful water views. I FULLY support public access to this property!

Whitney Orozco, Warwick RI: I have lived in this area for most of my life, and that amusement park was the greatest thing me and my family and friends had. To build another park would be ideal, preserving the area is great as well, but to cover the land with houses or other commercial industry ... i am totally against it.

Joshua Lufkin, Williamston SC: I have so many memories growing up in Providence, RI of Rocky Point. It would be nice to see it come back.

Scott Van Orden, Johnston, RI: This was a place that all ages could enjoy and there is now a huge void and very little left to do in R.I. From the time I was young going on the rides and eating at the chowder hall to attending indoor and outdoor concerts later in life in such a unique,beautiful location for an amusement park.If it wasn't destroyed by the shareholders unnecessary and costly decisions there would definitely still be a huge market for it with no competition in the area as well as more jobs in an area that's lost more jobs than most of the country. It would be nice to have a little walking park there though a big financial backer for a new amusement park would be my preference. Definitely no houses or condo's! Let's all hope it works out!

Lee-Ann Desilets, Bristol RI: So many memories with family and friends at Rocky Point. I would LOVE to relive those memories and someday be able to return to the park grounds.

Shirley Murrant, Hartford CT: Not from RI but I loved this spot and have fond childhood memories. Must save this cultural treasure. I hope my vote can count.

Gislen Frias, Providence RI: I just want to say that I support Rocky Point Foundation. I want to be able to experience memories of what was the best Amusement Park in RI. I know we can do it!

Laurie A. Micheltti, McAllen TX:
Lived in Warwick most of my life and enjoyed Rocky Point and I would not like to see it developed.

Katherine Davies, Galway, Ireland: I have many fond memories of Rocky Point beginning as a little girl in the 60s when my Aunts too me there - they lived in Warwick and I was from North Attleboro then. With my teenage friends we spent some great summer evenings there in the 70s. After I was married we took our own niece in the 80s. I remember the Shore Dinner Hall fondly...My Mom's side of the family is from the area and she dearly loved the shores of Rhode Island. She would be happy to know of your efforts, as am I.

Tracy Weisensee, North Kingstown RI: So many memories so sad to see it gone =( I loved you Rocky Point!

James Annis, Bristol RI:
Spent many wonderful days at Rocky Point. Chowder House, Pool, Rides and even the Dock. 1974 Proposed to Norma-Jean Gauthier now Annis in a 1965 Ford Station Wagon. We have outlasted Rocky Point, Yes the Station Wagon too. It would be so great to see this land stay public.

Sharon Thiel, Warwick RI: Rocky Point was the most amazing place I visited when I first came to RI in 1978....and it was (and still IS) the only place on earth I ever rode on a ferris wheel, a double ferris wheel, no less! I still remember the view, and being scared to death, and also how delicious the food was at the Shore Dinner Hall. The memories must be preserved, and even more important, the beautiful location needs to be protected and made available to Rhode Islanders forever. To all Rhode Islanders of means, I say simply this: there is no better investment you can make in RI than to donate funds for the purchase of ALL of Rocky Point! What a legacy to leave and be rememberd for! Please help!

Sarah Borges, East Providence RI: I was 13 when Rocky Point closed. My childhood is filled with warm memories of the park. If RP can be brought back, even in a minimized state, it would be such a service to all Rhode Islanders. There has been no form of true family entertainment in RI since the park closed. Please bring it back!

Allen Wolf, Neenah WI: I really do hope that no one comes in at the last moment and scarfs up the land for apartments. I'd just cry if that happened.

Brandon Sherlock, North Kingstown RI:
Bring back our childhood memories so we can share them with our children.

Rich Molster, West Warwick RI: Supports this cause.

Roger Gosselin, Warwick RI: The state complains that all the money drives though Rhode Island to Conn and Mass. Well if we had Rocky Point here they stop and spend money even in the hard times we have. Nnow is when we could use it the most.

Dennis Benn, Lexington KY: I have many fond memories of the place growing up, and was terribly sad to see it go. I hope the shoreline access can be saved for generations to come, and that it can become the property of the people of the State of Rhode Island, like it should be. While we have the Washington County Fair, which I think is wonderful, Rhode Island no longer has any State Fair since Rocky Hill closed. At the time, unfortunately, this idea did not take off at the old Rocky Point, but now that the land is cleared, this could happen again. Along the shoreline, it would showcase the beauty of the Ocean State. This land is too valuable to be developed into condos for the wealthy. It should go to the people who enjoyed and loved it for over 100 years! Whatever should happen, I think the line from this song is the most fitting tribute we can give to the park: “Thanks for the memories!”

Lisa Smith, Woonsocket RI: My mom used to take me there every summer when I was younger and then when I was 15 I started going with my friends until 1986 when i got pregnant with my daughter. I always loved it!!! I especially loved the musik express, it was my all time favorite ride and still is when I can find one!!! The only one that I know of nowadays is in NH @ Canobe Lake park. Who knows maybe it's the one that was at Rocky Point.

Albert Melikian Jr., Cranston RI: My grandfather went there as early as 1895. I would like to see it preserved as open space with a large shore dinner hall like my parents and I enjoyed the dinners there and the view.


Dawn Oxnard, Bristol CT: This was the place of my first roller coaster, my first meal of chowder & clam cakes, my first true love and my first job. I would love to save whatever we can.

Sean Sullivan, Warwick RI:
I have fond memories of my friends and I riding our bikes to the Warwick Neck General Store. Buying a snack or two then riding to Rocky Point, sitting on the rocks and eating our snacks. Let's make this land public again, so that one day my children can do the same.

Andreia Mourato, Douglas WY: I remember going to Rocky Point as a kid when I lived in Rhode Island. It holds lot of fond memories for me.

MattRouse, Niles, MI I grew up in West Warwick and always went to Rocky Point as a kid. It's a shame it can't be reopened for the public to enjoy!!!!

Deb Stephenson, Warwick RI: I enjoyed every time I went to Rocky Point as a kid and a teen. It was sad to see it close. As a parent, I wish I could take my kids there and build memories for them like I had the opportunity to make. Bring back Rocky Point!!

Michael Gemma, East Greenwich RI: Rocky Point is a treasure. The memories of fun filled days will last a lifetime. The beauty of the location is priceless. Preserving this spot for generations to come is a lasting legacy. I am extremely proud of your efforts. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Paul Gustavson, Seekonk MA: Rocky Point was an institution in Rhode Island, and the source of many fond memories for me. It was such a shame that a great landmark had to fall at the hands of mismanagement of funding. It would be great to see the area reopened, and I definitely admire and support what your organization is doing.

Kathleen Pierson, Venice FL: I am a native RIslander and remember many, many fun times at this landmark. If and when it ever is open again, you can be sure that I will go when I come up to RI to visit.

Sheila G., Seekonk MA: Rocky Point was a mainstay in many hearts, from the amusement rides and fun times (all day long) to the walks along the shore and great food and music! IT IS MISSED A LOT! I hope the shorelines will stay open to the public, for Fishing at least! Please! Let me know, if it does OPEN for Fishing/etc. Thank YOU! Blessings and Peace.

Jesse Patnaude, Warwick RI: Rocky Point has been a long standing tradition in my family since my great grandfather came to RI, the mess hall, the fireworks, concerts and every little detail will forever be in my heart and memories. Please keep this land for all of its past and future treasures. Thank you

Edward Lindstrom, Providence RI: I applaud the efforts of this organization, it would be a wonderful asset to the state to have this land back and create public access for all who wish to enjoy the beautiful coast land that is now just going to waste. If the public access plan goes through I hope the planners have enough heart to restore the old ROCKY POINT sign at the entrance. Every time I drive by there the dilapidation of that sign brings a tear to my eye.

Kerrie Waters, Providence RI: Some of my most cherished memories from when I was a child & teen are from Rocky Point. ALL the people of Rhode Island, every generation, should have access to this beautiful site.

Jamie Lambert, Woonsocket RI: Even if we never get our amusement park back, the land is such a waste as it is now. Stop the developers and build a nice state park! Maybe a huge playground for the kids! And revive the Chowder house!

Lisa D’Ambra, Warwick RI:
Rocky Point is the source of many great childhood memories with my mom and dad - sitting on the shore eating clamcakes on Sunday afternoon was always something I looked forward to. Many great times were had in the park itself!! Come on RI - let's get together and save this place, the children of today need a fun place to make their own memories locally.

Glenn Roia, Warren RI: Bring back Rocky Point to the people. This place used to be so full of life and laughter and energy. RI needs a place like this for the smile on peoples faces I remember going here as a kid and having so much fun. take care.

William Chaisson, Dauphin PA: In my teen years...I spent a lot of time at Rocky Point. We loved the place....I will send a donation as soon as possible. I will be visiting my sister soon in RI and would like to visit Rocky Point while I'm there

Melissa Wagner Pavick, Pascoag RI: would love to have memories with my kids there as it was such a great place when i was a kid.

Heather Scotti, Yorkville IL: Rocky Point was my 1st job! I worked there for 2 summers 1994 & 1995! I have a lot of great memories from there!!

Allison Pike, Norwood MA: I grew up going to this park and would love to bring my kids to this shoreline for them to develop their own memories of Rocky Point!

Brian Bishop, Woonsocket RI: this place meant so much to me,and so many other rhode was our home away from home.there isnt many places left that hold such wonderful memories like this land,and it should be preserved.personally i would love to see something similar to the rocky point amusement park,perhaps at a smaller scale even,to keep it maintainable financially.maybe a carousel,and a ferris wheel to start,throw in some go carts or something like that too.either way,this land should belong to us,the people of rhode island

Bob Barton, Warwick RI: I used to work there I had the pleasure of making the Chowder there. then I would work the winter at the Windjammer & Palladiun. I knew Conrad Ferla very well & always respected him he was a charecter. making the Chowder for thousand"s of people every week & sometime"s daily was mass production at it" best. I can remember looking at the list of outing's for the week & looking at the number"s & shaking my head & saying how the heck are we going to be able to do this but we did. I could tell you some number"s but you would not believe me. I miss not being able to go there & sit & watch the boat's go by. It is a damm shame the shape it is in right now I think somebody should be ASHAMED of themselve"s THANK YOU

Charlene Moniz, Wood River Junction RI: I <3 Rocky Point.

Lynnann Rougier, Canson RI: We just want the old rocky point back.... i want my kids to have such good childhood memories as i did... so please OPEN rocky point ...

Caitlin Samuels, Virginia Beach, VA: Would love to see Rocky Point restored and given back to the people of RI.

Brenda Browe, Midland MI: I used to work at Rocky Point!

Rosemary McGowan, West Greenwich RI: It belongs to the people of RI and I support that this land be kept pristine.

Eric Pagano, Warwick RI: Hi my name is eric pagano and I wanted to say Even though it was sad to see rocky point park in the condition that it is in I enjoyed the chance to see the historic land mark. I would love to see the park rebuilt with rides and attractions and to see the tax payees money go to good of the people and the future of our state and children. I no the cost of making this happen could be out reach but consider the revenue it would bring to the state and what it could do for businesses. I would to see come back for kids and families, there is not a lot to do in rhode island for kids.

Kim, Warwick RI: Lets all support Rocky Point so that our children may enjoy what is left and what it could be made into.

Barbara Denise Creati, Pawtucket RI: My father, aunts, and uncles literally grew up in the Park as my grandfather was caretaker in the 30's and 40's and they lived in the "Rock Cottage" on the hill behind the Shore Dinner Hall.After moving from there they lived in the houses right outside of the Park entrance, my aunt in the house outside the gate, and my grandparents in the large house on Palmer Ave. My parents met when my mother was a lifeguard at the pool. Rocky Point holds so many wonderful memories for so many people, it cannot be left to fall further in to ruin.

Alexis Hartness, Augusta KS: I grew up in RI and although I was very young I can remember bits and pieces of visiting Rocky Point. I think it is an absolute shame that it was driven into the ground and nothing was done to save it. I think something should be done to bring it back. There is so much history there that needs to be restored.

Walter Cesario, Chepachet RI: I lived in warwick as a child and remember the fun at Rocky Point and the great fishing off the rocks.

Linda Cesario, Chepachet RI: I would need a full page to describe my days at Rocky Point. My parents would take out the boat and go to the park, have chowda and clam cakes. We would go the Midway for rides, Tango (my mother’s favorite) and stay late for special entertainment or fireworks. You just could not beat Rocky Point for family fun. We need this area if not for the rides, but for the heritage my parents gave to us kids when we were young. Also my husband and I would go for cakes and sit by the water and later would fish from the rocks. What a day and a tradition was created. Our conversation would always be about what we did, the rides we went on and the fun at the Windjammer for local bands. Please help us to give this tradition to our children to pass on the stories and fun at Rocky Point. I am in favor of bringing back the waterfront again to the people of RI

Matt Connor, Pawtucket RI: I just wanted to add my support. I was at the outing Sunday with another grass roots organization that shares in the same vision: Rocky Point belongs to "We The People." I also want to echo the group I was with yesterday, Sunday, that RP needs to re-open as a theme park, with all of it's fanfare and history. Not to mention -- a much needed economic boost to this state and increased tourism. I would like to be in contact so please keep me in mind. Thanks, Matt

Brian Gendreau, Lincoln RI: Rocky Point is a place that should be preserved and open to public use once again. Too much of the coastline has been privatized and a place like Rocky Point has many more memories to create!

Geoffrey Preuit, Warwick, RI: I have fond memories of Rocky Point Park as a child and as an adult. I am very proud to say that I was there the final summer the park closed! I have always followed the park since it's closing and collected as much memoribilia as I could. I took my Wife and Children through the park on Sunday June 6th and all we could do was talk about the way it used to be, explaining to our children what they're missing. I just wish my children could grow up with the memories that all of us did! Keeping it open to all is a must and seeing it reopen as a family park would be a gift! Thankyou Rocky Point Park for all the memories and treasures, I hope to see you again real soon!!!

My name is Carl Byrd. I was born and raised in Providence, RI and I am a representative of the newly formed Rocky Point Revival Coalition.  The Rocky Point Revival Coalition is for right now a Facebook group with one goal: To bring back Rocky Point Amusement Park back to its full glory.
    Yes it seems like an impossible task.  But when I found out the possibility of turning one of our greatest Rhode Island traditions into yet another waterfront state park, I had to put my foot down and do something about it.  
    I was at the open house this past sunday and was asked by one of your members to sign your petition and I politely refused.  I am 100% against the state getting involved with Rocky Point.  If you can just look at the situation a Twin River for example, you would be able to see what will happen to our beloved Rocky Point.  Also the idea of turning it into another state park is nothing more than a slap in the face to every single native Rhode Islander who has at least one memory of Rocky Point.  The state of Rhode Island alone has 25 state parks and recreational areas and does not need another one.  
    Another reason why I am writing is because of a serious thought that has come to mind as I was wandering through the remains of our beloved amusement park.  The simple fact that I am part of the LAST Rocky Point generation.  I have younger siblings and younger family members that range between the ages of 15 and 19 that can only live of stories of Rocky Point and are deprived of the precious experiences that I and the many generations before me have.  Now my generation is creating a new generation and having Rocky Point Amusement Park in they're lives would be the greatest things to happen to them and the many generations to come.
    In all reality, deep down inside you all want Rocky Point Amusement Park back.  Each and every single member of your foundation has plenty of memories that could last a few lifetimes.  The sentimental value is simply priceless.  I greatly appreciate what your trying to do as far as continuing the legacy and keeping the amusement park's memory alive, but if we do not do something it will eventually be forgotten.  Thats something that just can not happen.  Please look for us on Facebook.  We are a simple group but we have only been around for about 2 weeks and have already reached approximately 750 members.  That is a prime example of the phrase "strength in numbers."  Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.  God Bless.

Michaeleen Davis, Newington CT: Rocky Point was my summer happy place as a kid, my Disney. I want to carry on the tradition and bring my son there and maybe it will be his summer happy place too.

Patricia Post, Providence RI: there are way to many good memories to discuss between growing up there, working there all i gotta say is this is a part of my child hood that i'll never forget or get over and really would have loved to take my child there thankss for the memories.

Barbara Kindstedt. Cranston RI: I LOVED going to Rocky Point! As a child who was squeamish about the rides, my brother and I would walk the midway and play games while my sister rode the rides. As a teen I went on Friday nights and rode the rides. Then, I took my children there. How sad it is that I can not take my grandchildren to an amusement park in this state. We don't need more retail or high rise apartments. Let's make this property a nice place for families to visit.

Charlie, Coventry RI: Re-open the park.

Melissa Fitzpatrick, Cranston RI: my dad use to work in the park. i ues to get in sometimes with him.i loved rockey point it was so much fun.

Rick Perreault, Warwick RI: I was employed at Rocky Point on and off in many Depts. from 1983 to 1994. I met many great people there! I do strongly support public access to and use of the entire Rocky Point property.

John Bergeron, Woonsocket RI: Last summer a friend of mine took me for a ride on his boat around the bay and as we traveled up the coast I spotted the properety that used to be Rocky Point! Wow- never knew it, but right then thousands of childhood and young adult memories came pouring back. I insisted to him that he circle back and give me another view of it. How I wish we could turn back time, and with Rocky Point being RI's only Amusement Park for all those years and all those generations, I am sure so many others like me consider Rocky Point theirs in their memories. It would be wonderful to actually bring back Rocky Point as it once was with all new updated rides for the new gererations, but even if that is not possible then the coastal lands should be turned into a public park area where families can go and relax, view our beautiful bay, and have a seafood feast or whatever- Like Oakland beach- people should be able to enjoy the scenic outdoors with theirs families. As more and more coastal land is bought up and sold to the select few, many more people are not able to enjoy what was once all ours. the coast. Give it back to us ALL!

Janet Conti: Rocky Point was not only great because it provided open space and entertainment to New England families, but also because it provided jobs for college students.  My summer job at Rocky Point helped me through college and taught me  to have a work ethic that I've carried through my career.  I am in support of having open space, a walking path, and a bike path around the perimeter of the property, but I  also think we need to find a way  for a portion of the property to be used to employ some of the 12% of  Rhode Islanders who are unemployed.  Our children are graduating from college with big bills and bleak prospects. I'm not convinced that another summer amusement park is the way to go.  Why did the first one fail? Was it mismanaged or just too short a season to be cost effective?  Can you enclose an amusement or water park for year-round enjoyment?   How could we entice one of the universities or hospitals from crowded Boston to move here?   What are the incentives for state of the art research facilities in energy alternatives to come here?  How about farming or hydroponics?   What do we need for our growing population of elderly or for the future of Rhode Islanders to sustain generations to come?   I don't know what the future holds for Rocky Point , or who is going to pay for it, but I do wish to see a plan for it in my lifetime.  15 more  years of it sitting  with the gates locked is just an unacceptable shame. 

Edward Imondi, Cranston RI: I have many memories of "Rocky Point", a lot of good times with friends and family. It's such a shame because the tradition can't move on, only the memory, somrthing my daughter will never be able to have, a great summer time day at Rock Point, let's not give up people, we can make the Point public again.

Jonathan Leonaard, Warwick RI:
we need this, all the memories of going there as a child, should be somehow saved.

Kristen Troiano Hauk, Lakeland FL (formerly Johnston RI): Rocky Point brings back some special memories as a child. To me and I'm sure others it was Rhode Island's Disney World. Just the commercials coming on in the late spring used to bring such excitement toward the upcoming summers. We would ride the rides all day, again and again. I could still draw a map of the park if's as clear as if it were yesterday. Even the little details...the smell of the grease from the tracks in the House of Horrors and the swinging doors the cars would just bump open, the water vibrating down the track of the Flume hills, the exact way to open the sliding metal cage door on the Enterprise, getting repositioned from being smooshed to the side of the Musik Express car before the backwards may more I could think of. I think this organizations cause is wonderful and I hope one day I can bring my 2 small children to see the park I once was in love with!

James J. Culen, Las Vegas NV: Grew up in Warwick (1960-1973) and worked at the park one summer while attending Pilgrim High School. Considering it's 100+-year history, what has happened to the park is nothing short of tragic.

Tim Martin, Warwick RI: I hope RP is open to the public soon for everyone to enjoy the nice waterfront view of the bay. I know for me personally there is alot of memories there and hope to show my child oneday soon.

Lisa Hermans, Cranston RI: Rocky Point is my most favorite place in the world and I have many fond memories there!

Joseph Morenzi, North Providence RI: i want ROCKEY POINT back love that place the food the rides the exciment just as u enter the park if i hit the lottery i would bring it back in a heart beat.

Bobbi-jo Wiliams, Pawtucket RI: I loved Rocky Point as a child and look forward to be able to visit again in the near future by giving the land back to the people that most treasured it!

Richard Burt, Riverside RI: We need to keep this beautiful spot, that has meant so much to so many people for so long a time, open to the public to enjoy.

Sandi Thurber, Ringgold GA: More greenspace is always needed! I will be sending you a donation to keep this valuble piece of land secure as a natualized spot with access to the water's edge.

Roschild Grullon RN, New York NY: I grew up in Warwick R.I. Rocky Point was a part of my childhood...I was deeply saddened to hear that it was demolished in 2007. Tears ran down my eyes when I tried to visit the park and came across a tall fence. A place that once welcomed families is today a distant memory. I hope and pray that the foundation is able to purchase the remaining acres and brings Rocky Point Park one day...back to its glory. I can say that I would still visit the Chowder House on Post Road when I would come back to visit family and friends. I was sad to see that it no longer stands on a recent trip. Give R.I. back its park, that for 150 years was an escape, a place for fun, and most importantly brought families together. I live in NYC but my heart belongs to R.I.

Nichelle Gaudet-Pereira, East Providence RI: I remember all the fun times I had in my youth at Rocky Point and the fabulous meals at The Shore Dinner Hall.

Charlene Smith, Warwick RI: I'd rather spend tax dollars on this project than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Darrin Altieri, Dunn NC: I have so many good memories of Rocky Point,now that its gone everyone should be able to enjoy what remains.

Linda Brayman, North Kingstown RI: I remember wonderful trips to Rocky Point as a child with my family. I was allowed to bring one or two friends and we would ride every ride at least once and some three or four time. The Roller Coaster was one ride I rode as many times as I could. The thrill and the view as we went around that one huge corner out over the water. I absolutely loved that roller coaster and always will. Have ridden some good ones in Calif. and other places but none were as good as the Rocky Point one. It was just a great amusement park. I was living in Calif at the time I foundout that the park was being closed and I was heartbroken. Even though I was no longer a kid I was sadden to know I'd never ride the coaster again or swim in the great pool there or have a Shore Dinner. My mom and I use to take the bus to Rocky Point during the summer, swim in the pool for a few hours and then we'd meet dad and have chowder and clam cakes before heading home. This was one of the greatest places in our great little state, a wonderful combination of natural beauty and human additions.

Daniel Warren, Johnston RI: I grew up in Warwick, so the park was only a mile or so away. Some of my most fond memories come from those 82 acres.

Alexander Marbruger, Lancaster PA: I had the pleasure of going to Rocky Point in 1993. It is sad to think that it closed just a few short years after that. GOOD TIMES.

Melissa Leigh Sanderson, North Kingstown RI: My parents attended several rock concerts in the 80's, and I remember going to the park in the early 90's as a was so close by and so much fun! I still remember details from the last time I went to the park, I was 9 and it was in 1995 shortly before the park closed. It's already been so many years since then and for the park to still be closed off to the public is a travesty. So many lasting memories have been made there generation after generation, and it would be great for RI to have one of its most wonderful landmarks open to the public once again.

Lynn S., Cumberland RI: I miss Rocky Point Park, I want it back & running again but that won't happen in our lifetime.

Richard Domenico, Cranston RI: Anyone who grew up in Warwick or use to enjoy point point in it`s hayday knows that if the city of Warwick doesnt aquire the entire property,it will be a great loss for Rhode Island.

Karen A.K. Fleck, Warwick RI: Let's create those MAGIC MEMORIES for those too young to experience it YET! Ps Has anyone thought about adding a thriving boardwalk?

Gloria Kennedy Fleck, Warwick RI: Rocky Point was a very big part of my life. In the summer,it was our afternoon baby sitter. On Friday night when I was teen, it was the place to be with my friends. When I was in my 20's it is where I began my political life. After my election to the RI State Senate, I probably went to "The Ballroom" at least once a week on average. I used to joke my car automatically drove to Rocky Point and knew the "secret spot" to park. I so miss Rocky Point Park! Gloria Kennedy Fleck Deputy Majority Leader Emeritus Rhode Island Senate

Christina, Warwick RI: i support rocky point park all the way i wish they would open rocky point park again

Jerry Bourget, North Smithfield RI: I created as my personal tribute to keep the memories of our beloved park alive. I wish your organization nothing but success and I sincerely hope that the city of Warwick is able to purchase the land to make it purely a public place. And yes, if for nothing else but nostalgia, a rebuilt Shore Dinner Hall would be fantastic! Best of luck! Jerry B

Alexander Palazzo, Providence RI: Where's the point? Rocky Point. The stories continue.

John B. Canning, Warwick RI: There is simply too much history and too much natural beauty to let this public resource be exploited for profit and unnecessary development. (Warwick is already very over-developed as is.) Rocky Point has always belonged to everyone. As citizens of Warwick, let's join together to preserve this coastal treasure for generations to come.

Vincent C. DaSilva, Rumford RI: Hello, I worked at RP as a ride operator from 1971 - 1975 and became a refief operator of all the ride's while my permanent position was the Music Express 1973/75. From 1970 - 1985 my parents had a summer home at Rocky Point Beach. I have soo many stories and enjoyed my teenage years so much at RP, even while working full time 6/7 days a week - RP was my second home and I loved going to work every day - while my friends played around! My grandfather was also the Head Cheif at the Shore Dinner Hall back in the 50's You should hear my stories about Conrad, Dave and even the Cliff House. I am now retired after 30 years as a Naval Officer at the rank of Captain. Currently I am the Executive Director of a Veterans Service Organization.

Jayne Furlong, Warwick RI: I grew up in Warwick and attended Warwick Schools. My fondest memories are of the yearly field trip to Rocky Point as a thank you for being a school crossing guard. What a treat for a kid!! I was lucky enough to go a few years in a row! Then, of course, there was the near weekly visits to the Shore Dinner Hall for chowder and clamcakes!! The best ever!

Luciana DiNobile, North Providence RI: To all who are responsible for trying to revive Rocky Point ,I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart. It is the best idea I have heard in a long time.Like most people in our state, my family and I share many wonderful memories and now that I am a grandparent I would love to have the grand kids experience all we were privileged enough to experience.

Susan Carter, Coral Springs FL: I would have liked my childhood amusement park saved. But if that couldn't be saved then save whats left..

Maria Tavares, Richmond RI: Rocky Point is so historic to Rhode Island. I went before and after I had become a mother. My boys loved the park. Rhode Island needs a place for fun with all the misery we've all indured in the last few months with the failing economy. People need to think "FUN" for a change. I hope something can be done to save Rocky Point Park.

Jim D’Ambrosia, Warwick RI: I have always loved Rocky Point. As a thirty five year employee of Electric Boat, one of my many opportunities to visit Rocky Point was during our yearly employee appreciation day. As a pretty much life time resident,I have spent many days at the park.I'm sure that there are many people who now feel as I do that time is running out to once again enjoy this beautiful vista. We must NOW, get this done.

Theodor Hollis, Cranston RI: i worked at rocky point for sixteen years from 1979 to 1995 rocky point became a large part of my life i was very sad to see it shut down.

Jessica Wright, Warwick RI: Rocky point has been in my family for years. It meant a lot to us all. When Rocky Point closed it started to drift my family apart. I have some of the greatest memories of my life there. My grandparents lived on a dead end by the water and every Fourth of July we would have cook outs, barn fires, and watch the fire works. My grandfather was also a cook for Rocky point. I wish Rocky Point could be what it used to be. But then again what is every the same as you remember it when you were a kid. I just wish my two daughters could feel what I did at Rocky Point with my family just once in there lifetime.

Jason Pytka, Cumberland RI: As an Assistant Regional Rep for the New England Region of the American Coaster Enthusiasts AND a life-long Rhode Islander, I strongly support any and all efforts to preserve and, perhaps one day, restore Rocky Point to its former glory. I've ridden the Freefall and Corkscrew at their new locations--they're just not the same without the view of the bay and the smell of clam cakes in the air. For someone like me, Rocky Point was the most important place in the state--it wasn't the best or biggest amusement park, but it was distinctly Rhode Island and I still miss it a lot. If there are any "Vote Yes on 4" signs available, I'd proudly display one on my lawn. [Ed.--You can pick one up, and bumper stickers, at the Warwick Beacon, 1944 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, or at several other sites around the state--go to for a list under How You Can Help.]

Christine Cole, West Warwick RI: I have so many memories. Remember the midway? Shore dinner hall.? I sure do miss it.

Raymond A. Lange, Woonsocket RI: enjoyed going there as a kid. loved the chowder and clam cakes.

Gale Buckius Midwood, Warwick RI: Many happy personal memories working with the animal acts-horses, elephants,ponies & dogs (also.. lions,tigers & bears - oh,my!) Mr.Vincent Ferla would introduce me to the owners/trainers as they came in each summer. Such excitement! Later was also able work as a vet. tech at the small zoo Mr.F. kept at Rocky Point. Above all, we NEED to save this wonderful, diverse waterfront along with the giant boulder filled hills and woods for all to enjoy!

Christina Rebello, Warwick RI: I miss rocky point park i support goal and open rocky point park agagin we need something in warwick for family and children to stay out of trouble and bring warwick back together we need rocky point back for our children thank you.

Mikayla Costa, Warwick RI: I will never forget all the memories I have from spending summer days every year at Rocky Point as a child. I hope that soon I can take my daughter there as well, even if it's not what it used to be.

Maria R. Lopez Carr, Providence RI: My memories of Rocky Point are very vivid, first time I stepped into Rocky Point I was 10, recently arrived from Cuba - my family had come come to America under political asylum. I spent the happiest day! As the years progressed and I had a family of my own 3 of my 4 children enjoyed Rocky Point and all the joys and memories it offered. My last child was born after the park closed. Those very especial memories cannot just be stored away. There are many generations to come that deserve pure and clean fun. The closest parks of this type are either in Bristol, CT or NH, Please do not allow greed to override history and its value! Our families deserve more than condos!

Susan, The Villages FL: From Smithfield RI and have many fond memories....miss those clam cakes and chowder....why doesn't anyone sell them or if they do let me know son is still in RI and would drive anywhere for them...thank you.....good luck with your endeavors.

Brandon F: So when will this foundation be campaigning for an amusement park? We want one. The 80+ acres should be leased to a company that will rebuild and maintain an amusement park. Not rebuilding OUR amusement park would be a disgrace to the people of RI and Rocky Point's legacy. Please everyone, use your heads.

Len Graves, Charleston SC: I wish all could enjoy this treasure of natural beauty.

Maria R. Lopez Carr, Providence RI: My memories of Rocky Point are very vivid, first time I stepped into Rocky Point I was 10, recently arrived from Cuba - my family had come come to America under political asylum. I spent the happiest day! As the years progressed and I had a family of my own 3 of my 4 children enjoyed Rocky Point and all the joys and memories it offered. My last child was born after the park closed. Those very especial memories cannot just be stored away. There are many generations to come that deserve pure and clean fun. The closest parks of this type are either in Bristol, CT or NH, Please do not allow greed to override history and its value! Our families deserve more than condos!

Susan, The Villages FL:
From Smithfield RI and have many fond memories....miss those clam cakes and chowder....why doesn't anyone sell them or if they do let me know son is still in RI and would drive anywhere for them...thank you.....good luck with your endeavors.

Bob Duxbury, NewBerry VT: I grew up in Oakland Beach on Second Point Rd in the 40s and 50s. I would often visit Rocky Point as a child. I enjoyed the midway and all its trappings. The shore dinner hall was always a treat especially when it was anchored out over the water before the hurricane. I remember the fireworks were always special around July 4th and I specifically remember the bonfire of the trolley cars from Providence sometime late 40s or early 50s - what a site. We need to open the entire site for all Rhode Islanders past and present.

Joseph Townsend, Coventry RI: my name is Joey i am 20 years old from coventry rhode island. i dont know why i have gained such intrest in the history of "Rocky Point" in the past few months, (its probably because im a 20 year old with nothing to but work eat and sleep in this state.. i mean really what is there to do fun in this state?) looking and researching the history of rocky point i have become very intrested in helping the cause. i was very very little when rocky point was around... i was like 5 lol i have pictures as a kid there but i dont have memories of it like my parents and family does and it upsets me because im jealous that i wasnt able to experience such a wondeful memory as to what i see in pictures, videos, and commercials of Rocky Point... just recently i took a walk through the area of rocky point and couldnt believe how beautiful the land was that over looks the ocean... i could feel the history and invision what it once was... i can only imagine how people must feel who spent years and years growing up there! its a shame how that peice of property and land is sitting there just going to waist! i would love to help in the cause to make this peice of property the former rocky point into something we can build and enjoy again...even if it isnt a amusment park it could be a wonderful place for restaurants, swimming, hang out spot.... i hope and pray this state can make something out of it... i dont think its fair for my generation and the generations who are rising now to not have anything like that to enjoy.. all we have in this state is movie theatre (expensive and boring) malls (well one got flooded so that sucks) bowling allies...(rolls eyes) like come on! i love the out doors and the oceans the air and the sun!!! just like the old commercial i heard! we'll have so much fun in the rhode island sun..come down to rocky point! lets have fun in the sun again!!!!! thanks ;) Joey

Alyssa Cannata, CT: hi i think they should keep the park open space. yes i would love to see it back to its former self as the amusement park we all loved but what are the chances of it surviving?. i live in ct and the biggest beach near me is ocean beach in New London they have a boardwalk waterslides playground area swimming pool and a few food stands. they have concerts in the summer at night as well as beach parties. restore the shore hall and make it chowder cakes and other goodies for people to enjoy while at the beach make a play area for the children swings slide/ add a volley ball net for some games. get some local bands to come out and play for some concerts during the summer. do a movie nights ( you rent a blow up screen and movie) oh and cant forget an ice cream cart vender and a dells lemonade stand. offer something for familys with children young adults. and everyone else in between. lets remember all the memories we had of rocky point. and start making new ones.

Tracy Sherman-Graham, Warwick RI: I strongly support public access to Rocky Point. I hope we get another Palladium and Windjammer, Shore Dinner Hall, etc., I had wonderful memories there. We need to make more memories for our kids...

Michael Walsh, Warwick RI: I went by Rocky Point's entrance and there seems to be a parking lot under construction? What is the latest news since the voters spoke last fall? Mike The city is working on the parking lot and the walk along the shoreline, but the work has ben held up by the weather. They hope to have it finished in June. Meanwhile, folks have been walking in at their own risk to take a look before it’s officially open. ed.

Skip Daniels, Nacogdoches, TX: so numerous are the fond memories of rocky point that it is difficult to put into prespective. i lived in potowamaut in the 1950/60s & we'd take a motorboat & tie up at the rocky point dock & climb the hill to the amusement park. the warwick vets. h.s. sr. prom was there, along with concerts. thinking of it now puts a smile on my face....remembering the clamcakes, too! oh yeah, the saltwater pool was the best thing ever! memories abound!

Raymond Crone, Narragansett RI: I enjoyed going to Rocky Point,hang out,watch the concerts,the pool,and the shore dinner hall etc.It just was A great place TO go and enjoy yourself.

Nicole Arraial, Warwick RI: Looking forward to seeing this beautiful land put to good use to be respected and enjoyed!

Daniel Arraial, Warwick RI: LOVED ROCKYPOINT!

Janet H. Coppa, Warwick RI:
I grew up in Coventry, but my memories of Rocky Point go from early childhood ( as a special family treat ) to dating my husband there in 1982. I strongly feel that the commercial use of this Park be at a minimum. This should be preserved for families and individuals as a place to go and experience our very special coastline and scenery in a peacefull manner. I moved to my current home in 1984 and had to witness on an every weekend basis during the summer the aftermath and horror of teenage drinking and running the red light at the end of Warwick Neck Avenue till it's close in 1996. I profoundly wish the City of Warwick to reopen this Park in a very responsible manner. We are lucky to have as many parks in Warwick as we have, but NONE compare to Rocky Point!

Larry and Debby Reynolds, Warwick RI: Rocky Point is truly a treasure. Four generations of my family enjoyed the amusement park and the Shore Dinner Hall. Memories of political fundraisers and Little League banquets still stand out. As residents of the area, we feel strongly that the natural beauty of Rocky Point should be preserved for future generations.

Tammy and Joe Melone, Cranston RI:
We met on Rocky beach 36 years ago, in August 1975.We had many dates and picnics by the water. We have been married now since 1979. Rocky Point and all of it's acerage is truely a magical place that should be open to the public for future generations to enjoy! Our time there with our own children was cut short by red tape.I hope that they will be able to enjoy it with thier future children someday!

Debra Houle-Fowler:
We went to many concerts at Rocky Point and had so much fun! I will be eternally bummed out that the place is closed, it was a historic Rhode Island landmark and should have never been torn down. The Flume and the Haunted House were great, I remember a good friend of mine who's name I will not mention said she dropped an ice cream cone on someone's head below when she was on the tram or whatever it was called, classic. We were teenagers there in the 70's and grew up there, such a cool place.

Tom Gelfuso: Hi, my rocky point memories are on all different levals, belonging to Playgrounds who had ball teams, I could in those days hit the ball a mile, yes not quite true, we would wait for the trip to rocky point, my best memory was besides going there as a kid with family the play ground would have a trip, but my high school and ri hospital outing had times at rocky point and the shore dinner hall was part of that, but rocky point keeping the park open after hours so us at the senior prom could ride is a memory I will never forget! I got to ride with the girl I had a huge crush on- on some ride, but not my date as she was out of my league, so my memories go from a kid to high school to taking the bus there with 3 dollars to spend and yes it is all part of my memories so long live the MEMORY of rocky point and what it meant!!!!

Edward Coderre, Providence RI: We went for a stroll on the new trail today. Would love to see this become the West Bay version of Sachuest Point.

Robert LeBlanc, Warwick RI:
I still have vivid memeories of working the Cyclone during the summer. I'll never forget the day my boss, David Cascioli, told me I'd be running the Musik Express for the entire summer!

Sue Dore’, Danbury NH:

Dominic Ryder, Fredericksburg VA: Rocky point was part of our lifes growing up. We had lived in the now ghost town like Rocky Beach residence up until the park closed. It had been our back yard not figurativley but literally. I speak for everyone when i say this once booming park, should be preserved and in the hands of the people of Warwick and Rhode Island!

Richard Marcotte, Lincoln RI: Rocky point was part of our lifes growing up. We had lived in the now ghost town like Rocky Beach residence up until the park closed. It had been our back yard not figurativley but literally. I speak for everyone when i say this once booming park, should be preserved and in the hands of the people of Warwick and Rhode Island!

Wendy Ryberg, Tiverton RI: As a child growing up in Newport I consider myself lucky to have grown up in between Rocky Point & Lincoln Park & have many fond memories of both. It's to late to save Lincoln Park from development but we must do all we can to save the beautiful open piece of waterfront property we all know as Rocky Point. I'm currently doing research to find the auctioned off rides from both properties if any one can provide any imformation it would be appreciated. I think a few are located at Edaville Railroad but no one could confirm when I was there a few years back.Let's save Rocky Point for future generations to enjoy

Virginia Janson Kellenberger, Ashford CT: I remember riding my green Schwinn Bicycle to Rocky Point Park in the 50"s from my my house on Verndale St. in Warwick (off Church Ave.) It was one of my happiest memories as a child.My sisters would take me swimming in the giant pool and later we would get Clamcakes and Chowder and feed the seagulls off the dock.All of us girls had very fond memories of going to Rocky Point with our beaus. Many years later my husband proposed to me on the rocks along the shore. The land should be brought back to it's natural state and preserved for future generations!

Mary Grady, Warwick RI: dear friends, thank you for your efforts to protect this property for the public!! It would be a shame to see it go to a developer. I'd like to suggest that the Park also could be part of a coastal greenway connecting Warwick neighborhoods to their shoreline. If you look over Google maps, I think it is not hard to envision improved pedestrian/biking access to connect the many public access sites along the shore, from Rocky Point up to Conimicut, to Gaspee Point, Salter Grove, Pawtuxet Village, and Stillhouse Cove. Connections to the hiking paths along the Pawtuxet River, and ultimately to Roger Williams Park, and into the City to the new Shooters site and other upper Bay access also could be possible. Promoting these public sites would help to get people outside, promote health & exercise, increase the value residents perceive in their neighborhoods, and help connect people to the upper Bay, so they will support efforts to improve the water quality and even become advocates themselves. A win-win for the neighborhoods, the city and the Bay! thanks again for all your work

Bill Romjue, Arizona: I am a former R.I. resident who had the honor of
growing up in R.I. and spent many Summers visiting Rocky Point Park.
I was heartbroken when Rocky Point Park was closed. If we can’t have
our Amusement Park back how about this idea.
Create an open pad where the midway use to be. Use this for the portable
carnivals to set up rides and events. Better yet, why not create a Fair Grounds
and bring back the Rhode Island State Fair. This way Rocky Point remains
somewhat as an amusement park. Private Corporations and Foundations
can sponsor the State Fair and have their Logo or Name put on a ride
for their advertising benefit and recognition for supporting the fair.
They do that here in Arizona where I currently live. Arizona has
a fantastic State Fair that has record turnouts every year.

Carol Ann Freni Field Flaherty, Warwick RI: My memories of Rocky Point are from the 1950's and 60's when our whole family would get together and spend a whole week-end day taking in the wonderful atmosphere and outdoors with our own homemade picnic. What great childhood memories. The down-time was so refreshing the change of scenery and activities would give us our much needed recharge and strenght to keep on working and loving/raising our family. Please keep the spirit of the Fifties alive in this park the name of the spirit is "Families First"

Joseph Ciccarell, Cranston RI: came to rp many moon ago. As a child it was amazing place to be. As kid u wonder wow i a place in my state, askimg my parents r we coming back here again. Well my idea is open a lemon stand dels of course. And a couple of games n rides or good friends of mine have and other business. Bounce house. And stations of each ride that was in the park. Like a tour. And also a train ride around the park. No trails like a engine with push carts around the park.

Ed Valentim, Cranston RI: We need to get Rocky Point totaly reopened then set up some picnic areas,walking trails,fix up the beaches and softball park,maybe a soccer field then get someone like Iggy`s or Wrights Farm in there to start up a shore dinner hall with some take out windows. You could also look into charging a small fee at the front gate maybe 3 to 5 dollars or sell season passes like the state beaches.

Ryan Johnson, Warwick RI: I agree with the school of thought that leasing some space now occupied by the derelict Shore Dinner Hall for construction of a new restaurant/functions or events hall. Mandating that such deals help pay for maintenance of the park and even contribute to paying off the bonds and provide toilets and other facilities at no expense to taxpayers. Also a fishing pier large enough to accomadate a passenger ferry or service like the bay queen or service connecting RI via: Block Island/Newport/Warwick/Providence.

Shirley and Spencer Gentry, West Warwick, RI: My husband and I have been walking the new walking path at Rocky Point, the walk is beautiful and yet very depressing, I have been sharing with my husband and our boys (My husband is from Alabama) all about Rocky Point and the great times we all had there as well as the food and concerts! My oldest and my husband wish it was still open. We discuss the options that could be done with the land that is just wasting away. Anything from mini golf to arcade that can be open till its just to cold to handle to a water park for the whole family to enjoy. So many things can be done with this area. I am upset that we can not walk the park it self and see what it is now. I understand some of it is not safe, but there has to be away of cleaning it all up and maybe even making markers of what was in that area at one point or even just a map to see where you are. Food stands could easily be brought in to attract people. Like I said so many things. Memories are great from growing there, but making memories with my family would be wonderful.

Loraine, Florida: I live in Florida now and always enjoyed the Point especially the Shore Dinner Hall were we, my parents, would always take company from out of state to enjoy the clam cakes, chowder and corn and water melon.    If the point comes back I think their should be another Shore dinner Hall put up so that those visiting the point would have a nice place to eat and relax to see the view from a higher point, like the old
hall did.  Even when I was dating with my future husband we would always go for the meal and even had the lobster shore dinner on special occasions.
My son the youngest still lives in RI and he never got to share the Point with his kids.  He liked that spot also.
There must be someone who has the recipe for the chowder and clam cakes from the past cooks.
I go up to RI once a year to see family and I would love to see the point again. Good look with your efforts to get it back.

Bill Seibert, Coventry RI: I am delighted that the Rocky Point property will be preserved for future generations. It is a special place that will always remind me of being a kid in the 60's, enjoying life, as simple as it was. It was also very nice to share the Park experience with my own children, who had just as much fun as my sister and I did years before. Nice work and continued success!

Vincent Guglielmino: Open-space recreation is a fine thing, but for its Rhode Island, and possibly national historical value, the Rocky Point name and amusement park should be preserved in some way along with the open-space use.

The size and location of the property would make it unlikely that a modern amusement park would be viable there.  But, a nostalgic version accurately reproducing aspects of its earlier years would, I believe, be very successful in complementing the other uses of the land.
 1) Either renovate or rebuild the Dinner Hall. Get a Rhode Island restauranteur to operate a seafood restaurant - Hemenways or another one.  Keep the Shore Dinner Hall name in some form combined with the restaurant name.
 2) Import a carousel - try to make a deal for the Loof carosel.
 3) Have three or four other viable, nostalgic "ride" attactions with enduring interest.
 4) Seriously create a museum of national amusement park history and/or Rocky Point history.
 If done properly, this would be a great place to go for lunch or dinner, have a very pleasant time in summer night or three seasons - you could add winter Holiday lighting and activiteis also.
 This could be a very viable destination.  Hope it can be accomplished!


Judy Vincelette Phillips: I'm a 1965 grad of Vets!! Would love to see our 50th class reunion held at the Palladium!!!!
I am hoping this building will be restored.....Of course, spent many a days, nights at Rocky Point, but the Palladium was where our proms were held. Wonderful memories!!! Thanks for taking ideas as to what to do with RP!!

James L. Allen-Tetreault, Warwick RI: THE ARCH OF ROCKY POINT I think if sculptureand artist of the town of narragansett were to donate her time to do a design of rocky mounded to a peak at the top of the arch and call it Arch of Rocky Point.
Frank Niemiec: Will be moving to Providence soon, do you have a "Adopt a space to renovate program" to aid in the efforts of reviving Rocky Point.

Bonnie Hinsley:As a native Rhode Islander, I have many fond memories of Rocky Point.   Wouldn't it be nice to have a Ferris Wheel? I think the cost would be low and it would bring back wonderful memories for so many.   Also, how about boat rides?
 The hiking trails are nice and I am so happy we have a nice place to walk, but a Ferris Wheel would be great!

Alyssa Cannata: I spent the summers of my youth at rocky point beach my grandparents had a cottage there those were the best summers of my youth.. the amusement park owned the beach land and when they went under so did the cottages. my grandparents cottage is one that was still standing as of this past summer. i live in ct and ocean beach in new london has the min boardwalk concept some amusement rides food and a game room water slides swimming pool and vollyball nets they also have a place where you can have your wedding reception, i have also been to many peirs in nj and in california and they attract a lot of visitors. make a peir on rocky point have some basic amusement rides like a carusel and a ferris wheel keep it simple then add a chowder and cakes stand someone who sells burgers dogs and fries, get a dells lemonaid vender and ice cream open up a small arcade and a shop where you can buy all things rocky point like tee shirts sweatshirts hats cups mugs etc,  then you have the walking path add some more benches, and picnic tables. a place for people to go swiming . a full out amusement park would not work six flags has taken over all the small time parks then you have lake compounce in bristol ct. which does not help if those 2 places did not exsist then maybe a full out amusent park would work..  at ocen beach in new london ct  they have summer events like beach partys, and movie nights they get an outdoor movie screen and make the movies family friendly you bring a blanket and some popcorn and your whole family. charge a flat fee per car or per family spend an evening at rocky point for family movie night movie on the outdoor screen we are showing ex rio tonight bring your blankets chairs and popcorn ( or you could get vendors to come and sell movie food like popcorn and dels and soda. car shows events make a building for weddings and receptions  another wild idea is bring back some cottages and have summer rentals spend a week or 2 at rocky point beach summer rentals. walking paths benches, pier and much more.

Alex Gorgone:
Alex Gorgone, and I would like to discuss a comprehensive redevelopment and rebirth plan I have formulated for Rocky Point Park prior to Tuesday's public forum. I am a close family friend of State Representative Frank Ferri, and I understand that your foundation is sponsoring the open forum on Tuesday to hear potential redevelopment ideas. I am confident that my proposal is so thorough and in tune with the public's needs and desires that if given the opportunity to present at the forum, there will be little (if any opposition) to its approval as the primary vision.
My proposed plan for the redevelopment and rebirth of Rocky Point will divide the state-owned property into three distinct regions, accessible and appealing to Rhode Islanders of all ages and walks of life, in a boardwalk-style themed atmosphere befitting the revered history of Rocky Point. These regions will include: "Rocky Point"- Over 40 acres of Rhode Island's finest coastline, beautifully rejuvenated and maintained as a community-accessible nature preserve; "Hope Pier"- A 10-acre (nearly 500,000 square feet) retail and dining district hosting a showcase of the best and most unique flavors, styles, and products Rhode Island culture has to offer; and "Rocky Point Park"- A-40 acre entertainment complex blending fondly-remembered classic amusement park rides with the most revolutionary and enthralling in 21st century entertainment, culture, and community recreation. This is just a brief overview- call it my "pitch"- of my proposal for this rebirth. I've been tirelessly researching how this can and will work. I have compared this model to other successful parks of a comparable size (Canobie Lake Park and England's Dreamland Margate Park to name a few) and taken note of a number of concepts, financial figures, and other strategies that seem to be an appropriate fit for Rocky Point. I believe I have a solid preliminary study not only of how this plan can come to fruition, but of what is to be expected in terms of both initial cost and ongoing operational expenses. Of course these figures and concepts can and should be further investigated and embellished upon by the wishes of the people of the state, a process which I believe can be passionately and effectively completed in partnership with your foundation, Representative Ferri, the DEM, as well as myself. I also am fully prepared to substantiate why my range of experience and skills makes me the right man to lead the charge to return the park to the people.
I've attached a color-coded map which shows the initial concept for the location and layout of each of these regions as well as an overhead satellite view of the land. Please excuse the inconsistent color-coding on the satellite view, it is due to topographical information in the program I used to create the map that displays the land at accurate elevations and unfortunately cuts through the color-coding in an inconsistent manner. As an additional note, there are actually four color-coded regions on the map, the fourth (pink) being the remaining nine or so acres allotted for operations/administrative/utility facilities as well as roadways. [ed: maps did not transfwer]
Ken Simas, Warwick RI: I grew up going too the park always had a great time. Im 59 now and have disabities that stop me from attending but I hope these few words from me will help save the groundsthere so I can scoot around someday. always love the view of the ocean while we ate clambakes and chowder, we don't need condos or anything like that. please bring a nice place where everyone can go to and enjoy themselves.

Gina Conti, Rhode Island:
I am writing this letter with hopes that my voice will be heard with regards to the future of Rocky Point. As a lifelong resident of RI, I, as well as my family, were devastated when the park was closed. I am the mother of 4 sons, the oldest being 24 and the youngest 14. It deeply saddens me, knowing that none of my children have ever experienced the pure joy that Rocky Point Park brought to myself, and the people of RI. The happiest times of my my childhood, and adulthood, were had at Rocky Point Park. They are now only memories. The BEST memories of my life...but still, just memories. I would absolutely love to see the park rebuilt….rides, games, entertainment, Shore Dinner Hall, etc. I'm sure that many, if not all, Rhode Islanders will agree. I believe that by rebuilding Rocky Point it will also help the economy. It will create new jobs and give Rhode Islanders a park of their own, in which they can spend their money. Why continue to drive to Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and give those states our hard earned money (and a lot of it, too)!! In closing, I can only ask that my voice be heard. Please bring Rocky Point Park back to us! Instead of remembering, we could be MAKING new memories.

Heather Hummer:
I will be there is spirit as I now live out of state. Rest assured there is a huge place in my heart for Rocky Point. I, as many, many others, have fond memories. Rocky Point is such a huge part of Rhode Island's history and I feel it is incredibly important to restore and preserve it for our future generations. Please take my voice, spirit, determination and hope with you as you speak to defend Rhode Islands famed landmark, Rocky Point.

Fred Jorgensen:
I would like to see amusement rides back at Rocky Point. Why don't you lease part of the property to the highest bidder to but at least a few rides back there. This would create jobs and use the property the way it was used in the past.

 Suzanne Arena:
First, I love what you have done with the paved path. Where the summer cottages stand, I agree that a campground (so cubscouts/girlscouts and families) could rent the sites. Put a pool in too. A kids skate park, a better playground than Roger Williams/Hasboro has. Outdoor obsticle course which kids could navigate over through for exercise. Food Court with vendors that do not take away from the beauty of the walking path. Sell Tickets to do a Zip Line......Outdoor Rock Climbing.

Marsha Garcia, Providence:
I have not been to a public meeting to share ideas of how to best use the former amusement park, so not sure what's already been discussed. But in case the Foundation, or anyone else, has not known about Glen Echo Park in Maryland (about 5 miles outside of Washington, DC) I want to bring this park's success story to your attention. I lived in Washington, DC for over 12 years until 2010, and recently my wedding was held at Glen Echo Park. I can attest to the fact that the re-utilization of this park as part of the National Park Service is one of the area's greatest cultural treasures. My wedding ceremony was held in the Cuddle Up Pavilion, the former tea cup ride, and my reception in the Bumper Car Pavilion with its beautiful restored wood floors. I chose to have my wedding at the park because of its amazing history and beautiful background.  Outside of hosting events, Glen Echo Park is home to many wonderful art classes and family activities. Involving RISD and the local artists' communities would prove to be a strong partnership that could yield amazing results in restoring Rocky Point Park into a public park with arts and cultural events for the residents of Rhode Island.
I hope that information is helpful and that the Foundation would consider this idea.

Justin Russell, Warwick Neck, RI:
Hello, my name is Justin Russell, I have been a resident of Warwick Neck since 1991 when I was born. I have a deep passion for Rocky Point, despite the fact that I do not have many memories of it since I was so young. But I have grown up hearing many stories of it's past and as far as I am concerned it is a historical landmark. The reason I write to you today is because I cannot attend tomorrow nights meeting at the Rhodes on the Pawtuxet. But I would like to voice my opinion on the future of the park. In 1994, Six Flags attempted to buy the park, it was put up to vote for the tax payers of Warwick and sadly it was denied. I visit Six Flags in massachusetts every summer, so I realize the potential that Rocky Point holds if Six Flags did succeed in buying it. They would have made the park bigger, with better rides, more attractions. Overall this would result in thousands of jobs for Rhode Islanders, from construction jobs, and park staff. It would drive Millions of people yearly to RI, creating more tourism dollars, and taxes to RI.  So in my opinion, I think it only makes sense to reach out to Six Flags or another amusement park company alike to give them another chance at buying the park. More jobs, more tourism, more money for RI. 

Heather Griffiths: I heard I could write to you about suggestions on what to do about Rocky Point.  I am glad to hear that, as I do better typing it than saying it.  Rocky Point will always live on in all of our hearts and it's all about the memories we can pass down to our children, both old and new.
What we do not want, is something that's going to be so outrageous like 6 Flags, that no body will come.  Even without concessions and roller coasters, Rocky Point is beautiful.
Let me start by suggesting to build another boat dock.  I think it should be open to boaters who would like to sail to the Point.  I don't know if that would be doable, but hey!  It's work a shot.
Just a couple of things entertainment wise.  Nothing spectacular, maybe a carousel or some carnival games.  And there has definitely got to be a Rocky Point Chowda House!
Well, I saw this one suggestion posted on Facebook..  This person talked about batting cages or a driving range.  I think that's fantastic idea!  Something to keep one out in the air!  That's the best part about going to Rocky Point, the air and the smell, even at low tide! 
Please try to keep some of the older structures, like the Archway and if it's possible to save the Shore Dinner Hall, that would be nice too.  It would be really cool to hang up some old pictures in the Hall.  Kind of like a house of memories of, not only the amusement side of Rocky Point, but also the days when there was just the chowder and cakes and the 10 cent Tent Show.  Which will be sort of what it will (or could) become with the restoration!  
So, it would seem that, at least in my mind, Rocky Point should come full circle. Please, think very hard on what you will be doing with Rocky Point and consider the voices of not only the residents of Warwick, but those in this entire state.
We would like to be able to go down and not only re-visit our past, but look ahead into our future.  To make more wonderful memories at the place that will live on in our childhood. "Come with your family! Come with your friends!  It's the Rocky Point tradition 'cause it's summer time again!" That's Rhode Island, bathed in traditions that run bloodline deep.

Kerry Ise: Hoping the land is used to replace the family oriented space it used to be .A park or another fun attraction.why not reopen rocky point ! This state takes bigger chances on smaller business deals all the time. A newer more modern park may be just what we need!

Darlene Berard Nichols, Searsmont, Maine: I used to go to that park when I was a child and even told my children how wonderful it was. I hope you will consider bringing the park back, because if used for housing or what have you it will be useless to the many who have made memories there. Only a select few would get anything out of it, when many could enjoy it instead. I remember the concerts like "Flock of Seagulls" and more. I would love to take my children back down to show them what a beautiful place was and is.

Sue Therrien:
I would love to see it turned into a boardwalk, with some of the old rides brought back, a concert stage and the shore dinner hall.  The children of our generation need something close, something fun.

Rose Carter:
I've had great memories of going to Rocky Point for years I'd go with my mom all the time when I was young, it would be great to see the park rebuilt.... it'd bring jobs, people  and there'd be a place we can go here in RI instead of going to 6 flags in Mass its a waste of 2 hours of a drive to pay 20 something for parking and 20 something for admission and food and  long long lines and then at the end of the day have to drive another 2 hours to drive home..  thats too much .  RI needs an attraction that we all love and would go to all the time. IF there was a choice of where to go for fun for family.. Rocky Point or 6 flags in MASS.  I'd choose Rocky Point... It saves on gas, money and time. You know... what would be a great addition to Rocky Point.. a Water park where we can have a pool/ a place to relax while kids play in the  water.  water slides in addition of the flumes and the log rides.. i do rememeber there was only one water ride which was the flumes...  so that d be a great addition to that.. clam cakes and chowder were the bomb back then.

Amanda Brierley, Florida: I'm 31 years old.  I grew up going to Rocky Point Park every summer, several times a year.  I have nothing but wonderful memories of my time spent there, and I actually still talk about the park to this day.  I truly wish my 10 year old son could experience the magic of Rocky Point like I did. I live in Florida now, so unfortunately I'm unable to attend the meeting tonight, but I wanted to convey how much the park meant to me, as well as countless other Rhode Islanders.  There's a special kind of magic that Rocky Point held that cannot be duplicated at Six Flags, or other huge commercial amusement parks.
Rocky Point, albeit small compared to more modern parks, was ours.  It was Rhode Island's playground.  Can't we please figure out a way for us to enjoy it again?

Theodor Hollis:
I worked there for 16 years yes from 1979 until the park closed I think they should put some rides back in for the children that's what it's all about doing it for the children it's a big reason why I worked there

William Rancourt, Warwick RI:
I know it will never be back the way it was whenI was a Kid , Even tho we all wish it was , But why not have a Carnival  with discount prices,so evryone can go have them set up on the site of the old park for the summer months and have venders with chowder and clam cakes and other foods so atless we can go there site by the bay and enjoy it  like it was before, or if the old shore dinner hall is still there try to fix that and have it open .Rhode Island  needs Rocky Point back.We need to  bring Familys and  Money back to R.I Tired of going to the surrounding states to go to an Amusement park. We in R.I. have nothing any more for our kids and anyone to bring there familys to Yes we have Beaches You can only do so much at a beach But at a park everyone can find fun.

Robin Alves: My name is Robin Alves and I am very interested in the discussions that will take place tonight. I am not going to be able to attend this important event regarding what should happen to the beloved Rocky Point Park grounds. But I do care. So many of us do. So I wanted my voice to be heard and considered.
To a girl who grew up in Warwick and spent many of my childhood, preteen and early teenage summers at the park this is an important issue. Spending my days and nights at the park with my family and then with my friends as I got older has given me so many wonderful memories. Now that I am a mother of four children, ages 1 to 16, I would absolutely love and fully support having the park back the way it was when I was a kid. I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be for my husband and I  to share that place and all those memories with our children now.
I realize that it would cost...alot. But I have a feeling that the people of Warwick, and RI for that matter, would not mind a reasonable increase of taxes if that was what it took to bring Rocky Point Amusement Park back to us! 
And everyone knows that with all the hard work it would take to make that happen, there would be big benefits. It would bring big money and lots of jobs to RI.
If it couldn't be restored into the same great amusement park it once was, I suggest we consider a drive inn movie theater, a main stage for concerts to take place outdoors in the summer and a venue indoors for concerts as well. I also would like to see the Shore Dinner Hall reopened. If we couldn't have our old park back this would be a good alternative. We could breath life back into the grounds and enjoy it again. I have sobbed watching the YouTube videos of how it was and then how it sat there wasted. It is ingrained in the memories and even the spirits of the many generations that laughed, loved, worked, played, rocked out and just absolutely enjoyed that place. Let us have it back. Let's make it as close to the original as possible. Let's let the future generations feel what we felt for this park. 
Rocky Point Amusement Park is ours. For many of us we just hear the name and instantly feel the nostalgia. Now we are all so excited with new possibilities of having it back. We shouldn't have to lose it all over again. Let's do what it takes.

Rosemary Plourde, Florida:
I cannot attend the public forum today, as I now live out of state, but from reading the posts, I am NOT the only one! I HOPE and PRAY that you can save the park and bring her back to her GLORY! We had SOOOO MANY FUN TIMES there, year after year! The Shore Dinner Hall was one of a kind! GREAT MEMORIES!

Michael D. Murphy Sr:
 I'm sending this because I may not be able to make it after all. Bring the amusements back! Great for the city and state! Creates summer jobs for teens, food industry & construction jobs! And who knows what else?? We won't have to travel to Canobie or Compounce or 6 Flags!!

Anne Barczak, Florida: I grew up at 109 Winter Ave, Warwick RI, across from Clegg Field.  Rocky point park was the height of my childhood.  I Spent many of my teenage years going on rides, and socializing.  I would like to see Rocky point restored to an amusement park.  I would return for a visit to RI, with my son, if it was restored.  Short of that I would have no reason to be in that area.  Everyone in my family moved away after the park closed.  There were no more healthy activities left, where you could spend the day outdoors with family having a great time with games, and rides, and junk food.  At the very least it should be made into a Fairground.  You could then have Options for farmers markets, horse shows, and other events.

Robin Casto, Florida:
I spent many happy Summers at Rocky Point when I was a child, and was able to share the tradition with my oldest child for a few years before it closed down. Unfortunately my youngest two never had that opportunity. They hear the family tell stories, set over many years, of how much everyone looked forward to their first trip to Rocky Point in the Summer. Prizes won, the rides, how many Summer loves took place. We have gone there several times to look through the fence at the toll that time and neglect have wrought, and left with heavy hearts. I would love to see the park rebuilt to it's former glory, but even a small park for the people of Rhode Island to say is theirs would be amazing. The one thing that should be a must is the Shore Dinner Hall. Many, many memories and family gatherings took place over a bowl of "chowdah" & clam cakes.
Although I now live in Florida, Rocky Point would be on the top of my vacation list if it were reopened!

Susan Boucher: Demographics say that amusement park use is on the rise, especially with the increase in "stay cations" resulting from the economy.  Beaches nearby, a revitalized Providence, All good signs for success. "if you build it, they will come" From
An adult that grew up each summer, excited to go to Rocky Point

Richard Lavallee: I am a life long resident of Rhode Island and I have very fond memories of rocky point as a child and as and adult with my children. I would love to take my grandchildren to a new and improved rocky point park someday instead if going to canobie lake or lake compounce please do all you can to revive some form of a new rocky point thank you.

Debra Raposo:
I grew up in N.E. and I loved Rocky Point. I would like Rocky Point back.  Wouldn't it bring jobs and revenue to RI?

I was unable to attend the meeting last night but would like to contact you to say that I love the idea of recreating "Rocky Point Park".   It was a fantastic place where families could have a great time and make memories.  We so need to have it back.  There is nothing like it in RI and it would be such a treasure to have that back.  The rides were fun and the food was fabulous.  We hope you will consider doing it again!!!  It would be so appreciated and enjoyed.
Martin Wickenden, RI: Here are some suggestions for Rocky Point:
1) Have the RIPTA bus line start from Rocky Point pier rather than the Warwick Neck General Store
2) Rebuild the pier and have ferry service (Rocky Pont, Newport, Colt State park, and Providence) ?
Becky and George Pearson: Hello!i hope this reaches u guys in time because I was unable to come to the meeting last night.My name is Becky  Pearson I'm 30 years old married to  George Pearson who's 33 & this email is on behalf of both of us ! We were born & raised in RI & we are still living here with our 3 children!  Were hoping one day some one will rebuild rocky point!!!  it would be an amazing place to take or kids my parents took me there every year.rocky point WAS summer!!nothin can explain that feeling driving under the arch & hearing the  screaming knowing you would be having that fun in just a short time!even if it wasn't to ride rides, my mom & dad would take us to get clam cakes & chowder or just chill near the docks & look out at the water & theyd tell me & my brother & sister all the stories
Of rocky point in there days. Memories I'll have forever! My dad would skip work sometimes & take me there for a day of just him &me! We're hoping there could be some amusements there one day !!! Recreating rocky point would be #1!starting off Having another restaurant "shore dinner hall"wear u can get crab cakes & chowder & eat with ur family while enjoying the view would be great! then slowly add rides like a carousel ! If u have to One year get 1 by 1!!! Till we can build it back up to a wonderful lil spot were us rhode islands can take our kids! It would be great to have a lil building included with all history about the park over the years with pictures  of the old park  & anything rocky point related!!& how it came back to life!!!it can happen!! Our kids deserve this & our future generations .rocky point is summer !!! I'll volunteer if I have to to help I no it sounds silly  & im sure other rhode islanders would as well it's very near & dear to my heart & my mom especially . She's 62 . It can be a place to gather for 4 th of July for fireworks again a place for concerts !please let's get the ball rolling & agree on something that can pay a tribute to Rocky point & everyone can relive there memories & make new ones!!! It's a part of ri history & that area needs to be a family spot. No other state in there right mind would've let that go!!still to this very day no place gave me the chills goose bumps & fun feeling that rocky point did. Being in top of the ferris wheel was like being on top of the word in the most beautiful spot in the planet!! The view the fresh air the fun there's no words to describe that place it's a little piece of magic :) I do hope we can get something worked out sooner than later so we can enjoy that wonderful area again how it was intended to be enjoyed!

Marc Doane: I wouldnt mind seeing a patch of area designated for some traveling amusement companies. Although a full on amusement park is not what I would want to see being a resident of the Neck, but a few times a summer would be nice.

Bobbie Joia-Nievera, Hope valley, RI: I just wanted to ask that some of the rides at Rocky Point come back with the park. I have such great memories as a child and would love to someday bring my 2 year old son to the park.

TJ Burton:
Please bring Rocky Point Park back!!!!!!!!I would love my kids to experience the great times i had at rock point Rhode Island has no amusement parks,  bring back rocky point and all the rides the shaw dinner hall and all the great things that rocky point had to offer

Amanda McMahon:
I was not aware of the meeting a few nights ago. Although i was young when Rocky Point closed, i remember going to get their famous chowder. I do believe we need to bring the park back. I have not heard one person say "no don't bring it back." All i hear are happy memories. What are we waiting for? I'm sure the state of Rhode Island would volunteer for anything the park needs help with. This is not just a park. This is a part of history for Rhode Island. It has been around for over 100years and we now have the chance to bring it back!

The walking path is a beautiful place to walk.I did wonder why they didn,t complete it. now   everyone has to turn around and walk back the same way.why not complete the path by using the exit driveway back to the main highway where the parking lot is. It works for buttonwoods park,why not rocky point. They have the land,they have the funds,make it a complete circle.

Rose-Anne Carter
: I used to go to Rocky Point like all the time when I was little before it closed and I was disappointed. It was after that I went to 6 flags in MASS.  It couldn't hold a candle to  Rocky Point.  no comparison at all I enjoyed Rocky Point better than 6 flags. I think Ive only gone there like 5 times since then.. not crazy about the long lines in the sun expensive admission/food was not like Rocky Point...there we had  a dinner hall where we d unwind and have some clam cakes by the water with chowder. 6 flags is overcrowded with a lot of gimmicks.. Rocky Point is home to me and my family and many Rhode Islanders, it was where we could be  comfortable and have fun and relax not spend much money.  Kids can have fun with their families... Adults can be kids again.  Parking admissions for Rhode Islanders (show ID) $2-5 Out of State $10 .
Rhode Island would benefit having Rocky Point back in business.... it 'd bring in  a lot of job opporunities, make money to get us out of debt. or at least part of it. Alot of jobs for kids... it keeps them out of trouble!  a place we all can go and enjoy ourselves.  without Driving out of state to visit other parks, or even fly out of state. We don't even have anywhere exciting to go in Rhode Island anymore.. for any age. 
It'd be great to have the dinner hall again .. but in the off seasons  it can be a revue for weddings, reunions, prom or dances, concerts .I dont remember  a swimming pool being there but heres a idea... next to the hall  a simple average outdoor ice rink.   add a water park  for toddlers for kids under 12 to have fun while we (parents) relax in the shade. walking trails around the edge by the waters a fishing pier.
Bring back the old rides but with updates of course to make them safe and sound... skyline above the park that we can go up for a ride overlook the park ( I think we already had one but don't really remember) funny shows.... (hiring interpreters would be great  for the deaf people to be able to enjoy the shows)  or  Tv screens at the enterance and at several locations all over the park when you do history of the park or update on rides/ information on rides, attractions.
Thanks for giving us a chance to voice our thoughts and ideas... and hopefully this will help push you foward to get the ball rolling.. its time to bring back the park, its has become a ghost town for far too long. If any state that have amusement parks/water parks can do it... so can we... 

Jenn Miller Heaton: I would love to see the amusement park come back.  Even if it's just small to start with, an arcade, some kiddie rides, bumper cars, a scrambler maybe.  The classics that Rocky had.  Water slide rides would be a big draw, especially if there was a half day ticket.
If rockland amusements came in and setup a couple weekends to show just what the interest would be - except make them do a half day pass for a reasonable amt, like what Canobie Lake park charges.  I don't care for driving all the way to NH with my children.  Makes me sad that Rocky's not there for them.  Makes me sad just to go see what remains of the park.  I'm 43, I remember when Rocky Point was what it was.  I also remember the last years when the good rides had been sold, very sad.
Whatever you do, push for someone with business sense to run it, not the state.  Nobody needs another Kurt Shilling disaster!
t would be sweet if someplace like Iggy's would open a clam shack, a place that has a name and a line out the door.  Maybe even Aunt Carries from Narraganset would be interested in setting up a satellite since Iggy's opened up across from them a while back?  So many possibilities. 
Are there T shirts I can buy to show my support of the project???

Nancy Lunn:
Would love to see the amusement Dinner hall back & a small amusement park. I grew up in Warwick & a thrill of the summer was to go to the Palladium for concerts & for the rides & for a wonderful shore dinner

John Bronco:
Went to Rocky Point every year until they closed!! Would love to see The Shore Dinner Hall reopen ,and the rides back!!!I know im asking for too much lol. Not much left in RI but the malls. We need RP back!! I would love to hear the Rocky Point Park theme song on the radio, and TV once again it always says Summer is here!! Miss it big time!

Jean Yates:
We want something to go to the park for and enjoy with our children such as a Chowder and clamcake stand, ice cream stand, maybe a ride or two. Picnic tables would also be nice
Elizabeth Sifuentes: Rocky Point closed before I could go on any of the cool rides. I want my sons to enjoy what I used to be able to have.
Adam Sullivan & Valerie Proulx: AS a kid we use to go here often with family and friends. Had Birthday partys here and just so had so many memories. I miss the Flume so much and the Chowder. Rhode Island needs something like this back!
Karen Porter:
So many happy times at Rocky Point!A summer was not complete without a day at Rocky Point!The pool,the dinner hall, the chowder house sitting on the rocks eating chowder and clam cakes...the rides the concerts. Takeing the day out of school with the hope that you might be one of the lucky ones who got a job there for the summer....and it just goes on and on.Would love to see a carousel, chowder house, dinner hall for events, the peir..