Update on the Rocky Point license plates

Monday, August 12, 2019

Dear Rocky Point Enthusiast,

I know it has been some time since you ordered a specialty Rocky Point Plate and unfortunately it’s going to be a while longer before the plates become available.

Let me explain. 

When Rep. Joseph Solomon Jr. introduced legislation for a Rocky Point plate, state law required that we obtain 900 pre-orders before the state would issue them. Rep. Solomon and Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi were instrumental in changing the law and reducing the threshold to 600 pre-orders.

That is certainly a more attainable number, but we are still about 400 shy of the magic number. Solomon and Shekarchi went to bat for us again this spring with legislation to lower the number to 150. Joined by representatives from the Gaspee Days Committee and the Saltwater Anglers, who like us have state approval of a specialty plate, we testified before the House Finance Committee. Committee reaction was favorable, however, the bill never made it to the House floor for a vote.

We plan to get an earlier start in the next session and, I believe with the support of additional groups with specialty plate approvals we will be successful.

Meanwhile, I thank you for your patience and urge you to pass along the word about the Rocky Point plate so that we continue getting orders.

John Howell
Rocky Point Foundation



Order your Rocky Point license plate now!

Here's how:

You can order a Rocky Point license plate as a substitute for current passenger Rhode Island registrations only (no commercial, conbination, suburban or other registration types, and no new or changed registrations).

All you need to do is follow three easy steps:

  1. Complete the below on-line form, including your credit card details for the $41.50 fee.
  2. Either email or send a copy of your current RI registration to The Rocky Point Foundation at:

    Email: contact@rockypointfoundation.org

    The Rocky Point Foundation
    Attn: License Plate Orders
    c/o Warwick Beacon
    1944 Warwick Avenue
    Warwick, RI  02888

We have a few things to note for you:

  • Your registration can be up to six numbers/letters, but if you have more than five numbers/letters, your registration may cover up part of the “arch” on the left side of the license plate design.  Please keep this in mind, because plates are not returnable for any reason (unless you want to get a new plate yourself through RIDMV and incur an additional fee for that).
  • You cannot change your registration through this process – if your current plate is RP-123, then that will be what your Rocky Point plate says. If you want to get a new registration for your Rocky Point plate, you need to change your registration at RIDMV first—and only once that new registration is issued may you order a Rocky Point plate with that new registration.
  • All payments are charged to credit cards when orders are submitted. Orders are irrevocable and non-refundable unless we cannot deliver your plate because we have not received sufficient orders by the deadline (see below).
  • Payments must be by credit card.
  • Orders must be made on-line.
  • Rocky Point license plates can only be ordered by us if and when we receive 900 valid orders. We hope to have the minimum number of orders of passenger plates by March 31, 2018. This date may change, particularly if we are closing in on the minimum number required.
  • We estimate, but cannot guarantee, that plates will be ready approximately 4 months following our submission of the 900+ orders for the applicable type of registration.
  • If we fail to receive 900 orders for passenger license plates, we will provide full refunds to all orders in that registration type. This is the only circumstance in which any refund will be given.
  • Unless we (a) issue a refund because failed to get 900 orders or (b) process your order for a new license plate, all of your $41.50 payment will be considered donation to The Rocky Point Foundation. For example, if you place an order and then change your mind, move out of state, sell your car, realize you have made a mistake, do not actually qualify for a Rocky Point license plate, etc., your $41.50 will be treated as a donation. We need to make this clear because we do not have the resources to consider exceptions to this rule and issue refunds for other reasons.
  • If your plate is delivered, $21.50 of your fee will be paid by us to RIDMV, and we will keep $20 as a donation to The Rocky Point Foundation.
  • The Rocky Point Foundation is a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and the portion of your payment that is a donation to The Rocky Point Foundation may be tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
  • We will use The Rocky Point Foundation’s Facebook page to provide updates from time to time regarding how many orders we have collected. Please follow us on Facebook if you would like to receive those updates.
  • Once we receive the license plates from RIDMV, your plate will be available for pickup at a distribution event to be scheduled by the Rocky Point Foundation, and we'll notify you of that event. If you cannot make that event, your plate will be available for pickup after the event at a location to be announced. When you come to pick up your new Rocky Point license plate, you will need to bring your vehicle registration with you in order to verify that the registration is still valid (your same name, license plate number). We will remind you of this when the plates become available.
  • Your new plate will not affect your vehicle registration payment or cycle – your Rocky Point plate just swaps out your physical plate, so vehicle registrations will need to be renewed and paid as they otherwise would.
  • We recognize that it may take some time for us to collect orders and for you to receive your plate, and we appreciate your patience with this process. Thanks for supporting The Rocky Point Foundation!


Valid formats are 123-456, 12345, AB-123, or a vanity plate number. Dashes are optional.
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